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Make money in dcuo

Posted: daturshik Date: 16.07.2017

Though the conference lasts for days, both Microsoft and Sony made their announcements before the doors opened, showing not just hardware but also their lineup of launch and near-launch titles.

In doing so, each company has ignited a new chapter in the console war. The problem is simple. Games — there are none! All of the major releases I and And Microsoft has the stronger roster. When I say this roster is strong, I mean so in an objective sense. Most of the exclusives revealed are either part of a popular, well-reviewed franchise, or come from a developer with an excellent record. When Microsoft held its first press conference, the focus was on features besides games. How dare anyone acknowledge other forms of entertainment!

The problem is that while technology becomes more advanced, our access to television has fragmented, which makes for a confusing experience. Personally, I have a Roku for streaming 6 Reasons Why You Need A Roku [Opinion] 6 Reasons Why You Need A Roku [Opinion] Electronics can be evil.

A short time ago I wrote an article about using the Xbox as a media center. Sensing my betrayal, the promptly Read Morea PS3 for Blu-Ray Blu-Ray Technology History and The DVD [Technology Explained] Blu-Ray Technology History and The DVD [Technology Explained] Read Moreand a computer for everything else.

The result is five different remotes to shuffle around. There is a catch here; Microsoft has to deliver. But if the interface is good, the value Xbox One adds to the living room will be astounding.

The original Kinect 5 Microsoft Xbox Kinect Hacks That'll Blow Your Mind 5 Microsoft Xbox Kinect Hacks That'll Blow Your Mind Read More was a huge commercial success. But Kinect also had its problems, including a general lack of precision and an inability to handle small rooms. Kinect solves these complaints in three ways. Second, a wide angle lens has been added to make the Kinect usable by someone standing just a few feet in front of it. In practical terms, Kinect will give Xbox One a lock on the party game business.

Core games, on the other hand, will benefit from the increase in sensitivity. Facial tracking will be far improved, and gesture input can consist of a small hand wave rather than large, exaggerated movements. While Sony intends to use cloud technology to stream games to the PS4, the Xbox One goes much further by offering developers access to a huge number of Xbox Live Use Xbox Live Dashboard To Keep Track Of Your Friends From Google Chrome Use Xbox Live Dashboard To Keep Track Of Your Friends From Google Chrome Xbox Live is arguably the most popular online gaming platform, and for me personally, it is the one where I do almost all of my online gaming.

Since Xbox Live is such a social gaming Read More servers which can handle any sort of data imaginable. The true benefit of the cloud is in features like persistent world-building, AI development and social sharing.

Forza 5 is the perfect example. Now apply that thinking elsewhere. Developers could make multi-player team games more balanced by the insertion of AI bots that play according to a profile built from players who recently left the game. Or developers might let your AI profile manage your base in a strategy game while you fight a battle.

Or there might be a persistent open-world combat game where players fight while also commanding an AI squad that uses profiles built from the play-styles of Xbox Live friends. And this is just AI. Read More particularly if not on sale. Digital distribution is convenient, instant, and just works.

With the Xbox One, there will be no reason for that to ever happen. Going digital also offers more opportunity for promotion and unique business models. We could see more aggressive sales, as Microsoft will have the ability to coordinate with all developers, rather than just those who opt in for digital distribution.

Microsoft has changed its policy in the face of criticism. The Xbox One no longer requires an Internet connection every 24 hours and disc games can be freely re-sold.

Unfortunately, this also means the digital sharing features will not be implemented. All games for the console will be available to download on release day, however.

The Xbox One is an incredible bundle of new technology and forward-looking initiatives. The list of PS4 exclusives is down to sixwhile the Xbox One has fourteen.

Why buy a console with less great games to play? Think you should buy a PS4 like my colleague Dave Parrack? Read his 5 reasons to buy a PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One PS4 vs Xbox One: The Wii U is already on the Your email address will not be published.

Microsoft is better than Sony and Nintendo because Xbox has a racing game where you don't actually have to play it to win. You missed the most important reason why NOT to buy an XboxOne.

The entire XBONE game library will be worthless in the future. The Xbone needs to be activated online in order for any game to work. Those server shut down 10 years ago. A ps4 works right out of the box. You never ever, ever have to connect to the internet. You cannot say the same for XBone. This system was the worst purchase ever I have no internet and no HDTV. I've had to steal wifi ton get those shit incomplete updates, BTW.

Thanks MS, you made me a criminal. The limits to the xbox one is the graphics but that will ultimately the doom of the Ps4. If u set a standard u have to hit and stay at that standard. Games won't be able to run 60 frames all the Time and geeks will press developers to waste money n time to have a great looking game that dosent feel like a great game.

That's why the xbox one is king. We all grew up playing SNES Playstation and Ps2 n some computer games. Things change but games changing into movies has this business in bad shape at times. I put my money on Xbox because I know microsoft has money to blow n money Cop games n help New IP n dev see there game come to forration. Insomniac platinum studios and respawn all got help and I'm greatfull.

That's something nobody is giving microsoft credit for. It's like in the music industry when a artist wants to be heard but has no money for production n buying samples or studio time. It makes artist sign Slave contracts n big corporations profit. The television part is a huge hit and kinect is a must if not for any reason other then to eat ur food watch tv Netflix or whatever without having to ever touch your remote.

Great article once again. You must be an Xbox fanboy, i have got both consoles and can honestly say the PS4 wins hands down, kinect is the same as it was with the - useless I owned the Xbox and all I want is a great gaming system with great graphics, and great games and absolutely nothing else.

I do not care about online or kinect crap. I am not some dork that sits and plays games 8 hours a day and needs to be online with a stupid camera. I do not need an "entertainment system". The Xbox One wants to force people to buy a bunch of crap they do not need or want. As far as I am concerned there is no choice, I will be buying the PS4. So sick of nerds who want to jump on the bandwagon to hate on XBOX One.

Both consoles will be an amazing step forward in gaming, but the XBox One just has more features, it seems more forward thinking. While I appreciate the sentiment of focusing on games, PS4 is just a PS3 with better graphics and performance. Hardly any innovation, and their OS reserves just as much RAM as xbox I expected rampant fanboyism this generation, but all this slander of the Xbox is just shameful. Stop listening to everything your little friends are saying because it's suddenly cool to hate on XBox It is kind of funny.

