David stockman market crash

David stockman market crash

Posted: regshik Date: 07.07.2017

Sky high stock and bond prices have former Reagan Administration White House Budget Director David Stockman worried because we are on our way to a big financial crash. The market is insanely valued right now. They ended up at 2,, I think, but the point is that represents about 25 times trailing earnings for We are at a point in the so-called recovery that has already lasted 96 months. What the market is saying is we have reached the point of full employment forever.

There will never be another recession or any kind of economic surprise or upset or dislocation. The market is pricing itself for perfection for all of eternity. I think the market could easily drop to 1, or 1, So, when is cold hard reality going to set in?

Washington is going to end up in vicious political conflict over what to do about the debt ceiling. It is going to be one giant fiscal bloodbath the likes of which we have never seen. So, what should you do right now? These markets are unstable. It is so overvalued.

The bond market is one giant bubble because the central banks have been buying all these bonds worldwide.

All that is coming to a halt. The Fed has finally run out of dry powder. They are out of the bond buying business. They are even talking about the initiation of the shrinkage of their balance sheet.

That clearly needs to happen. The central banks are finally getting to the end of the road. Get out of the bond market and buy some gold. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author David Stockman of DavidStockmansContraCorner. David Stockman is a prolific writer, and you can find his analysis on DavidStockmansContraCorner. To become a subscriber and get access to his content, click here.

To Donate to USAWatchdog. Greg is the producer and creator of USAWatchdog. Before creating and producing the site, Greg spent nearly 9 years as a network and investigative correspondent. He worked for ABC News and Good Morning America for nearly 6 years. Most recently, Greg worked for CNN for shows such as Paula Zahn Now, American Morning and various CNN business shows.

Russell Blaylock … https: Sorry … neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock reveals all here … https: Youtube has blocked the link you posted Paul…which only made me more curious of course; I was able to find it with other round about searching.

Indeed it is astonishing that there is so much resistance to this subject when one gives it due consideration. Given the scale of this conspiracy alone, it is a wonder that any of us bother to feed energy into the political melodrama… as if an election, congress, or the media, are going to help us. I know how you feel Dave … they are blatantly out in the open trying to kill us our wives and our children … they are into death and enjoy it … they have been destroying our lives since Adam and Eve … we have the numbers to defeat them … that is why they need to reduce the population by suppressing us with medication in our water, drugs in our veins and chem-trals in our air … they will not go away by simply ignoring them … they are evil … and as God did once before when he threw them out of Heaven … we must do now and get them off our Earth!!

Here in the communist state of California the chem trails mostly run north and south. For so many years they told us it was the bark beetle that was killing the trees. Now it is believed that it the chem trails that are killing our forests. They are killing you and I, the whales, the trees, and they just keep on spraying.

Lots of chemtrails here. Nothing helps shake off the cobwebs and clear our thoughts like grapefruit juice and being outdoors. The usual salt and sugar ridden diet is worse…. This is nothing to play roulette with…..

Paul — you need to up your intake of mineral water, specifically from volcanic sources … it helps eliminate aluminum from the body. I prefer Fiji water It has a pretty flower on it , but others work just as well!

Tons of Black Swans could Cause Coming Market Crash David Stockman's Dire Statement

Paul, I am not certain, but I think San palagrino is also from a volcanic source … needs some research. But from memory a few of the Italian mineral waters are also from volcanic sources. Try some water of life. Jesus offers it freely to all who are thirsty. I will be with my savior for eternity enjoying His loving presence.

They will have their place also. Behold I saw the wicked spreading himself like a green bay try and behold he was not. Fret not thyself because of evil doers neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity for they shall soon be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herb. Trust in the Lord and do good so shalt thou dwell in the land and truly thou shalt be fed. Be still and know that I am God.

I will be exalted in all the earth. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. And I saw the dead small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.

This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

Oh Lord please open my eyes and cause me to thirst for you. There is so much bad information out there about supplements and health care it is crazy. The best source for valid, factual nutrition information complete with scientific reference sources is: Peat is a scientist, not a medical doctor. He is not selling anything.

