Make money from incoming calls uk

Make money from incoming calls uk

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Turn Your Phone or ADSL Into a Cash Delivery Machine! That's right, now you can get paid every time you receive a call! So how is this possible?

How To Get Paid For Incoming Calls

Are you aware that every time a caller makes a call to Vodacom, Cell C or MTN, that the carrier delivering that call receives a connection fee from the receiving company? So every time you call using one carrier, be it Telkom or a cell phone company, that company receives a connection fee from the receiving carrier!

No wonder they make so much money! Guess what, now you can act like a delivering carrier and get those connection fees! This system is designed to only work with an ADSL line and not 3G, Iburst or other wireless connections.

So if you have an ADSL line, or can get one, you can turn your phone into an income centre. If you're uncertain whether you can get an ADSL line, you can visit the Telkom website and enter your existing phone number and see if your exchange is enabled for ADSL.

To visit the relevant page on Telkom's site just follow this link https: Free Telecoms is a dealer for Vox Telepreneur, backed by Vox Telecom, South Africa's leading alternative Telecommunications Company. Vox Telecom is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and has been in business for over 10 years with annual turnover in the hundreds of millions of rands.

Vox allows users to make and receive calls with a cordless Vox phone via their ADSL line. What's more, when you sign up as a customer, you will receive 20 cents per minute every time you receive a call from a landline and 40 cents per minute every time you receive a call from a cell phone.

make money from incoming calls uk

That's right, now you can make easy money the same way the big Telecom companies do! So why would you want a Vox phone? There are several reasons: Frequently Asked Questions. How do I sign up as a customer? Simply click on this link http: Fill this in and fax it back to us on I'll send you a confirmation as soon as I receive it.

If you have any questions, please give me a call or e-mail me via the contact details listed below. For more information on signing up, to download our information PDF files or any other queries you may have, simply complete the form below and we will contact you! There is a rebate or commission you receive off all inbound calls that pays towards the ads you place to promote your product or service.

So now your phone acts as a profit or income centre! Simply list your new national number in your ads and at the end of each month you will be paid for all calls received.

You will then be able to allocate this money towards your advertising costs or training someone to handle the large volume of incoming calls! You receive a national number that never changes even if you move premises; this also means that your customers call the same telephone number from anywhere in the country. Having a national number is an underutilized business tool.

I am amazed at how many businesses throw away the goodwill built up with a standard Telkom phone number and then once they move premises, they lose all the goodwill and advertising money attached to that number as they receive a new phone number. Conduct a test for yourself and try calling businesses in the Yellow Pages. Amazingly you will see that at least half the numbers are no longer in use.

Numbers - Earn Up to p/min From Every Call

This means that many of those businesses have moved or changed numbers and no longer receive the benefits from that advertising, plus the repeat business from old clients that also have their previous contact details. Sure you can get a Telkom national number that does the same job, but it is so expensive! See below for these costs. You can access your account online in make money from incoming calls uk time! This means you can monitor and track trading yesterday shattered deutsche übersetzung and costs constantly and can even involve your employees in monitoring and working towards a phone budget.

Use this feature and watch your phone bill shrink and shrink! The Vox cordless vega of a go options binary option works like a normal phoneand you can make and receive calls just like a regular phone.

The call quality is option trading plan excel That' right, now company branches and all Vox users can communicate for free!

Ask yourself this, why aren't all calls internal between users on the same network between Vodacom, Cell C, MTN make money from incoming calls uk Telkom users free if Vox to Vox calls are free anytime of the day for as long as you like? The answer is simple; we are all being ripped off!! Most customers would love to reduce their phone bill and make money at the same time!

Kind of like getting "sweet revenge"! As a Vox customer you can also become a dealer and introduce others to this opportunity! This means you will enhance your earnings capacity and not only get the rebate benefits by being a customer, but will also get additional commission off those calls made by your referral customers.

Just another way to earn even MORE money that you can put towards your advertising expenses. Frequently Asked Questions - What is the Vox ADSL phone? It is a cordless phone that consists of a cordless handset, a base station, which is a router or modem, and a PSU power supply unit which is the charging cable. The base station is also an ADSL modem that can connect all your pc's wirelessly. This phone looks and acts like any regular phone except all calls are made via your ADSL line.

Can customers use a 3G, Iburst or other wireless service instead of an ADSL line? No, they can only use an ADSL line. Will I loose my current landline number?

Your number will still work and when your clients call that number your Vox phone will still ring BUT you will not earn any incoming call rebate money. How do I order a phone? All you need to do is contact the person at the bottom of this document. Who handles technical support issues? How long does it take for a phone to be delivered? Normally working days if you choose to pay by debit order and the following day if paying by credit card providing you order before 12 pm.

How much does a Vox phone cost? It costs a once off R including delivery and thereafter R 49 per month rental. A good deal considering just ordering a Telkom national number costs R once off and thereafter R per month.

How long do customers sign up for? All customer rentals for ADSL phones are on a month to month basis. So if you're not locked into lengthy contracts. Can more than one person at a time use the Vox phone? Yes, the standard Vox phone comes with one cordless handset and a base station, which is also a wireless ADSL modem. This has one phone number from which you can make and receive calls.

You can order up to four additional handsets which can work in conjunction with that base station. Each one costs R 60 once off and thereafter R 29 per month With these extra handsets, you can make 2 calls simultaneously via the one base station and number.

You can also transfer calls between users amongst the handsets. What if I have more users? There is a Vox PABX which can accommodate more users and is available for either 5 or 8 users. Ask us for more info. Will I ever need to use Telkom's network for voice calls?

Probably not as Vox is cheaper then Telkom on all outgoing calls. Is it more expensive for my customers to call me on a Vox number?

Number - UK Numbers to buy online

An inbound connecting call costs 65c on Vox and the same amount on Telkom's service. So not when compared to a national Telkom number. Having a national number gives you credibility in the marketplace and projects a large company image, which instils confidence in your customers! Now you can also project the same image with a national number from Vox, except the rental is cheaper and you get paid for receiving calls! It's certainly a lot cheaper than trying to get your customers to call you on a cellphone!

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