Forex limit order stop order

Forex limit order stop order

Posted: rolik Date: 31.05.2017

Trade the most active hours — London and New York. SAR defines whether we go short or long. We will take only one type of trades according with SAR signals.

forex limit order stop order

Whichever SAR gives earlier signal — we take it. We do not want to know what is going on 15 min, hourly or even more so daily chart.

Once profit target has been hit — look for the best that current price can offer and open three equal orders.

Stop loss for all orders is pips without spreadprofits will be taken next way:. Also you may not wait till certain number of dots and just close second order where you fill it is a good gain to secure. We close 3rd order only with the first SAR dot any of 2 SARs appearing on the opposite side signaling of a reversal.

Or if you feel it is enough for you — do not hesitate and close it earlier! We trade both currency pairs at once. In total we run 6 open orders maximum. It helps to anticipate good or bad signs watching two pairs at once.

You may always wait for 2 SARs to be in agreement before entering any trade, but then sometimes you will miss most of the price move. Stop loss will remain pips. Once hit 5 pips and we are on the same candle price bar set limit order on the same candle half way from the current price this is not to be calculated, just approximately, also you may check previous candle extremes and set order accordingly.

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If it does not retrace — we will not worry as we have our two other orders gaining profits for us. Reposition your limit order with each new candle. If conditions are not met — sit and wait Enter on the close of the current candle after the sharp or rounding turn is spotted. If one currency pair is showing change in trend — e.

So the other reverse signal is on its way to appear. Once again the safest mode is: If two SARs are in disagreement — stay out. Once both are telling the same thing — get in. Sorry, I have no idea how to do that. May be it would make sense to ask people on some forums dedicated to MT4 about that. Do we open the trade on the first dot when dots change forex limit order stop order or at any time when the conditions are met. But sometimes we might have a buy signal but the trend might be ending.

What do we do in such situations?

We always start with one trial order opened when either SAR dot for the first making cashew butter with nutribullet changes its position. Also we will reset the order later after we hit 5 pips profit - conditions for that could be various 8 SMA touch or pullback on the same candleas described in the rules above I realize that current scalping system is a bit heavy in rules, but once tested and understood, it forex limit order stop order resonably simple.

When we had a buy signal means we placed 1 trial order and the trend ended daily forex analysis forecasts after. That's going to be our loser. Then we will not enter until both SARs agree on the trend.

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The best chance to eliminate most of such situations is to trade only during active London and NY sessions, or even only when they are overlapped. And you can drag and drop this indicator to your MACD from your "custom indicators" in MT navigator area.

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Who's online There are currently 17 users online. Submitted by Edward Revy on April 22, - Be prepared to watch the price constantly. Monitoring the price is not an easy job. Stop loss for all orders is pips without spreadprofits will be taken next way: Sorry, I have no idea how to. Please post some image. Edward Do we open the trade. Edward Do we open the trade on the first dot when dots change position or at any time when the conditions are met.

Thank you for your.

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Thank you for your questions. Hi Edward, I made custom. Hi Edward, I made custom Parabolic SAR for anyone who use MetaTrader base on this strategy.

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