His papers are available for FREE online at his website. When asked if I want to donate to breast cancer or MS … I tell them QUITE LOUDLY NO, BUT I SURE AS HELL WANT TO KNOW WHY SO MANY ARE DYING FROM IT NOW IN DROVES FOR THE PAST 15 to 20 years!!

Herbal remedies ought to be covered by our medical care. BILL GATES should be given the 23 injections an American child gets in the first 2 YEARS. I may be off by a few, but I know villagers run when they see vehicals that bring the poison. Julie, Those are real and most people on this site believe you.

Chemtrails are Very Creepy!! How much longer do you think the world will let this go on before they stop accepting the USD? The can got kicked again. Dear President Trump … I have a suggestion for your economic advisors to consider … what I suggest is a quick fix to the fractional reserve banking system that has gotten our nation into deep trouble … 1 you sign an Executive Order making fractional reserve banking illegal in the United States … 2 you sign an Executive Order canceling Social Security, Medicare, Health Care, Food Stamps, etc.

I paid into social security for over 50 years……my social security check is NOT an entitlement. I earned every penny. I have absolutely nothing against Muslims, but to use them as pawns to destroy societies is simply wrong. I agree, this can I believe, go on for ever, because who going too call them out!

Bitcoin rockets while the metals get smashed. Both are a measure of fear in the market. Bitcoin cannot be manipulated while the metals are absolutely controlled by the counterfeiters of our currency.

Greg this explanation David gave about the swamp is why I believe America will never see another real president. There is a beast at the bottom of the swamp that consumes everyone that gets near it.

Good show, really good show. That evil beast is the Devil himself … but he is not all powerful … simple goodness within our souls easily defeats him!! So few will obey this rule. JC Strong delusion is his tool. He will glitter like gold when he fixes the world economy. China will help the beast accomplish it. He was wrong on that. Eventually he may be right but his last appearance here predicted doomsday on March Greg, Thanks for arranging these interviews.

In this case, David Stockman is dangerous.

david stockman market crash

Here is what we know: Markets have soared since. He has called for crashes repeatedly and been bearish on a number of the FANG stocks which have continued to rise dramatically. He also originally thought that the budget crisis would begin by Memorial Day. The point is that — yes, we are due a severe correction, but David does not know the timing and should be clearer on that point.

Maybe sophistry — but that is the probable angle. The economy may be slowing enough by then — that Congress may feel compelled to pass it in a moderated form and declare victory initially — soothing the markets. Further, Yellin and the Fed will use quantitative easing again — and importantly start actively jawboning the markets about it — should there be a percentage point correction.

Overall — David Stockman needs to start thinking in terms of multiple economic scenarios and balance risks and comments accordingly. Thinking in terms of singular events is dangerous.

Thanks again for your great efforts, Greg, in bringing these individuals. There needs to be some level of counterpoint to ensure that people understand the truth, which is why we write. In my opinion, the real limit will come when China and the other industrial nations decide to stop accepting the counterfeit currency now being used to pay for the goods that the US no longer manufactures but requires ask yourself, what do we still make here?

In other words, it will require this sort of foreign intervention to actually interrupt this process. Hence the need for military forces to threaten everyone who refuses to go along. Will the neocon fools manage to start World War 3? Do they even understand what a nuclear war would do? That day IS coming. Gold will go into hiding if that happened. If the squids really want the private gold, they should try their best to increase monetary velocity in gold after the reset.

david stockman market crash

Good sign for the silver market as the record commercial short positions in the market failed to push the price near to its lows. Now a lot of the commercial short positions have been covered in a big way. People have to get past this parsing out things like Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative, capitalism and socialism. Distinction among these terms become irrelevant with increased size of government. This is one of the good things about brexit.

The problem, doctor, is verifying and vigilance — of the agency, that checks the agency, which monitors the agency, that keeps government working as it should. Humanity, corrupted by Sin, basically casts the die — to insure there is no area or depth where moral corruption cannot reach. It should have been spelled out in the Constitution, by percentage of population, from the beginning. Maybe at its current elephantine stage, type of government does not matter.