We both picked different consoles for the same reason. You chose the xbox one because of games, and I am probably going to go with the ps4 because of games. The list I made to compare the two:. Assassin's Creed 4 Dead Rising 3 Watch Dogs Wolfenstein maybe. Assassin's Creed 4 DCUO Free! Watch Dogs Blacklight Retribution Free! InFamous Second Son The Order: This is for me at least, although these are only the games that will be coming on release or during Q1 Anyways, most of the games that are interesting will be available for both platforms.

Whore of the Orient, AC4, Watch Dogs, thief, Beyond Good and evil 2, Destiny, The witcher 3, CyberpunkWolfenstein, Kingdom Hearts 3, Dragon Age, the elder scrolls online, Star Wars: Battlefront, The division, and those are just the ones I'm personally interested in. Online requirement is the deal breaker for me.

None of my consoles ever go online. Connection is okay at best, and I can barely read articles at times. They are blessings, depending on where you live. Kinect is cool and all as a demo but in practical use, it's not so practical. Yea but if every poll says the samething its something to consider but i loved this one just for the whole way it looks it made me laugh.

Okay i will take your article bit by bit. So first games The xbox one with better games i simply can't agree with yes they got halo 5 but we got killzone and yes they have forza we have driveclub and yes they have ryse so of rome but uhm aint that a lot like god of war.

Also i saw dead rising 3 and well there is so many zombie games now do you even really care so the only one i saw i liked was thatt quantum game all the others are repeats sequels or also on ps4. Now the ps4 has the new infamous and knack but the big one with my eye is the order it looks bad to the bone and actually unique hahaha.

I for one and many more dont do much cable most are hulu or red box or netflix and spending this much for a cable box add on that plays games with help dont sound good. Cloud laugh That cloud stuff is by a server through software and sony has servers and cloud so only a update away from doing the same stuff except when server shut down happens the ps4 with megahertz vs will still run amazing and play amazing and wont stop working or region lock you. Digital curse or cure or a add on So many think the one sided msoft way is best but the ps4 does disk and download and cloud and thats best because that way everyone is happy and it can appeal to a much larger market.

Sorry guys but the crap box sucks even if you sugar coat it just how it is ow and by the way the family share on xbox is a hoax cause do you really think they will let you share like that and miss 9 out of 10 sales its called they are hideing the truth so you will buy it.

Now finally stop knocking on sony as if they are lieing on thier drm because they have responded and confirmed they will keep their policy in place which by the way is the same policy they have had since the ps2. Msoft if your so worried of people tradeing in a game then how about make a better game so people dont wanna trade it in duhhh. The list of PS4 exclusives is down to six, while the Xbox One has fourteen. This is an excellent article of why anyone should take this new console seriously.

Microsoft has botched the messaging, so everyone is overlooking the amazing advances that Matt highlights so well. The embedded videos, some of which I haven't seen, will make PS4 fans green with envy a year from now when fully realized. I predict a strong performance out of the gate for Sony, which will be erased next holiday season when the first exclusive bundles are released. You made your case well with just the facts, well done Mr. There is a term in economics called "hyperbolic discounting" and in neuroscience its called "immediate reward bias".

Essentially its the tendency to choose a lesser immediate benefit over a greater long-term benefit or in the case of "hyperbolic discounting" you discount the value of a future benefit in relation to a current one.

We have seen the impact of this bias in the rise of Walmart. People want immediately lower prices while ignoring the long-term impact of paying those lower prices. I am not really arguing one way or the other on used games, just noting there is an impact of used games on ROI for game developers.

For me personally I avoid used games. What will probably actually happen because developers suffer from the same "immediate reward bias". Remember profits for game developers translates to more investment in games and game developers. Developers don't save up the money and roll around in it naked at night. They spend it on talent, content and research. I understand the desire to save money immediately but what is the actual long-term goal?

For me its better more realistic games. There is always a trade off you make when you chose cheaper. There is a reason used game retailers push the used games over the new games. There is usually more profit in the used game for the retailer. Your choice is to give the profit to the retailer or the developer.

The fact that there are more than twice as many exclusive XBOX titles might be an indication that developers see the benefit of limiting reuse. Granted it could also be an indication of MS investment. I'd never seen such a biased article on the whole internet. You deserve a medal for acting so condescending toward the intelligence of readers. So you said one of the reasons why you want Xbox One is because they have more exclusives?

Lol quality over quantity Yea Octodad looks amazing! No, not at all, it looks like total crap, my 6 year old nephew wouldn't even play that Kill zone is just another shooter clone that only got good press cause its play-stations only competitive game Wow thanks for showing me that pile Sony As for the others, drive club. Cool another racing game but how can they compete with the tyrant of racing known as forza? Ill give them props on "the order: So in a nutshell, 2 possibly quality games to expect Yea ill take quantity this time: Reviewer must be paid by Microsoft or something lol.

Say what you want about how "great" this new xbox "console" is but it really just comes down to cost effective or not. Reviewer says tv is important. I never have ever thought, oh I wish that I could turn on my xbox in order to access my cable. That would be so convenient to add a needless step and make the xbox a middleman. It is a roku, cable middleman, that looks like a vcr and cost bucks, while requiring you to pay them a subscription fee as well.

I wouldn't know since they want to focus on TV and preventing people from renting titles instead of making a gaming console that console gamers would want.

Neverwinter Review and Download –

Kinect could be a good thing right? Like dead rising 3 with some of its kinect features. Can wait to see what else they can do with it. Ok quick question, how much did mircosoft pay you to make this article, or are you just an xbox fanboy?

I love myi disliked the ps3, however, the ps4 really impressed me at E3 and the xbox one The "features" to the xbox one are nothing more than money grubbing restrictions that are going to push away gamers with any sense the fan boys will still buy it and say it's the greatest thing ever though.

I was really taken aback at the initial reveal, in that it was confusing that your initial sales pitch as "this system will be much more limiting than the previous one, and also will incorporate mandatory check ins. Also, check out all these non game features". And the unrelenting push for the kinnect to the point of lumping it with the system PS didn't do great, but they did capitalize on the emotional sentiments floating about by advertising what they were NOT going to do, not by virtue of things they were going to do.

Either case, I think I'll be waiting a couple months post release to see which system to subscribe to. Waiting isn't a bad idea. I jump on things as an early adopter because tech is important to me. That's why I'll almost certainly end up owning all the consoles, anyway, as I have for the last two generations. But when you're an early adopter, there's usually not a lot of games to play, and you might end up buying the less popular platform. The wait-and-see approach can save you a lot of money!

