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Encouraging readers to draw their own conclusions from the evidence and arguments. I saw this in a forum.. Matt is there but a cousin I think to these identified.

He was born in about and the Matt that forum identified was born in Also what is missing here is the fact that for at least a decade MM allowed, or encouraged, others to believe he is an attorney.

Almost all the media articles identify him as such and he posted on those on his website with no correction. He wanted people to believe that about him, it helped him when he intimidated others Also part of the real story is the question of why someone would spend 4 years of college and 4 years of law school at a cost of tens of thousands and then not take the bar exam!

It sounds "fishy" to me. Something is missing here that Moneymaker is not disclosing about his past. You are obviously pretty ignorant and pretty paranoid. Lots of people who graduate from law school go into so other field and do not take the bar exam. What is missing here? A filter to prevent idiots from posting their stupid comments on blogs.

Some people say he intimidated people with his law degree but no one has any proof of that. You would think some of those people would have something to show. MM definitely upset a lot of hoaxers and loonies and con men who were trying to make a quick buck off the subject over the past 15 years.

Some of those people, like Biscardi and Crook, tried to intimidate anyone who was trying to expose their fraud schemes. They would threaten people with law suits. Moneymaker was the only one who would never be intimidated by threats like that. He said what he knew to be true and taunted those con men to sue him for saying what he knew to be true.

When asked why he had no fear in doing that MM would say he went to law school and knows what he can say. That's probably how this myth formed that he was the one intimidating people with his degree.

The truth is he was never intimidated by the bad guys because of his degree. This whole blog is about slamming Matt and the BFRO whenever it is able. Notice how the real dubious characters on the scene Fasano, Standing, Biscardi, etc always get a free pass.

Everyone gets a free pass here, that is the fun right? From Anons to A-holes! He might be a little head strong but his enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and needed. He might be a little headstrong but his enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and needed. This comment has been removed by the author. If we take out anonymous comments, we generally get some intelligent folks talking here without a bunch of doofy comments.

Matt's background is interesting.

Jam -'Shake Your MoneyMaker / Born In Chicago'

I think any immigrants understand the name process. Hell, my father came to America from Norway and took the judge's name when switching to a more common name, so the family name means nothing, At least he got to keep the essence of the name and apparently is living up to it as he builds a circus based upon Bigfoot.

I'm just glad he's not practicing law. I bet he would be great in a court room!

Moneymakeer is not his real name. The guy hated by almost all bigfoot researchers. What makes you so sure that's not his real name. Apparently you don't like him. You would like people to think almost all bigfoot researchers hate him, but the fact is almost all bigfoot researchers the serious ones are members of his organization -- the BFRO.

Hence, you are full of shit, and I wonder how many other bullshit comments you have posted on this article. You're right it's not Moneymakeer, it's Moneymaker you dingus! Who cares if he's hated, he's an alpha and doesn't care what those idiots think. He is the Bigfoot Research Community! Moneymaker is a real name. I am a Moneymaker and my family lived around Oak Ridge and Knoxville Tennessee.

There were three brothers come from Germany. And they settled in the North East and West. No he would not be a good lawyer. Most lawyers who talk over people and whine a lot are not that successful.

On the other side I grew up near the base he worked at and also grew up fishing and hunting in Ojai, CA where he found his first Bigfoot prints. I read that somewhere The guy you see on TV is not the guy I met, but that being said the dude may have changed with fame. If Matt Moneymaker is a person with a website, on a TV show and: The question they might ask: According to this link and I don't know what is the most current, a quick Google yields this link and many others to similar information http: Section , as amended effective Jan.

Upon a second or subsequent conviction, the person shall be confined in a county jail for not less than 90 days, except in an unusual case where the interests of justice would be served by imposition of a lesser sentence of less than 90 days for a second or subsequent conviction under this subdivision, the court shall state the reasons for its sentencing choice on the record.

In some guy outed him in a blog. Since then his bio has changed and so has his website, perhaps he has removed all his old media articles calling him a lawyer. This is because MM is well known as a liar, hoaxster, and a moron.

He's proven that time and time again. Talk about making fiction Who "outed him" on a blog in ? Can you cite that? Do you mean some anonymous clown like you posted some bullshit smear in the comments of a blog in ? Yes, is quite possible. Apparently it happens all the time. Moneymaker is a lawyer.

He never stopped saying that. Where exactly did he "change" his bio? Maybe some bios are shorter than others. Perhaps if he had a one line space for a bio then he probably wouldn't mention his education.