Fascism is the boot on the face of a person. Communism denies individual property ownership. Socialism is the idealistic nonsense that egalitarianism is enforceable by legislation. Sorry, but true capitalism which is not practiced today , while not perfect, beats the hell out of any of these others. Keeping government as small as possible was the primary goal of the Founding Fathers in crafting the Constitution. Franklin was aware of this in his reply, when asked what type of government the infant US was: If its current policies do not terminate all life on earth through nuclear annihilation, it too will pass.

Fascinating stuff, thanks Greg! Hope for the best, brace for the worst. Can you please tell me what is going to stop the central banks from buying Treasuries, corp.

In the first quarter of 17 they have injected billion of liquidity into the global markets. The FED, ECB, BOJ and SNB have no regulating authority and therefore I see no end to this game until they so choose, and without major reductions to their balance sheets I see no reason why they would so choose.

Or is it possible that they are not concerned with their balance sheets, as they are not audited and can print unlimited quantities of money, and at some point they withdraw their liquidity letting the markets go so that the masters of our financial systems once again make obscene profits from another central bank manufactured crash?

In essence — they can print and post ANYTHING, any amount, to cover their butts. They will on PAPER own everything. Who can challenge that? Four years is a long time. I do think they are having an effect on the President on what he wants to do verses what he can actually get done. Four years along with God being in control is a long time …ANYTHING can happen. He has to go … to many connections to awful people … Soros?? When he is wrong, which is almost all the time, he just moves his prediction dates down the road.

Eventually he will be right like a broken clock is right twice a day. Greg, This has been going on long enough. Stockman has been saying the same thing for years. He is just selling his newsletter. Sure we know the Fed is keeping things going. He says they have run out of powder. Baloney, they can just make more with the printing press in the back room. They can keep this going for a long time. Anyone who listens to Stockman will be broke when the system does crash.

Holter is the same.

He has predicted a crash for years. Even moved is family around to save them, then decided they would be better off back here. This guy is dangerous both for his family and your listeners.

The fundamentals are there; the math is simple. Those who choose to stay in the corrupt system, or return to it: Tha amounts to much wear-n-tear. But I disagree as to going to be broke by listening to Stockman when the system does crash. If you have hard assets — they will be redeemable, and always on-hand.

As for Holter — he learned a lesson, which happens to be true: Anglos, or Gringos, living in a foreign country ARE targets for fraud and thievery. When a crisis hits there: Bringing his family back Stateside WAS a move to safety: You base a conclusion upon something you have no idea about and are completely wrong; then try to find Holter guilty for something else based on your wrong conclusion!

Your logic is either faulty; or fraudulent. Greg, Can you ask David next time, where do we go from here? In I met the Head Lawyer of the World Bank at Jim Sinclair conference.

Also all the money goes straight to the city of London. Interest on Fed money going to the Rothchilds. Do people go to Jail for not paying taxes if so why? Within a year, the Supreme Court struck down the measure as unconstitutional — which it clearly was. Elliot Brownlee, Federal Taxation in America: A Short History Cambridge, Cambridge University Press and the Woodrow Wilson Center Press, … So it seems people just do what they want for the system they are in.

Kallstrom would be a good guest for your site. Interview was on Fox Sunday morning futures with Maria Bartiromo Sunday Thanks for posting that interview Independent.

They are by far the best source of news, imho. The public school system is a hotbed of rape and perversion. Why any parent would send their children to these schools boggles my mind! The Vietnamese parish here in Savannah is the most devout and generous by far. When I visit my daughters grave at the big cemetery guess who is there?

The Vietnamese…there we are surrounded by tacky Irish flags and Georgia Bulldog banners. The Vietnamese children almost all go to public schools with the black and poor white kids like my grandchildren. My husband works at a Catholic school. Sorry old boy, you can consider yourself called out on this one. I agree and they pay heavily to do so. Another government created bubble college education that has drastically increased prices and lowered the quality of the end product.