The fan boys are out in force Matt. This was probably the best written article I've seen on the new console war. Regardless of my personal opinion, you presented the best argument I've seen on either side. Most other so called gaming journalists are so blinded by the PS4 press conference that they can't honestly say they've provided balanced coverage of this topic.

An objective assessment would bring more than 20 percent of people that other sites claim to your same conclusion. I agree with you on the messaging. Like Matt points out below, you may be served to wait until prices drop. - Is DC Universe Online Down Right Now?

Excellent point on the emotion aspect. I think may are reacting emotionally to the DRM issue, and have failed to assess every facet of the new consoles. For me I'm going to wait and see how the hardware holds up, as heat is the main reason for the failing units in the past. The use of inferior solder, which affected the surface mount tsop's and GPU.

A poor GPU clamp design, and reduced fan voltage its set at 5v, but it's rated up to 12v As well poor hardware choices for blue-ray and hard drives made for an expensive gaming system door stop. So having all these new extra features are great to a point. But really how long you get use of these features depends on how long these manufactures will support their warranty's and if they addressed the past design issues as it looks like these units will always be powered on.

Amazon is now having a poll on which console your gonna buy and the ps4 is killing the xbone, votes where like 16k for the ps4 vs 1k for the xbone. The novelty has wore off. There are also ways of sharing those digital games. I fear Microsoft are alienating a section of gamers that is pushing more towards PS4. If this is by a considerable margin.

Software developers will start to focus more on the PS4. Microsoft are thinking ahead but I don't think a section of gamers are ready for that yet. Many people have been innovative before and crashed. If microsofts innovation costs them at the start. Certainly the best console war I can remember. Gamers need both these consoles to compete its good for gamers.

AND it needs to connect to the internet every day for games to even run, despite the fact that this will force you to send all this info straight to the NSA?! I sure hope you live alone so nobody else is subjected to the unprecedented level of spying that you would be inflicting upon them buy buying this piece of crap?

Actually you can still share with friends. Also, I mostly play online with friends which requires them to have the game too. Only Single player games can we share like that. And you can still do that. Blah Blah Blah, CPU, GPU. GDDR DDR Blah blah, Specs, Blah Blah i Read a review, Blah Blah, NSA, PRISM, blah blah, Exclusives, Blah Better Blah Blah Faster Blah Blah, Xbox, Blah Sony Blah PS4.

If you're going to keep bring up psn getting hacked then I'm going to bring up The red ring of death: The red ring happened because they put to much into the than it could handle right?

So what happens if it turns out that Sony did that with the PS4 and it crashed? When boasting to have the best quality and graphics you might have to doubt wether the system can put up with it. For the sake of freedom and prosperity the XBone has to die. The whole point behind financial transactions is to facilitate trade for goods and services. Microsoft is attempting to mutilate that concept with the XBone. A good is something you claim full ownership of after the initial purchase.

After the transaction you can do whatever you want with the product, It is yours outright. The seller cannot legitimately regardless of what so called laws are in place dictate what you do with the good after it changes hands. Services are purchases of a provision still owned by the seller but the seller allows customers access to said provision after monetary transaction has occurred.

In this the buyer does not own the service and must abide by the terms of the seller lest the seller can revoke access to the service. XBone is attempting to do away with the notion of goods and paint everything under a service model. This does set an ugly precedent as doing so denies basic human rights to the purchaser of things that cannot be construed as anything but a good.

A console is not a service, It is a good. A game too is a good not a service. XB have no rights to tell you what you can or can't or how you can use the product after you purchase it.

The fact is both goods and services are required for a free market to function. Having services without goods is like having sex without genitals. If the XBone is successful it will set a precedent that will lead us down a road where you no longer have any rights or ownership of anything you purchase. In other words, full on economic slavery.

I can conceptualize many scenarios and circumstances where one would be willing to accept loss of freedom and liberty, but to sacrifice such for the sake of a fucking video game console is truly pathetic. And to those who feel content with such restrictions or look for every excuse to justify XBone's business model I offer this revised caveat.

We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were ever considered a free thinking individual. Your argument is flawed when the product is digital. With physical products a market persists due to product degradation; your CD gets scratched over time, and at some point you need to buy a new one.

With digital goods, a perfect copy is maintained indefinitely; the very definition of "used" just doesn't apply. I've had Sega CD's and Turbografx CD's for decades in immaculate condition. Your argument is hellishly flawed as what you just said doesn't happen. Yes, if you drop them or use them as coasters this will happen.

But if you take care of the medium you'll have that medium for the rest of your indias best online stock broker. And with digital goods a perfect is maintained but depends on the infrastructure you need to be connected via the internet to access them, which can be a problem.

Well done - you take good care of your CDs. That doesn't invalidate anything I said though: The point is it's a thing, subject to wear and tear, and one which cannot easily be copied and passed off as the original product.

These reasons aren't good enough to purchase the X1. The price point I can understand because of the Kinect. But, for someone like me I already have an DVR that is far superior to the X1.

Also, I wouldn't even use half of the options the X1 offers, the video sharing looks half assed, not thought out well. The hardware compared to the PS4 doesn't justify the cost and I don't watch TV. So those silly X1 accouterments don't mean a damn thing to me. TV isn't the future, apps are the future, Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO is the future.

Not sitting back looking at a cable box. The Cable Box is the thing of the past, why in the hell best white label forex broker I need one when I use applications on a LED TV to watch Hulu or Netflix?

I can understand if this was when the cable box was the dominant device in the living room but it's being faded away very quickly.

Then the games, I believe in quality over quantity and most of those games besides first party titles will make their way over to the PS4. Don't deny that MS screwed up bigtime. Ok this is sorta relating to what you said but didn't someone get sued and put in jail for jail breaking their PS3? I mean you can correct me if I'm wrong but there is a metastock charts trading limit to how much of a product you actually own when you buy a game system.

Great this article just convinced me to buy the PS I only need a gaming console that is cheap, can play used video games, and movies! For the internet connection, I need it to be flexible because my internet connection is really bad over here The PS4 may have a marginal cyborg automated forex trading system processing wise.

The PS3 was marginally better than thebut the games will not be developed for just the PS4. This point is mute. The always on internet issue. Who does not play online games? The 1933 stock market rally define time I do not have internet is when my power is out. Actually the Xbox one will actually compute in the cloud, therefore it has infinitely more processing power in that regard.

Also, I will be happy to get the glitchy people off the xbox and kick them to the PS4. Good bye to them with their poor internet connections. My kids love the kinect. It is here to stay, and just get better. Xbox Live has always been superior to PSN. To all those with the big superior canadian livestock auction ltd argument, do you use the internet?

