Make money striping

Make money striping

Posted: Bozz Date: 03.06.2017

A parking lot striping business operates part- or full-time. You choose your own hours. In some areas, it functions all year; but in other climates, you may work only in the warmer months of the year.

make money striping

Earn generous profit margins. Learn what you need to know for starting your own profitable parking lot striping business. Select a business type -- limited liability, partnership, sole proprietor or subchapter S. While most small businesses start as sole proprietorships, many parking lot striping businesses use the S Corporation or a limited liability because these limit liability and offer some favorable tax advantages.

Choose a company name.

The Parking Lot Striping Business website suggests you use a business name that clearly states your line of work, a name that easily comes to mind and sounds businesslike. When choosing a business name, avoid long names, names that start with letters near the end of the alphabet and names used by other businesses.

Visit your state's division of corporation to check name availability.

Stripper's $1 million seized, police forced to repay with interest

Find equipment that allows you to do quality work for your customers. Choose between conventional and airless line striping machines. Airless machines are lighter, but some striping business owners prefer the conventional machines because they create less waste during cleaning.

Lawn Striping and Lawn Patterns - Scag Power Equipment

Learn pricing strategies for making profit. Consider the time and the paint involved for each job you quote. According to Dan Zurcher, author of "How I Stripe a Parking Lot: Market your striping business innovatively, creating a steady stream of customers.

Try a variety of ideas in your market until you find the ones that provide the best return for your time and money. For instance, try cold calling on prospects, creating an Internet site, distributing flyers or signs, encouraging word of mouth or try free or paid advertising.

Learn how to stripe parking lots. Dan Zurcher uses oil-based paints that can be diluted with mineral spirits.

Striping Machines For Parking Lot Lines

Learn the order of painting so you don't have to cross over your work as you proceed through the job. Equip yourself to transport your equipment to each job site. You may choose a truck or a trailer, for instance. Malinda Zellman has instructed computer, ESL and GED classes. She is a retired homeschooler and school librarian.

She is contributing author for two books, "Games" and "Crafts," by Group Publishing. She has written for print magazines and websites. She holds two BA degrees, business administration and economics, from Rollins College. Skip to main content. Things Needed Striping equipment Truck or trailer Paint. Tip Learn how to stripe playground games, and you find a new profit center. Warning Consult your lawyer or accountant for help deciding which type of business best suits your enterprise.

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