BEFORE anyone touches Social Security — which I paid into out of mostly minimum wage earnings: They will have a fat chunk of Social Security when their time comes to plop on top. Cut my Social security — and we must choose between food and medicine. Cut most of the Fed and military retirements: Do you really think they will touch entitlements or S. Cutting away, they will, but it will be done in a dishonest and behind your back fashion via inflation.

Politics has changed not only in size, but nature. I already live in a third-world country. But self-sufficient, and prepared as possible is an in-hand task. Been under way for a couple years doing the same thing Frederick, dinner tonight consisted of vegetables grown with free water from heaven, Praise God they were cooked on an open fire.

The seeds to grow them were given to me,the sheep and chickens provided the manure. Sum total of my meal? Its a simple life,my daughter and son inlaw are staying for a few months their first observations.

All the best with your venture. The whole thing is a house of cards waiting for a match. As long as they can continue to manipulate the interest rates even into negative territory they can keep printing to prop up the system.

Same message for 8 years. Stocks keep going up. Obviously, David Stockman is not a market timer. Debt limit keeps going up and will continue going up under President Trump. So, you can relax because the world is not coming apart just yet. David Stockman gets some more pie in his face. Get Ready for that: Thank you again for an insightful guest. GREG,THE LORD JESUS SAYS,when you see the stock market hit 25,,ITS about to crash to ZERO.. Greg, thanks for this excellent interview with David Stockman.

His point of view is worthy of some very serious consideration. The central planners can have their way — and Will have their way, for as long as they wish — until…. Until a crisis borne of foreign origin policy intervention upends the system which has been in place since I do find it rather curious, no mention of this aspect by Mr.

Stockman — but not unusual. I thought it was last year, now as always the great crash is being pushed off further. Which is it and why should we believe Stockman?? Ok, so I heard as early as May 11 from other posters to as late as November. Late this summer or in the fall, the stock and bond market bubbles will deflate, accompanied by out-of-control spending unable to secure additional funding, budgeting concerns, etc.

The impact of unrealized derivatives that total more than these markets together will almost certainly amplify this devastation. We have heard this scenario from many other interviewees. And we all continue to be amazed, for years now, by how long they can keep kicking this can down the road yet one more time. But such market bubbles are just symptoms of the disease.

They have been purposefully fueled by the insatiable appetite for debt required by the privately-owned central bank Ponzi scheme that is the Federal Reserve System. So if there is to be an end sooner or later to this terminal phase of its current incarnation, will it result in a re-set to start the Fed Ponzi all over again? Or will something different emerge? As I have commented before, the real issue is the global interdependence of these military wars including those undeclared and by proxy, new ones threatened with ongoing economic wars including sanctions, trade, competitive currency devaluations, cybercrime as the power paradigm shift proceeds from West to East.

So the fundamental questions remain: Can this stranglehold it has on the world be broken? And what, if anything, will replace it? IMHO, au revoir a ce qui etait La Belle France; it just died. Well looks like most of France is brained washed or The Globalist Rigged the Election over there. Keep on keeping on …God is in control. They are still the ones in Panic and not facing reality. In the world ye shall have tribulation: Concurring with — John As Stockman says were in a huge shutdown and why?

Mainly because of our treasonous media, because of our treasonous intell cut-throats, that gave the media, fuel for the fire. For the firing [Were All Fired] of the dis-United States of the AXED! Do you blame him? The 64 billion for defense was our only hope. Yes our only hope. Yes, remember Trump was going to meet with Putin? Never happened, no peace dividend, Nada! Donald was going to save the world from bankruptcy.

Oh it will be sweet comeuppance http: You play the cards you are dealt, not the cards you want to play. Right now stocks are hot and precious metals are cold. New mining technology continues to increase the supply of Gold and other metals, so stocks are the place to invest longterm.

So, the rubber is going to hit the road in September now. I thought it was going to hit the road in April-but oh no-the Republicrats were able to agree, keep the government going for a few more months again. And I find it pathetic that you still seem to believe that Trump is actually an outsider.