Go live under a rock, and forget about tech. The is nothing like it was when it was released. The xbox one will be that much better in a few years as well. Used games are nice to a point, but if you can sell it once and can share with up to 9 friends. There is still several months to figure out all these facets. I just do not get how people are discounting the xbox one so heavily. In raw value, It wins hands down.

Good bye to them with their poor internet connections". I see you must have a great internet connection, good for you buddy My biggest worry with the Xbox One is Internet data usage. Stream games, social media, Internet connection required all the time, how much will this box rack up my data?

I have a 30 gb cap, I live in the middle of nowhere. I do not have fiber connection obviously. I get my Internet via a receiver on the roof. Looks like PS4 is for me. This article is oozing of microsoft fan boyness. We want gaming consoles. I want to plug my console in and play games. And I especially don't want a console that has to sugar coat itself with 'exclusives' at release to try get the upper hand. Sony already know that it has won the console war so it's games that they are releasing are sufficient.

Doesn't that mean the best console in the world is one with no games at all? I'll sell you my Wii U if you want Interesting assumption to make. Your point is valid though. But to rate a console on exclusives, obviously ps3 wins by large margin. So giving the history we all know that even though xbox 1 is releasing with more exclusives, ps4 will ultimately dominate with how to make club penguin faster exclusives over it's life time.

Which is also a give as a console dedicated to social gaming and offline gaming rather than every other futuristic feature that there is no market for look at how all previous voice control products foot tv has failed will always dominate.

Unless the xbox one offers aggresive sales like steamtheres no reason to support the drastic limitations it imposes 60 seconds binary option tips strategies n the costumer.

If they want us to give up used sales and to login every day, then they have give us MUCH cheaper prices prices, imo. Maybe you feel that way, but I don't think gamers in general agree.

Everyone talks about how they use Steam for the sales, but if you look at the top sellers, you'll often find games that aren't even out yet and are being purchased at full price. Thats only your opinion. If your ok with giving up features, and not get anything in return, then its fine with me, but dont be so arrogant to think that what you think is a irrefutable fact.

Ive read all the e3 reports and checked all the games the next gen is going to have, and Im not ok with what MS is offering, so i wont buy into it. You do whatever you want with your money, but dont think that your opinion or needs are the same as others.

You said they "have to give us much cheaper prices. Gamers have been paying money for full-price digital copies for YEARS now. Dude again your just siding with corporate greed. That is so gross. I hope people notice this bad viewpoint you have chosen. You need some self awareness man, wake up. But it's is still strangely one of the best selling FPS'S of all time Also If i want a game now to play, i don't wait for steam sales, I just Buy it. But the games i frequently play some i've played over hours graduate stockbroker london have paid FULL price for, because i wanted the games on release day.

Personally i won't be buying Either the xbox 1 or the PS4 console, Too much Hype and BS surrounding them and i like to play a lot of shooters, so a game pad is no comparison to a keyboard and mouse. Great article Matt and also some great responses to some of the comments as well. I am stunned that there are so many odd comments about NSA, spying, game ownership, etc. The PS4 feels like just a more powerful PS3.

I feel like Microsoft sees the bigger picture on where technology will take gaming in the future and has built a foundation with the Xbox One to take it all there. Once again we have consoles that will produce games arguably graphically equivalent, it will be all the extras that set them apart. In the end people won't give a damn if they can or can't trade their games in for crap money, they will care though what their console is capable of.

Xbox One wins when it comes to capability. The problem is to know if people actually care for what microsoft of offering. Personally me and my mates, we dont. I dont want kinect, its fun 5 minutes, and i dont watch tv. Lets see how sales go. To say that what microsoft is offering is amazing and very important to next gen gaming is only work from home jobs in thane west without investment point of view, certainly not a fact.

Yeah but PS4 has 6 F2P games announced non of which will be on the Xbox, not sure if they will all be available at launch, but that should have been mentioned. I really dont know what to choose after all that im reading and watching: Yes both have ups and downs and i really dont care about the xb1's restrictions.

Im just stuck as to what to getand ive to admit xbox does have better exclusives and a more entertaining package but ps4 will seem to have the graphical edge and thats what am mostly wanting out of the two "GAMING" not media!! If ps4 had smartglass id be sold to it by now but at the moment im stuck anyone help?

And is there really a big difference between ddr3 and gddr5? There is a big difference between DDR3 and GDDR5, but not so much that the PS4 will be obviously superior. Honestly, we'll just have to see how things pan out; developers won't be squeezing the maximum potential from either system for several years. If you're stuck as to what to get, you can just wait. Or pre-order both from Amazon. You won't get charged until they ship and they're real easy about canceling your order.

Huge differnce but really think and ask yourself what downs rabotv strategy for binary options ps4 really have.

Just one are we gonna pay for have to pay for online play. That question hasn't really been answered yet so no one can really say. But downs does xboxone have too man. They got restrictions on games. Their spying on you thru NSA program. You know for fact they gonna charge for xbox live cuz they been doing it since the beginning. And they have the dame technology in the xbox one as all the previos generation consoles.

So really is the decision to choose what to get that isn't so difficult. I mean a wii u is a better choice than the xbox one. It also still has the DDR3 but there ain't any restrictions. And there's a huge difference than GDDR5 think bout it this construct butterfly spread using put options processes the graphics and gameplay.

And that G stands for gaming so its made for gaming. Sony went from DDR3 to GDDR5 they skipped GDDR4 or DDR4. Now you tell me what you the difference. Think about it Sony is way more advanced. One of those is Planetside 2, which is trully awesome. A real nextgen experience, and its freeplay done right.

Im totaly addicted to it on pc, it just requires a powerful pc, so i have to play in low settings Forex street el mercado de divisas on the ps4 itll be on high settings, i hope.

That's some hopeful wishing that planetside 2 will play on high resolution I love ps2, have over hours on it through steam, but that doesn't help the fact that the game has been out for months and its still not optimized I run it on a beastly rig with a SSD, 16gb of ram, gigabyte gtx and maintain 60 frames in big battles then ill dip down to frames during the HUGE battles.

Now compare my pc to the ps4 and the ps4 is already years behind in preformance and power. There's no way this game will look like you expect.

Blacklight retribution, Planetside 2, DC universe, Warframe,War thunder, and Dust unconfirmed, but in an interview they said they had plans for the next 10 years, and since it is PS3 exclusive it should go to the PS4 eventually.

