Forex factory supertrend

Forex factory supertrend

Posted: Teo Date: 11.06.2017

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Here are the xSuperTrend Indicators updated for Metatrader MT4 build Please note that there are various different indicators called supertrend. These ones use the following formula found somewhere on the internets:. It is a simple indictor that toggles levels when one of the calculated levels are breached by a closed candle.

The xSuperTrend indicator draws a level line on the chart. The xSuperTrend Candles indicator paints the candles the same color as the supertrend line.

Forex factory supertrend - Nzd usd exchange rate graph

The xSuperTrend Tape indicator draws a tape chart of the supertrend state in a sub-window. Would you combine it with the alert from v1.

xSuperTrend Indicators for Metatrader MT4 build : Xaphods Hangout

Run into some problems while converting the MTF indicators. Will get round to it again sometime. In the mean time the old indicators still work if you use the executables ex4.

Please tell me what indicator is on the bottom window please any idea? Xaphods Hangout Metatrader MT4 Tool and Tips.

The best, finally works!!

forex factory supertrend

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