Stockman: "After March 15 Everything Will Grind To A Halt" | Zero Hedge

The joke is on all of us once again. Anyone who actually believes that any vote makes any difference is a sucker. There was no hope and change and this latest false god is proving be more of the same as well.

When will the prosecutions begin? The Clintons are criminals, right? When will the swamp be drained? IT is all theatre to make the ignorant masses believe that they actually have any say. TT and enjoy it! How long are we all going to sit by and be OK with being robbed. How long is everyone going to sit by and accept the constant lies, the phony numbers…..

What happened to all the bubble talk? Who would have ever thought the debt would double from 10 to 20 trillion. Dad, You do know who David Stockman is, right? I hope you are ready when this hits. Yah, we know that Stockmans predictions have all been wrong, but that shouldnt stop anyone from claiming a collapse is coming next month, lmao, please, we know who he is. When the rubber does hit the road and if you are fortunate enough to survive the civil unrest that we will all have to endure, you will then be thankful you had your insurance policy…………..

Very little change has or will come with the election of DJT. Elections mean nothing, no one has been prosecuted, the media completely covers up the DNC conspiracy to give hiLIARy the nomination, and the fact that she was given the debate questions ahead of time.

That was a COMPLETE subversion of the US election process! NOTHING is, has, or will be done about it. We live in a lawless republic with fake markets and bankers in charge. Plus, buy TP, ammo, food and everything else you need to survive at least a good 6 months. Then carry on as normal. When SHTF you will be wishing Stockman was wrong again.

You are not alone in being fed-up and sick. Trump got his wish; but the taste of his ambition is probably NOT to his liking. At least the US showed some backbone in getting him elected. France, and Canada — caved big time. Same story, different narrator.

Jerry, whats the latest with the reset, collapse of the petro dollar? The reset is happening now inside the global banking system. I am anticipating it will be tied to the Shanghai gold price fix that is coming. It was supposed to happen in April last year but they were not ready.

Now CIPS has merged with SWIFT and over banks have updated their EFT systems to accept payment. Insiders I know are already cutting deals on private exchanges, so its just a matter of time. I do believe Rob Kirby is correct. But FYI you and I will be the last to know.

The power of the wizard is strong. Greetings Greg, I was going to mention this in an earlier comment but I hesitated to say anything until now. It is obvious to me that something is wrong with the vegetation here in the Ozarks.

I watch my grass on the farm very close and it looks scalded to me. Today, I told a good friend of mine about it, thinking he would figure me off my rocker, and to my surprise, he has noticed the same thing on his farm. I could go into detail, but really the crux of it is that I know I have never seen anything like this.

I think I will contact Mr. Wigington and see if what he thinks of the situation. Sadly a Holocaust of the past blinded the French people into ignoring the greater Holocaust taking place in the present … so the Deep State Rothschild cabal now retains its control over the central bank in France as Le Pen went down to defeat with the use of American taxpayer money!!

Banks throughout the world are ALL programing their exchange systems to accept data that is being transmitted by the Chinese and AIIB. WQ-ennyGMfg I ask you, what purpose does it serve for the central banks to inform the general public about this transition? Does anyone really think they would welcome general panic and a complete global breakdown of society? Those of you still waiting for a date can put your calendars away now.

We all know the game is rigged, why would we expect anything different this time? But reset assured, even as I type, the BRICS nations and the rest of the world are quietly redeeming U. Addendum to my last post, for those that may have missed it in Friday.

Jerry A few thoughts for discussion on your latest posts. I agree with many of the comments made above that Mr. Printing additional trillions and buying US equities to keep the markets pumped up is the only way to keep the current system going.

Why would our Fed, Pres. Search The US Bill H. The central bankers Ponzi scheme will end when they want it to……. Now, the worthless hacks are trying to manipulate reality and have sent bots against your poll. Anything to improve the standing of their globalist enemy agent Obama. Aaahh, the endless machinations of the scum who cannot fight true opinions and reality except by LYING and CHEATING.