Yes most of them are on Pc but this is xbox vs PS4 so having those games should count towards PS4. Should mention just for clarity that Sony allows them to self publish and release updates at no cost. PS4 is the way to go!! It had more and better exclusives this generation and will certainly have more the next generation. I want consistant exclusives for the next 6 years in which sony will certainly deliver. I dont care about Television!!!

I how to get free nx cash for combat arms 2016 internet and Netflix on my smart TV. I dont need a 60 dollar a month cable bill on top moneysupermarket car hire ibiza my xbox subscription prices!.

I dont want some NSA douch bag watching me at home while I play, I dont want to pay a fee for a used game, I want to own my games!! The Xbox is Big Brother in your home!! Oh by the way Sony will not even charge for online gaming Sorry Tim, you're wrong, you have to pay to play online with the PS4.

That's a change of policy from the PS3. As for the NSA stuff, once again, I can't believe people actually consider Sony trustworthy two daily forex analysis forecasts after they were hacked, exposing customer information - and tried to cover it up!

Sorry Matt, I am confused, I read an article this morning that indicated Sony changed their policy on the online.

I know they announced a 5 forex trading hours app a month fee, but I think they are going for MS's throat and allowing the publishers to decide.

Thats what the latest is. And even if they do charge for the online I don't care as its great value for the small charge anyways. If you want to buy Xbone and let MS rent you games. Don't lecture us with the playstation got hacked then covered up card. Xbox live got hacked worse and more times and had been covered up very well, psn went down longer because they fixed it up properly, it won't happen again. I would trust PSN far more than xbox live's record.

Since Xbox Live is hacked so much, you'll have no problem providing evidence to back up your claim. Your telling me the largest banks in the world, employing and paying the best computer talent in the world get hack but MS dosent?!

Use some common sense! Of course they get hacked and have been, also they do a good job of cover up. Legion Destroyer The hacking group "Anonymous" took down PSN and will do it again if they want too. If they can hack into the Go Daddy how to get itunes gift codes for free government server that has millions of websites on it] they can pretty much hack into anything.

Just look up anonymous hacks ps3 on youtube. Well for one i remember when i had an Xbox and people were always hacking each others accounts and telling other people they would get hacked if they didnt what they told them.

I know a few friends that got their accounts hacked before. So there is your evidence. I am binary option robot 1.1 a PS4 nor XBone fan BTW PC master race FTW: D but console with constant high-speed internet requirement 1.

That whole media tv features are only US exclusive. Outside of that particular market, microsoft will not care to sign deals. Do we actually know that, or are we just hypothesising? I live in the UK, and have a TiVo box identical to a lot of Americans. I'm sure TV support won't as extensive here, but they wouldnt make money in dcuo with nothing. The xbox one isn't even made for gaming it has a ddr3 while the ps4 has gddr5 also the playstation eye is as high res also equiped with p and wide angle lens and not only strong but stronger hardware as well.

Ow and did you know sony promises over 30 exclusives my end of next year and if you get the ps4 and a ps eye its still 40 dollars cheaper so bottom line if you want to spend more money and be part of the nsa prism program and suffer restrictions through a no box then but excuse me while Make money in dcuo enjoy privacy used games and being able to take my playstation with me how to win in binary option xposed review robot 1 vacation since it ain't region locked and I enjoy upgrades since I can upgrade my ps4 hard drive and you no box microshafters don't get too haha.

I already pre ordered how to become a stockbroker in nyc PS4 and all I can say is that statement it pretty dumb.

You know what else had DDR3? Every PC sold today. There's no denying that the PlayStation 4 is indeed the quicker machine in this pair, but "DDR3 isn't for gaming" is just silly. But I suppose ignorance is bliss. But don't pretend this is a scenario that matters to any more than a tiny fraction of the gamers.

I also don't think Sony has explicitly said you can upgrade it with ANY hard drive - just that it CAN be upgraded.

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Which again, is something a tiny fraction of gamers will ever attempt. The Sony hack was bad, and unintential, the best banks in the world get hacked but it PALES in comparison to the Prism program and Microsofts involvement. The NSA Prism program is NO JOKE. This is alarming to all Americans, and should be alarming to people world wide. When a secret judges order comes down, and the NSA demands they hack an Xbone Kinect for serveilance MS will say no?! They can't say no, it's illegal, and those records are sealed for 25 years so we won't know till its too late!

I guess you don't have a smartphone, then? Since the government can spy on you with that. No webcam, not even in your laptop? No tablets either, except a Google Nexus, I guess Well at least you can take refuge in Sony, because there's no way they'd ever comply with such a program; it's a little know fact, but Sony is actually an armed militia of concerned citizens, not a multi-national corporation like Microsoft.

make money in dcuo

Lol your so apathetic it's gross. Ireland?s oldest stockbrokers ordered to cease trading is an opportunity to stand up against these horrible policies in Prism and in DRM.

But instead your response is "oh well it's going to happen anyway" pathetic. Apathy like yours is why our rights erode and in the end hurt you and us as a people. Really an armed militia of concerned citizens, are your fucking serious? Sony is in all about binary option 60 seconds demo account a multi-national corporation you jackass, and Sony is one of the biggest companies in the world, think before you post.

Up untill now I was confused over the complicated setup of XB1, there lack of clarification was quite wpf stocktrader reference implementation, but you've answered everything that needs to be said, and have reafirmed that XB1 is the console for me thanks. Yes, this article was also very helpful to me, and i thanks to it have decided to settle for the PS4.

Didn't you write that you were no longer buying games on Steam because Valve's terms of service prohibited class action lawsuits? The Xbox One has the same stipulation in its ToS along with even more consumer-hostile things like a mandatory connection to the Internet once every 24 hours. For my money, Steam is way more customer friendly than the Xbox One is.

Am I missing something here? I've pretty much given up on trying to can you make money breeding lizards digital. It's a losing battle, or more importantly, one I've become more and more convinced doesn't need to be won, at last stock market indianapolis at the consumer level.

Heroic effort, trying to support X1 but the lack of passion is felt in the article. But if your past fight to stop DRM failed dont stop now!

Now you have what you didn't before. Hundreds of thousands of people on your side agreeing with you and the issue is front and center.

Your support of X1 erodes your forex best rates australia and ours as a people. Stand back on your feet and keep up the good fight! As long as stock market after qe2 price is right, agree.

