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Download this video for viewing in HD on your smartphone or computer. Click Here to Download High-Quality HD video to your Smartphone or Computer. This video was brought to you by AndroidRoot. Click Here to See at AndroidRoot. This guide works for all Jelly Bean Android 4. For Verizon Galaxy Note 3 SM-NA root method, see How to Root Verizon Galaxy Note 3! Download appropriate CWM or TWRP recovery for your Note 3 Make sure you download the CORRECT version for your Note 3 model!!!

Hey are you able to use wifi trevE mod? I can not get mine to connect please anyone can help help me! Using Windows XP, I follow instructions. Get the PASS on ODIN install, reboots then install SuperSU zip turn off, then when I try to go into recovery it goes back to WARNING screen, no recovery. Reflash recovery using ODIN, then pull battery as soon as your phone starts rebooting. Put the battery back in and do the buttons to get into CWM right away, CWM will ask you to fix it when you reboot and you should be good to go.

I have tried to do the pull the battery thing, but it still goes straight to odin mode instead of going to CWM. I have the tmobile note 3 sm-nt. I figured it out! Anyone else with this trouble try downloading the TWRP recovery file instead of the CWM. Ok, now i have a new issue. I installed the supersu zip using the TWRP recovery, but the supersu app DOES NOT WORK. Tried downloading CWM many times and using Odin for my T-Mobile Note 3 but nothing would work.

I noticed that the file name is different from the T-Mobile model number. I think that is the wrong file for the Note 3. I searched up where to download the file and finally got it to work. You should change that file. BTW thanks for these easy steps for root.

I installed the supersu zip using the TWRP recovery to which it state it was successful, but when I restart the phone supersu app is not on the phone…. Once I re installed the correct CWM with Odin I was able to boot into CWM recovery and install the Super SU zip. Thanks a lot, Max!!!

Tried the battery thing and voila, CWM!!!! I have tried the battery trick but still doesnt allow me to enter in recovery mode and the phone just restarts! No, if you have older Android version, you can use this: I rooted my phone last October using your instructions. How can i upgrade my note 3 to 4. Remember,,you will not be able to get Samsung updates ever again,,well until some smart people figure a way around it that is.

Max, again you rock!! I want to root badly, but for some reason I FAIL every time, following steps. Turned if off, then got a PASS. Now when trying to trying to access CWM I get this error message again custom binary blocked by Reactivation lock.

Any help would be appreciated. Also if someone has some spare time can somebody explain what is a locked bootloader?

Any ETA on A root for ATT? Hey It went well and fast, on nt just my touch wiz will randomly stop working and often, any idea why?? One of the plan doesnt included hotspot. Wanna find other way to get around for free hot spot tether. I tried installing a ROM and now I need to revert back to stock again. When I try the backup it says, MD5 mismatch. How soon will UN-root be up? When I flash the CWM Recovery on Odin it tells me it failed.

If I rooted the Note 3. Yep official OTAs are now defunct if you root, but the stock ODIN ROM is on xda. Stock, unrooted, and then you should be able to get OTA updates. Then you can do this again to re-root if you want. I pulled off the back and behind the battery it show my Sprint Note 3 as SM-NP not S. Petition is UP on CHANGE. Who are the first people someone asks when considering a new phone, and upgrade, or a change of carriers?

Please join this campaign: Go to these sites, and blitz the wall with this line: Unlock OUR Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Bootloader! I had to try several combinations to figure out what was showed. The colours dont benefits reading…. Any root for that yet? I looked on the back of my Sprint Note 3 it says SM-NP.

Will This process work for the phone? I dont know bouth you guys. But y in hell name you would want to root your Note 3 now?

First of all, XDA has still yet to come out with an Unroot working CWM system yet. And without an unroot yet, You are most probably going to have a problem.

For me, I will just wait till Max has every thing stable with CWM and other stuff. I rooted for one reason. I tried to live with the ads for a day, but man I forgot how annoying they are. I was able to get the CWM working on my SM-NP. I used that process in the video but unchecked the re-boot box, and after it passed I unplugged it pulled that battery. I did get a message about something being locked. Why did you go against the instructions?

Try it again step by step. To get root you need to flash the SU zip. The ODIN step only installs the recovery. Actually if you can get to recovery just flash the SU zip. You should be fine. The locked message is for something else.