Beautifully revealing — they do this in ALL areas since they cannot win a debate on the facts. This ludicrous subterfuge could easily continue for another year or even longer.

What do we have? What an effing joke! Another short term budget deal will likely be in the offing come this autumn.

These indescribable frauds will always take the easy way out if they think it serves their self interest. Kerr, I am going to take it down. Why do the creeps care. Interest rates are too low. The banks can not pay the depositors any interest because the banks are no longer making any profit.

They are half dead. Janet Yellen does not have any specific term for them but she has been injecting them with heroin every month. Stockman wants a Vat… on top of sales tax, property tax, federal income tax, state tax, health insurance is a tax etc… I refuse to give more. Next stop is to quit working meditate and to ride my MTB all day.

This wage slave thing is for the birds. It is official…the French have voted for change [yeah right!! The establishment will be ecstatic…they will able to continue to mercilessly fleece France for another full term and try to perpetuate the ridiculous illusion that the EU is a sustainable and legitimate institution.

Shaz — I just find it hard to believe that the EU and France make it that long! I was over in Paris for few days per work a month back and it is not the place I visited 8 years ago. There is a unspoken tension in the people and air … I wish I could put a finger on what it is? The air seems thicker and things seems to move slower. I swear sometimes I can smell it myself at the perimeter when the whole neighborhood is hostile. Europe must be hurting. The price of guided tours to Germany, France, Israel, Italy ….

Look for Bill Binney: Russia-Gate, Five Eyes and US Constitution. WE hear, the collapse is coming, the collapse is coming, but there are few who ae heeding the message. Everyone of your recent guests have said the same thing, only the dates change. I fear that many are agreeing, but few are fully mentally prepared for the initial shock that will come. Stockman said in tis interview is stunning considering who he is.

I have to tell you it made me a little uncomfortable listening to him. I mean this s going to rough for both prepared and unprepared. Do you think Madoff fell on his sword BEFORE he decided it was all over? Watch what they do with Puerto Rico bonds. The tell will be if no dominos fall. I suspect TPTB will simply create more thin-air money and make all parties whole, taking title of course to whatever comes with it. More time stamped predictions.

The stock market is going to crash by fill in the blank. Same for the bond market. Same for the dollar. Same for the economy. That about sums it up. Greg, How come none of your guests ever report on the auto industry?

I understand that the average new car takes approx 70 days to sell. The auto plants continue to crank out new vehicles like the market actually needs them. Where does the excess inventory go?? G, I said there was 84 days of inventory for GM last week and reported all the sales numbers were down with the exception of one automaker. Ford that did not report yet. Everyone knows this stock market is ridiculously overvalued and should be going down, not up but it keeps going up.

That SomeThing is the Swiss National Bank. Central Banks buying US stocks will keep it going up. Martin Armstrong has been right all along. Beware, however, he also said if it does get to 40, it would result in a disastrous outcome. And…will continue to do so…until they can not… As long as people relinquish assets and their time for it…what incentive do they have to stop? Once the people stop their stacking of silver and gold…and using it in trade for items …and use the paper to give back to the banks to resolve debts and pay taxes…the closer they will come to ending the nightmare!

And by the way…. I can not confirm this …but according to Stan Deyo in this piece… https: Saudi Arabia has much less oil left then is being admitted to! The ultimate Madoff scam eh…selling shares in an empty hole in the ground? Maybe too -why they are investing and buying up the U.

Might also explain why the huge squeeze being put on Venezuela and other areas like where the Seal team member was just killed …off the coast of Somalia? Things are not always as they seem…. Time will tell… As a final add….

There is nothing like a warning about over building over an aquifer until THERE IS!

david stockman market crash

And the other thing about the clock always being right twice a day… is that when time runs out…you realize you should have been watching an hour glass instead…. I like listening to Stockman, he is razor sharp and as a former insider, has a unique perspective…. He may have the valuations correct… but nobody says bubbles can not become even bigger bubbles. Additionally, the market itself may be overvalued, but there are still decent dividend paying stocks that are not.