But if microsoft is taking away used games and forces us to login every day, then it has no excuse whatsoever to not have regular aggressive game sales. Still, I prefer Steam and PCs. I doubt foreign currency euro exchange rates newforextrading com see Steam's level of competitive pricing come to consoles -- best buy restock ps4 january already don't see Steam's offline mode, which has no time limit.

Easy way to get cash in social empires online or watching Netflix on your PC is free -- and so on. Bring on the Steambox! My opinion is that the Steambox has a huge up-hill battle. I like it, it works pretty well for me, but it's not by any stretch of the imagination a suitable option for the average person. We haven't heard much from Valve about it lately, I hope that means they've silently gone back to the drawing board.

The exclusive thing won't last. Like Sony's list, Xbox's list will continue to dwindle as it's revealed they are timed exclusives.

Not to mention I don't know of anyone who cares about Kinect games and that chops the list down even further for me. Ryse looks interesting now that it's no longer a Kinect game Some games they shown, like that music one were even pathetic looking.

Not only will the exclusives list dwindle for xbone, the MS exclusives on average are not nearly the quality of the Sony exclusives. When I think of QUALITY exclusives on Sony well the list is long and proud. Just a couple off the top of my head.

And only on PSN ima huge FG fan - and not to mention all the inde knight capital stock trading disruption who apexinvesting binary options 81 flocked to the PS4.

Watch Dogs isn't an exclusive. Xbox has Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect 1 and 2 before they were terribly ported to PS3. Jade Empire was also an Xbox exclusive. No halo will not. Yea Halo is stagnant and old now. One of the reasons Bungie the heart of Halo left.

They are making destiny on all consoles, and PS4 is more powerful. Rumors might run at 60fps on ps4 versus 30fps on Xone. I charlotte observer stock market hate to miss out on the Naughty Dog games.

And Media Molecule LittleBigPlanet for that matter. You make a good point. I don't know anyone who uses the Kinect on their either. Just because it'll be standard on the Xbox One doesn't mean anybody is going to use it. If I can't buy used or sell back when I buy used, I don't see the point of getting an Xbox 1. Unless the price of new games drops considerably, I don't think I could afford one either.

After buying the best forex traders in south africa, I'd probably only have enough for one game. And what if it sucks? I can't sell it without a ton of hoops to jump through. Sure I can give it up to 1 friend, but who wants to gift a crappy game?

And then I still am stuck with no games until I can dhaka stock exchange price update nbl the cost of new game again.

Its up to the developer whether they want to apply charges for trading in and buying preowned games, so if your an EA fan, bad luck, but I highly doubt that any of the major game publishers would be as stupid enough to put charges on second hand games 2. You can give games to 10 members of your "family" so that they can install the game onto their Xbox and pay when ever they want.

I highly doubt that you constantly lend games to more than 10 people. And if you do, well buy a PS4 3. You can also stream straight to Twitch TV, that's good because no one uses Ustream. You also get Kinect, but if you buy the PS4 you have to pay separately for Playstation Eye.

I don't know if I agree with this at all. It's up to the developers what they create and the price point they sell to the original owner. Beyond that, I don't think they should be given anymore power. No other industry or art-form has that level of control beyond the initial person they sell too. I don't typically have 10 or more family members to trade and give games to. However, the option and ability too are still important. Additionally, limiting the amount of times a game can be traded by a user also affects used games retailers.

Besides all that, my biggest concern is not so much the present but what this tells of the future of the gaming industry. With anybody at all? Also, it would still only be cheaper if you had more than a few months left before you had to purchase Gold again. I had to look up what Hauppauge and PVR even are. Certainly, those would appeal to gamers who are into recording and posting their game play. But for me that is not a draw. In fact, I actually count the fact that I have to have a Kinect with an Xbox 1 as a point against it.

I don't want it, especially with the "always on" aspect. Also you do not know what the developers intend to do and what is beyond the realm of their stupidity and greed no need to look further than microsoft. And what if I live in a house with 11 people?

What if I live in the largest mansion on earth and I want all my butlers and maidens to play? Do you see where I am going here? Why are they placing LIMITS on us? I have to check-in for my games to work? What if I travel, or am in the military, or live in a low-income neighborhood or if the internet in my area just sucks? Yeah most of us have internet mr. Yeah now it's mandatory but I've been an xbox live subscriber for almost a decade. Mayer longer and on other accounts.

At times I found PS3's online FREE content to be better than that of microsft which I paid for. Where do you get your numbers from? Along with steeeep discounts on almost new titles. MS just got on that bandwagon this month only releasing fable III.

Of course they said 2 through "NOVEMBER" not for the entire consoles life or even for the next gen. If you can find It show me the source and I will apologize to you on this thread and admit I'm wrong. I understand you are a fanboy but don't spew BS to prove your point. Besides if we wanted a kinect we would have bought one and the same goes for a PS eye. I like the fact that I'm not being RAPED into buying one and it is left up to ME the CONSUMER!!!!

Of course they say no one will be spying on you however, read the fine print "AT ANY TIME MICROSOFT MAY CHANGE THESE POLICIES I want a console for GAMES. If I ever feel like I need to get an xbox fix why I would? I don't know after this crap!! I'll just play my After all it was the last thing Microsoft has done right other then that half-ass attempt on Windows Vista 2 Win 7.

The PS4 also has a share button and interactive video gaming Such that I could control someone else's game if they need help in a Level. And the sharing systems on both consoles are remotely similar. Xbox uses twich and PS4 uses Ustream. Everything beyond that is opinion only. This post is brilliant! The PS4 feels like a mid-gen console rather than next-gen.

I can understand why those who have poor internet connection may be against it, but if you have the extra bit of money and a good area for internet One is the way to go. Thejoshwha the system is using 8 gigs of DDR5 RAM, this is the first time to my knowledge outside this ram has sen use outside of the graphics card market. If you think the ps4 is a "mid-gen" system than you are both an idiot and a Microsoft fanboy. Speak think before you post. The PS4 does NOT use DDR5 RAM. DDR5 doesn't exist yet.

GDDR5 supports higher bandwidth at the expense of latency. DDR3 has low latency but smaller bandwidth. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. If the ps4 is mid-range, then the xbone is low-range, from what we saw and following your reasoning. The question is not if you have internet or not, but why do we have to.

Its about having stuff shoved down our throat, and risking that, in the process, were left with a expensive doorstop when microsoft decides to shut down the servers after 10 years or so. Personally, im not willing to have the xbone as the my "main" console.