Afterall his education is not his big claim to fame. Can you be more specific? What has MM lied about? What has MM hoaxed? How has he "proven time and time again that he's a moron"? You don't like MM because he is so accomplished and influential in the bigfoot research arena that makes you feel inferior. You feel that way because it is true.

Compared to him you are just a speck of shit. I disagree with the assertion nobody new who Matt Moneymaker was before "Finding Bigfoot". Although not an icon he was not a "unknown" in terms of pop culture. He was the guy who made a living looking for Bigfoot. More people may know who he is because of the show and now people who did not have an opinion may formulate one-but it was not like nobody knew who he was before the show aired. Can we talk a little about how fat Matt Moneymaker is?

I mean, I just want to point out the correlation between being fat and seeing things like ghosts and Bigfoot, but I feel like I'm not being taken seriously. I have a legitimate theory and it needs to be heard. I spoke with Matt about this way back when. He has a valid JD Juris Doctorate degree from an accredited school -- the University of Akron School of Law.

That makes him a lawyer, technically. Any law school will tell you that. He never wanted to take the bar exam because he never wanted to practice law professionally. He just wanted the degree and the education, because everyone else in his family went to law school. He didn't want to take the bar exam because he knew he couldn't pass. And, NO, you are not an lawyer until you pass the bar exam!

Believe me, after watching his moronic show FB and seeing all the lies he's been caught in, he's a true moron and not a person who would ever be intelligent enough to pass the bar exam. If you weren't such a worthless country hick you might know that 3 years of law school is much more challenging than a bar exam.

And yes, you are a lawyer when you have J. Can you name any "lies he's been caught in"? How about just one lie? Funny how you've already been caught in a few lies yourself. There's the only lie you need to hear.. Nobody "outed" him on a blog in That was just another uninformed person making another uninformed comment about Matt's law background. Matt can rightfully call himself a lawyer with that JD degree. He can't practice law, or offer services as a lawyer, but he can truthfully call himself a lawyer, by law.

He can call himself that. But the State Bar of Cali, and most other states would not agree. Dropped from above paste, the dictionary says this is an example of a lawyer: Examples of LAWYER So, no matter how much one likes Matt he is not an example of a lawyer.

He seems to feel his education qualifies him. He seems more like an example of someone hoped his coursework at a third tier law school would pass for a real lawyer.

It seems to have worked at some level though, because for a very long time that was the general belief. I would agree that around or his tune changed. He redesigned his website and dropped some of the articles calling him a Lawyer.

National Geo calls him a lawyer mid's, but now, finally Animal Planet just says, "he attended Law School. Which articles did he drop from the BFRO web site wherein he called himself a lawyer? You are making this up as you go along, and you're grabbing at straws helplessly as you watch Moneymaker become an even bigger success.

There's nothing you can do about it, except to try to smear him on blogs like this with no filters against scumbags. Why don't you say your real name and stand by what you are saying? Because you know it's bullshit and you don't want people to know how envious you are of Moneymaker's success.

If he earned a J. Taking the bar exam in a given state would only get him a license to practice in that state. You can't even take the bar exam unless you have a J. So yes, you can call yourself a lawyer with a J.

Did he ever claim to have a license? Did he ever say he took a bar exam? Those are the questions to ask. Oh, if those questions only mattered! Legally the standard is more like "did he hold himself out to the community as a lawyer? Prosecutors would look at intent. You can "hold yourself out to the community as a lawyer" if you are really a lawyer, as long as you're not offering legal services.

Ask a law professor about that. Moneymaker can say he's a lawyer all day long in any interview because it is true. He has always said he doesn't practice law, but he's still a lawyer. So why hasn't any prosecutor prosecuted him yet?

Could it be because there's nothing to prosecute? It's not because there's a lack of jealous turds out there who would like to cause him trouble. All sorts of scammers have tried to knock him off line for years. You'd think that would be an easy way do it. Why hasn't it happened? The lack of prosecution shows that he hasn't done anything wrong. He has been doing the same things, in a very high-profile way, for about 20 years now.

He has always been accurate and truthful about his education and degrees. He doesn't have to exaggerate anything because the simple facts are impressive enough. Just more of Matt and his narcissism.

That he pretended to be an attorney for 8 years is just a symptom of his serious case of narcissism. BTW, narcissism is epidemic in this community, especially among the researchers, media hounds, heads of groups, etc. He never said he was an attorney. He said he was a lawyer. You don't know the difference. As a professional bullshitter you have no motivation to educate yourself on something like that, but I'll throw a bone to you: The term "attorney" connotes representation of a client i.