One thing that bothers me about Stockman though is his attempting to sell, for a few thousand dollars after discounts, some sort of shorting program based on options.

If you have bought the short options Stockman has been recommending forever now, they all likely ended up expiring worthless. We know that doomsday predicting sells… and I hate to think that Stockman is simply selling fear like so many others do, but that he is attempting to sell his own shorting system for thousands of dollars….

Greg, Another great interview. When they ask you what you do for a living the answer should now be, I kick ass!!! Because that is exactly what you do all the time.

Crash, Martin Armstrong says the DJIA will go to 42, Who is correct, both of them. Macrons election will push Europe to collapse when capital flows out of Europe and into the DJIA.

Contra Corner » About David Stockman and Contra Corner

That will lead to panic in Asia which will cause capital to flow from there to the DJIA. Finally, the panic will land in the good old USA and the DJIA will go from 42, to 10, Don,t believe me, ask Japan,.

I have been out of the stock market lower than that following the advice of people like this. So after this big crash it will be time to get back in?

Greg, the French has spoken, they have decided that they like the religion of peace spraying their citizens with bullets and trucks, they also like their EU, so much for them, the next time their infidels citizens are gunned down in Paris or wherever I will change the channel.

I say this because the election was not even close; 90 per cent, holly molly, what happened to French nationalism?

Dear Greg, I thank you for this interview with Mr. He is more knowledgeable a person that most of us. The new French president Macron got The book of revelations gave the number of the beast What the hell do you make of that Greg.

Are the illuminati devil worshippers trying to tell us something. France just elected a terrorist loving president. They deserve with they get in bombings and you wondering why I call them a worthless country, viva terrorist, down with France. So I was thinking and playing a simple little math game here. This of course is not scientific but is what I see as a possibility. With the markets reflecting 25 times earnings, this I believe is true for all sectors except two on average where those two which include the miners have been beaten down to levels that are the polar opposite of the DOW bubble.

Donald Trump's Big Fat Ugly Bubble Is Ready to Pop - The Daily Reckoning

Based on string of comments to this interview, Greg should put a big disclaimer: Grey, Milton was mocking those who were complaining about the poor market timing of your guests.

Tin, Most here know how very bad this will be. Many will be totally wiped out for the rest of their lives and chaos and crime will run rampant. Better to be a few years early than one minute too late. Yes, it will go that fast. Greg, I think that you misunderstood my post.

Far for me thinking that everything is OK. I just do not expect your guests TO GUARANTEE EXACT date and time of some event and by that I do not express an anger if some of those did not happen as they had said it may. Your guests offer variety of views and options for the future that is before us, and it is up to the own readers thinking to choose what is the best for him or her.

Those who do not think I call what I called them above, and. Milton, OK fair enough. The dark powers just wanted to buy time. Get ready and stay ready. But now that we can to go Cuba, that country their people will take US dollars over the Cuban peso any day. The last time I read you, you said the crash was coming in the stock market between April 21 and April 28? Why did you change the dates? The Deep State is messing around with natural laws.

Why does David Stockman avoid the elephant in the room? Must be paid for by the shills he refuses to speak about. Free open medical prices, rx prices, enforce the damn law on the books Stockman…. The evil Deep state is still in control funding, controlling the powers that be. Good move, cleaning out the rat nest, one rat at a time. Looking forward to see who replaces him. He cleaned up the ungovernable NYC and would have no problem draining the un-drainable D.

This could be the very first step of the purge. Chucky shumer says his firing was a big mistake. That tells me it was the right thing for our Prez to do. God Bless Trump as he continues to drain the swamp.

He without a doubt protected Clinton from prison, going against mountains of evidence and against at least different FBI agents recommendations. His disgusting fabrications of Russia, and his collusions with the democrats are serious grounds for Treason, punishable by a life prison sentence. Officially, this begins the process of swamp draining. A lot of people are going down, and the mid terms for democrats will be the most brutal in over a century.

Watch who is most vocal, as they are the most dirty, and guilty of many crimes. His twitter rants are those of a complete coward. Mike R, You took the words right out of my mouth.

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