By imposing on the player heavy restrictions, it has to give something back, and that something has to be cheaper prices. If it wants us to give up stuff, it has to give stuff back, imo. Only then will i even consider getting one as a secondary machine and only for the few exclusives i care about. And no, its not forza, halo or fable, which i dont like.

It's the principle of it. I do have solid and reliable Internet, but that still doesn't mean I'm willing to accept being forced to go online once every 24 hours. I said "feels mid-gen" not "is mid-gen" for one, and not because of power. Because the PS4 doesn't have much to say in startling innovation. It has a few cool gimmicks, but not much. It is the same with the 3DS vs. I'd get the 3DS because it is something different. I am more than happy to have these restrictions. Everything is moving towards Internet.

Most employers in the UK don't even have paper wage slips anymore! Making games consoles broader, and focusing more on Internet seems like natural progression. PS4 has brilliant graphics and a load of raw power, but it doesn't bring a huge amount more than the PS3 as far as new ideas are concerned. Sony didn't make a big deal of the new features at E3 but if you watch the original PS4 unveiling from earlier in the year you'll see that there are some big innovations. Instant video capture and asking friends to help you beat a certain part of a game, for instance.

I dnot care for kinect, its only fun for a day unless your a kidand TV i and my mates dont watch anymore Here is why the use of GDDR5 is exciting GDDR5 has never really been used up until this point because most FSBs cannot handle the bandwidth meaning the tradeoff in timing is a detriment to performance.

Sony is not stupid so ifnthey afre including GDDR5 ram in the system its because they believe they will be able to use it to its fullest potential. Since when did turning your gaming console into a voice activated cable box count as innovation. Voice recognition is old technology and cable is from the stoneage!

Does anyone really pay to use that crap anymore? Which bit is more powerful? They have identical specs from what I can see, save for a minor difference in memory GDDR3 and GDDR5 is a huge difference.

Not only in hardware but the MS operating system has more overhead. Thus hurting the system a bit more. Albeit it to say I doubt we will see any major difference in first generation games. But by 2nd and 3rd I bet we do. Actually, I'd forgotten about the whole Windows 8 Kernel thing. Sacrificing power so I can multitask with dumb snapped screens is kind of annoying. As far as I know XBOX One is not using GDDR3 but DDR3. GDDR5 is based on the DDR3 architecture, but has more bandwidth.

And I will add one thing, PS4 got better graphical capabilities, as reports suggests they are as much as 50 percent more powerful than the Xbox one. The Xbone is innovative honestly, but I want a game console, not a multimedia center.

Also, always online will probably make me want throw the thing out a window.

The kinect is garbage. Nobody I know that has an XBox uses it. And the new kinect for the XB1 is way to invasive. There's a reason, several of them in fact, that the gaming community is ripping Microsoft and the XB1. This is like giving me 5 good reasons to board the Titanic as the iceberg is looming on the horizon. No way in hell I'm getting the XB1.

So your getting rid of your cell GPS tracking, phone conversation listening unless you pull the battery outyour computer can be hacked to take over your camera, view all past site information, and steal anything you type into itand any other connected device you might have Your at as much risk there as you are with this device.

Well ya that kinda sucks that you need to check-in every 24 hours but I haven't seen any information that you can't check in and then unplug the ethernet cable? The checks are because of the digital friends library of games. In the end people are over-reacting and I plan on staying on the current path of having both a PS4 and Xbox1. Maybe someone has limited Internet or no Internet Kill zone rocks, the exclusives are way better on the ps4 then the xb1 even though there are less. And the point about win at risk of people watching, yes it sucks but on a phone it can't be avoided, you get the ps4 and poof Not near as much risk.

Does it suck potentially? Yes but if its used correctly live and streaming content into even single player games could be amazing! Also as far as exclusives I really haven't come across much on either side that is that much better.

Maybe MLB THE SHOW lol, other than that I can give or take any of the titles at this point The rewards from XBL are, frankly, shockingly small considering how much it is and how long I and many others have been customers. XBL is giving away 2 free games starting up in the next month or two as well, so in the end its not much a benefit.

The new reputation system within Xbox Live look it up is going to be a great system that I hope Sony eventually emulates. It will allow you as a good member to avoid the idiot players out there. The xb1 with its restrictions and region lock will. Just how it is bro doesnt matter if you got internet what of the rest of the forgotten by msoft planet. I am sorry Seth but you are only coming back to comments with justifications and not reasons to buy.

XB1 just isn't going to cut it but it isn't so bad that no one is going to buy it as it shows you will. It is not a bad system but when compared to the PS4 it isn't great.

This aritcle saying the first phrase of the it was "As a Wii owner" at that point lost my interest and respect for the article. And just a PS this "Spam Check" asking the question "Do you speak English" is as ignorant and racist as a spam check can get. So you admit to the xb1 does spy? Also yes those other devices do that but none have gone this far before. Kinect is interesting but it's surely never going to be used by the majority.

Welcome to Team PlayStation. Obviously you have not seen the benchmark test of both systems. In addition Xones operating system is more overhead, so that also takes away a bit more resources from developers. By your logic you should buy a PC. As far as I can see. For the Price and options. Xbox has a much larger pallet of goods than the PS4 or PC. It has things that the PS4 and PC just do not have.

Also it has it in a package that is easy to use.

That is why is has more exclusive games and that is why it will be the console that developers develop for. It is 8x more powerful than the That would make Battlefield look real. You dont need anything better than real. There is a limit to what is needed. The cloud processing is not real time. Just one problem pc gameing sucks and i know i tryed there is a reason console gameing is more popular. Someone obviously doesn't know much about architecture.

The fact that you think that the XBOBDone has infinitely more processing power because it shares processes with the Cloud is hilarious.

Think about this for a second. Your XBOX has to send the process through a broadband connection to the Cloud, wait for the Cloud to perform the process and then send it back. Internet connections of any kind have an inherent problem EVERYONE complains about, because of weak internet service, bad server connection, hardware client or serverside acting funny, and more possible reasons - Latency.

Conclusively, Cloud processing may add a small amount of power. It may also be terribly inefficient that by the time the Cloud performs the process and sends it back, your XBOXDone could have performed the task itself and moved on to a dozen others. And let's not forget that THREE FREAKING GIGABYTE MEMORY RESERVE FOR THE OS JUST FOR TURNING THE THING ON!!! As far as waiting for Microsoft to work out the kinks - screw. I own a PS3 and a Vita.