It is technically inaccurate to describe someone as an attorney outside the representative context. The term "lawyer" does not connote representation of a client. It stands on it's own. At minimum it means you have a law degree. If you ever get to meet someone who works in a law firm, ask them what they call the people who are fresh out of law school and working in the firm and studying for the bar exam.

The partners in the firm will correctly describe those folks as "lawyers who are studying for the bar". Here's some advice for Lindsay: Life is so much better when you're not constantly making up bullshit, and you actually know what you're talking about.

Hopefully you can experience that someday, but I know it's a long way away. Narcissists are not a legally protected class, even if his dishonesty reflects a serious symptom of such a condition, it's still just dishonesty, and prosecutable as such.

In all the bios I have read about him he always said he got into Internet programming after graduating from law school. He never said he practiced law and always said he didn't want to. Send your link to that bio, because I think he was a lawyer too. Can you post that Shawn? BFRO will claim anything is a bigfoot. It's a worthless collection of drooling enthusiasts in one big circle jerk of sasquatchery.

Shawn, is there some way you can force these envious white trash tea party rejects to take a breathalizer test before posting on this blog? My biggest criticism of Mr. Moneymaker is his lack of scientific approach.

As a veterinary pathologist I am reminded of the episode of Finding Bigfoot where there was a deer carcass with a supposed spiral fracture. Moneymaker immediately jumps to the conclusion that the deer was killed by a sasquatch. Spiral fractures are quite common in carcasses found in the wild.

Some of the most common carcass lesions where broken bones are concerned are spiral fractures in wild bovidae, particularly in WTD found in hilly or mountainous areas. Their biomechanics and design makes it quite easy for them to plant their feet wrong and twist, resulting in spiral fractures. Wild boar are also a common cause as they will scavenge carcasses and bite and twist the limbs creating post mortem spiral fractures. In skeletal remains, one of the things that must be looked for to establish primate type predation is the presence of teeth marks as the primate will consume the muscle tissue and generally leave teeth marks on the bones.

Still, many deer die from leg trauma unrelated to predation. At a game preserve it is not uncommon during the rut to have broken legs and resulting deaths without predation. Aggressive males in combat may chase other lesser males and in the resulting sprint to get away from the winner or dominant male and injure themselves.

In the chase there are occasions where the loosing deer missteps and breaks his leg, I have seen this several times in game preserves and safari parks. This is likely to occur in the wild as well. There are simply too many mundane explanations for this one example to leap to the conclusion that it was a sasquatch kill. To call a skeleton a kill by any creature without proper forensic investigation is foolishness at best and malpractice at worst.

In my opinion Mr. Moneymaker has crossed from science to a form of religion. A true scientist does not care if the null hypothesis or alternate hypothesis should be accepted; he only cares that he finds which one should be accepted. Moneymaker has left the very philosophy of science behind and pursues his quest in the same manner as a person on some holy quest.

He approaches everything from a standpoint of belief, not science. His investigations are emotional, not logical. I think that Finding Bigfoot would be better off getting an open minded scientist to head their show rather than someone that approaches things in the manner of a religious zealot with no room for anyone with a more plausible explanation.

Many of you seem to be putting too much of an effort complaining about the show or the staff. If you're watching the show, just enjoy the fact that the possibility of Sasquatch is being considered.

If you're not enjoying the show, find something else to do with your time and save the rest of us from listening to you hatin'. I'd bitchslap his fat ass. And how the hell does a fool stay so fat hiking through the wilderness constantly. MM can't represent a client or advise or act for clients in legal matters because he did not pass the bar exam. So, by definition he IS NOT A LAWYER. Which means either one of two things. Or perhaps you don't know the definition.

Why not phone up a law school and ask them if they call their graduates lawyers before they take the bar exam? Better yet, instead of whining and spouting bullshit about Moneymaker, why not call a prosecutor and present your evidence and them let him explain things to you. That's the difference between someone like Moneymaker and white trash like you.

You will only talk about things and never do things. But you'll whine and complain about people like Moneymaker who will actually do things. Moneymaker has the biggest following in the bigfoot research world. Now he has a hugely popular TV show too. What do you have, except a habit of being envious of people who leave you in their dust? And, by the way, anyone with a Bachelors in Science can take the Bar exam.

Not just people who went to law school.

Some of you people are bigger idiots that Matt Moneymaker First off, you would be surprised how many of our politicians in the US with a JD did not sit for the Bar exam. If someone does not plan to actually give legal advice or be in cases, many do not waste the time and money. A knowledge of the legal system is always a plus which is why the degree is completed. This right was not something they just handed out, even when it was allowed. You cannot even sit for the Bar with a Master of Jurisprudence.

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