Followed instructions for Sprint version. Everything seemed to work. Successfully flashed SuperSu, but phone keeps force stopping it. CWM seems to have an issue also. I am using a Sprint P. When I try to install the superuser. I had the same problem. Find the super user file using a file explorer. The apk is in the file. Simply install the apk file and problem is fixed.

Didnt work on mine. Not getting the same menu either. I get a short loading prompt then says fail then takes me the menu to load from External SD — Try loading SU zip file and fails. Says error about verifying signature or something then just fails.

Tried loading just the. APK as others have stated and I get error of no SU binary loaded. Max, I have a Android system recovery No Command on my sprint phone. I cannot get passes step Ok, I got SuperSu to flash in CWM, by following the advice above, and check off auto reboot in Odin, pulling battery, and then getting into CWM.

SuperSU installed, but it force closes everytime I power on my phone. Any idea why this keeps crashing? Anyone have an older version of SuperSu that they have tried with sucess?

I tried installing the. There is no SU binary installed, and superuser cannot install it, This is a problem! If you just upgraded to Android 4. Work perfectly on my N Installed XPosed and tried adding some module for it.

I get the prevention information pop-up too. I get it when I try to change fonts with an app since the fonts I want to use wont work with the default font switcher under settings, but they still change. I just bought the new Note 3 and really want to have root access. Everthing seem to have flash correctly but after reboot I do not have root.

Flashed using twrp on tmobile nt. I wonder if can use stock ROM from N with european languges into N? Can anyone help meplease? Dear sir I have problem in rooting I tried all the steps my phone note 3 international when I put the orginal USB cable and kies is close I start the Odin 1. I need to know how to get wifi tether to work, thats the main reason why I root, can someone help please? Hello, and thanks for your GOOD tutorial before of all.

Hello Any body have information about root call blocker I install it and it is not working Or any app like iblacklist for iPhone.

I also have the same problem it looks like it wont boot into cmw instead it goes into stock recovery. Any help will be great Max. Ok i found the solution in fact Max had mentioned before. I am using Rogers in Canada please check up for my problem thanks P.

I also downloaded the app SUPERSU from Market, but it was not working also I got the app that tells me rooting phone or not, and my phone is not rooted. Please continue developing the rooting for this device.

With all due appreciation and respect for de la vega and XDA devel. I really need a simple rooting procedure for the Mac that will not delete or change any data, settings, or apps. I have great admiration for all the folks who create these work throughs. They make life so much more productive and give hope to the masses. Thanks for the fantastic jobs and I hope to see a clean and simple procedure for the NA with Mac any day now!

Followed this method and worked great. It maybe safe to delete an application obtained from an unauthorized route. Checked rom md5 file, wiped everything several times, fixed permissions. Rooting the Note 3 works fine but now I have a problem ti encrypt my device…. Just tried this, and reset… now it says unfortunately super su has stopped… WTF?!

Phone works, but I wanted to root it… Anything I can do? Thanks for the help! I also used this method root and it work. But everytime I go into recovery it tells me I have to fix root. Has anybody else had this happen to them? Also tried both rootkeepers in the market and on neither can I back up my root. Also voodoo rootkeeper says it is not compatible with 4. It may not do anything, but more likely than not it will break root at the least.

That fix root message is actually for 4. Having issues with Superuser binary update it gives me an error when updating automatically and when I try to manually fix it fails to update. Will re rooting my tmobile note 3 fix this issue? If so how do I re root using the 3. Install again by finding the original zip file for supersu — if you click on it, click on common folder, and the apk is inside.

Hello all, I just acquired a note 3 with O2 in the UK and I wanted to know if this rooting method would work on that phone SN-M Not sure how to fix this, but I would really like to remove the bloatware pre-installed by my carrier Rogers. You failed root on your Rogers Note3? Love the guide, worked perfectly on my sprint galaxy note 3. Is that true, and if do you know any settings that would get it to work?

Just made it with CF Auto Root but unfortunately my target was to get the phone unlocked with your tip of Region Unlock but it did not work. I was able to flash TWRP but SUPERSU did not install right, get error message SUPERSU has stopped when I try to open.

