How to make real money tf2

How to make real money tf2

Posted: Rus Ivan Date: 17.07.2017

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You should also consider looking for your question in the FAQ. How does team fortress 2 make money? You can find crates while playing in the game. These crates may contain things like hats. To open the crate, you need a special key. Valve sells these keys. Players can get in on this money too.

TF2: How To Make Profit In 2017 (Best Methods)

Steam has a built-in exchange where people can put items up for sale. I made bucks selling old TF2 stuff once. I still cannot believe somebody paid money for it It makes some through its in-game store, some through its game-item marketplace, and made quite a lot from its initial few years as a regular old purchase-to-play rbc stock trades. But today, it doesn't need to make money.

TF2's purpose today is to attract people to the Steam platform. The idea is that people hear of TF2, see that it's free, download Steam to play it, and now they've got a Steam account and are exposed to all its option trading plan excel and sales, making them much more likely to start buying games through it, and that's where Valve makes its real money.

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20+ methods on How to make a profit - A beginners TF2 trading guide

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how to make real money tf2

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how to make real money tf2

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how to make real money tf2

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