Sony is using their brains and using the PS3 a beta platform for CrossPlay, CrossBuy, Stream as you play, to name a few features promised for the PS4. They aren't 'in development'. They work, And they will hit the ground running on PS4 launch day. I LIKE being able to lend and resell my games. Suuure I can share it with some friends on XBL.

Until I or a couple of my friends have a disagreement about who gets to play one of them at any given time. Because we all have access to it at any time, but only one of us can play it at any given time. Whereas if the physical copy is lent out, chances are good - this isn't a problem. Besides who doesn't like taking a couple or three old games to GameStop and walking out with a new release at no extra cost? Being able to watch TV on my console But unless every reputable reviewer I have ever read is making stuff up, that feature ONLY WORKS IN THE US of A.

So if you live outside of the US, or in an area where you don't have regular internet service, MICROSOFT DOES NOT NEED YOUR BUSINESS. People can blow the XBOXDone horn all day long. The thing is an incredibly expensive paperweight. Another point xbox is using the cloud to enhance their graphics and gameplay.

But ps4 can process the same kind or bettter graphics and gamplay all buy itself and that's because it has a gddr5 which is made strictly for gaming. So imagine if sony made a cloud software to enhance their graphics and gameplay. It would make the xbox one graphics look like your playing supernintendo while the ps4 looks like looks like your playing a ps3. Ps4 made a system for gaming while xbox one is made for entertainment.

So in the end Sony Wins. Nicely stated, and I love the point about Blu-ray, lol. However, you said "So imagine if sony made a cloud software to enhance their graphics and gameplay. The PS4 naysayers have been waving their XBOX flags over the GDDR5, saying it has more bandwidth but higher latency than the G? DDR3 in the XBOX One.

The thing they don't realise is that the PS4 is architecturally designed to improve latency everywhere else, so at the end of the day the PS4 still outperforms the XBOX One without breaking a sweat. And let's not forget the major difference between DIrectX which has never worked right and OpenGL which is inherently fast and efficient anyways.

Sony, I salute you! First off what if you have friends or family that don't live in same city as you? Secondly you saying it as if you had to let all of your friends use your game copy which you don't. Third accidents happen so what if you let you friend borrow your hard copy and the disk got scratched and then neither of you could play it again?

Another thing the Xbox red rings because of how much they tried to put into it and it couldn't keep up so I believe because of this thats why they didnt go all out with the Xbox One beside most people can't see more than 60fps which is around at what XBox One caps while PS4 begins at 60fps ad goes to fps which is way to much and most people wouldn't be able to see difference. What if Sony put to much into PS4 and it crashes not being able to keep up?

Beside with the way graphics are now you probably won't notice to much of a difference if any. What's sad is that you pay so little attention to what is actually going on in the console gaming world that you actually wrote that. It is a non issue. Microsoft has reversed course on their used game policy and with it, their digital sharing program. It's a dead argument. The XBOX redringed because the cooling system was inadequate for the heat generated by the hardware.

Plain and simple, and it did not really improve until the XBOX Slim which used 40 or 42 nanometre wafers, generating FAR less heat to begin with. People said that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the XBOX and PS3 as well. As someone who used to own both consoles, and consequently sold her XBOX because it was a piece of junk, I noticed.

On the hardcopy sharing point, now that I am more awake - I don't know about all of you, but I do not lend my things to people that I do not trust would handle them with the same care that I would handle them. The same care that I would handle their things with. This is not limited to DVDs or music CDs or game discs. Anything that for any reason would be a set of hands that aren't yours. If you lend your game disc to a friend, and you can't trust that they are competent enough to make sure that the disc is safe travelling the short distance from its case, to the console disc tray, and then from that tray and back into that case, you may have a bigger problem than whether you can or can not share your games digitally.

Digital sharing my alleviate this concern, you're right. But Microsoft was trying to use that feature to try to get away with used game murder. A lot of the people I know look at it like Microsoft was saying "You can't resell your games" and then washing that sh! So they were polite enough to use lube first. Thankfully for XBOX fansthe gamers spoke, and the used game policy is no longer in the plans. But, in the true Microsoft fashion, they took their ball and went home on the digital game sharing.

Not true give it 2 or 3 years and all ps4 cause the ps4 is market limited like the xb1 so by default if nothing else the ps4 will outsale and be in more homes so future published games will invest more heavily in the ps4. Your theories are stupid your kids are a waste of life.

Buy what you want but coming online justifing with insults is just lame and shows no credit to you. How I know your pain man I love my and I loved microsoft Rejecting a whole community in an instant was worse than the mess with mass effect 3. I am truly looking forward to my future ps4 but pissed at microsoft for everything they did just to get fanboy's just to fondle them later.

Welcome to Sony brother. What's good bout ps4 is that if we had the same game I could watch you play from my system vis versa and say if I had trouble on a stage that you already beaten you could take over my game from your system and finish the stage for me.

But you probably know that already I'm just saying that's dope. Issue with the All-Ways online internet or have Xbox1 on once every 24 hours, is the fact about 80 percent of Americans and about 88 Percent Europeans Average can expect to lose their connection or Internet for more than a day. So Microsoft really blundered here. It weren't really the critics, it were more the fact someone at Microsoft saw the same study I did and understood this were going to come back to bite them. And if you don't believe me, Two examples Hurricane that Hit NYC area and the current issue in Colorado.

Both would have simply missed -up millions with the once ever 24 hours demand. Matthew Smith is a freelance writer living in Portland Oregon. Popular Topics The Internet Windows iPhone and iPad Android Mac Gaming. MakeUseOf 15 Weird Smart Home Gadgets No One Should Ever Want. Smart Home 15 Weird Smart Home Gadgets No One Should Ever Want Dan Price.

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Xbox One can suck it. The list I made to compare the two: Assassin's Creed 4 Dead Rising 3 Watch Dogs Wolfenstein maybe PS4: Wolfenstein maybe This is for me at least, although these are only the games that will be coming on release or during Q1 Let's count the actual number of exclusives for the ps4. Reposting my statement technology has changed the face of gaming forever but nothing beats the feeling of playing Super Mario and Sonic Adventures 2, retro gaming oldschool.

What the results of limiting reuse of games should be: As well poor hardware choices for blue-ray and hard drives made for an expensive gaming system door stop, So having all these new extra features are great to a point. We won't have the TV function in Australia.

Please revise your 5 reasons and replace the television point. How do you know that? Where has Microsoft given full details of TV support? Check this video out Matt! Please don't confuse them all.

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