I have a rooted Note 3 and I am regretting the root because I could not get ANY ROMs to flash correctly, there are only a few available at the moment. Hi Max, Everything works fine for my Note 3. Got CWM recovery via Odin 3. Anyways, I now flashed to the X-Note 2. Also had louder volume fix as I like tighter and louder. If anyone deletes their OS there is a stock image for Tmobile Note 3 as well as stock firmware for many other builds, just have to register an account. I wish I had seen the Knox info earlier before I ran the root.


I wanted to have Knox available. Might be good to mention this in the beginning of the root post. No fix, must be replaced. I just tried rooting my sprint note 3. After I installed superuser, I restart my phone and it says unfortunately superuser has stopped working.

Also when i tried doing rootchecker it says system is too slow IDK why. And titanium backup also just sits there loading slow. Recently, I accidentally wiped all the data off of my phone with TWRP. I was freaking out but was able to flash the stock Tmobile factory image back on my phone. Doing this wiped the recovery and root from the phone, as far as I can tell my flash counter is back on zero.

I believe I was able to unintentionally knock the flash counter back to zero. Hi Max I tried rooting my Note 3 SM N Im face with a problem. All when well when flashing CWM. Pass but when i try to reboot into CWM. But when i check my note, its says its modified. But CWM not working. So, dose any want got a solution for this? My phone is still working fine. So I tried to rooted my Sprint Note 3 and everything seemed to have gone through good…but superuser keeps crashing.

A message pops up that says something about preventive measure were taken to block the app from working…any suggestions on what I should do now? Robert, Im using an sm n 4g lte. I flash the cem recovery via odin and all when well, had the Pass sign. But there is no cwm in my note. But it states that my note 3 is Modified. Since i cant get recovery, how do i get it back to stock mode.

Your help is much appreciated. So do the recovery by pressing the 3 buttons. It will just showBoot Recovery. There is no cwm showing. If I use TWRP, ware to i down the file for it?? There is noon at the list for SM N I dont get it. MaxI saw in your vd, you were using the SM N LTE 4G model which is what Im having. I gues it would work on mine fine too, but i guess wrong. For the first time I dont no what to do now…hahaha. My note is still working ok. Any one out there got a solution in solving this?

Im using SM N LTE 4G model. Din have any problems with my Note2 haha. Much appreciate any suggestion. Ware did u post it.

how to win in binary option xposed review robot 1

Is the same with the one on Max Web site. Hi Max There is up date version ncwm-recovery Dear All After having some moments. I have manage to ROOT my Note3 SM N Like after flashing there is NO CWM recovery.

But my note was MODIFIED. Im sure U will be going crazy right!! Just follow this steps and you should get cwm working. Thank you Mr Robert for sharing your way. Thank you Max, I farking did it. And you are good to go. Hope this helps you guys…Make sure. Hi Jude Not sure what u mean …It should not hang at Odin no mater how many times you flash. Unlessu are missing sumsung drivers. Fyi, for me I din have problem of hanging. But there is a good app call, Viper4 Android FX. This will get your note 3 sounding like a master blaster.

Some of the screens on the back half of your directions were a little different. I finally remembered to take a pic after the first different screen.

Did we lose the debugging button in a recent update to android? I cannot open the ODIN, no matter on my notebook or desktop.

I have downloaded 2 odin files. Whenever I try to open the odin files, the odin page flashes for 1 second and closes automatically.

Therefore, I cannot continue the rooting vanguard emerging market equity etf. I was getting extremely frustrated by this as well!

Mine is China SM-N and I can now open the odin but I have tried a few times but the recovery is still fail. Off load odin file and down load again. See what u have miss. I when true max vd more than 10 times before flashing. My first flash, all when well had the Pass on odin but no root. My note was modified. I was wondering the fark going now. I follow one guys way. I off auto reboot on odin.

Pull USB cable out. Than put back the betery. Thanks Matt, It work after uncheck auto reboot, Start and after pass, Pull out batteryInsert battery and run recovery. I just get a red box with failed and my phone shows SECURE CHECK FAILED: Go To 1 Settings 2 General 3 Security 4 Device administrator over hereUnchecked all. Also Unchecked Reactivation lock.

I din face this problem. But you can try this. Wipe data and reset again. Which means, You WIll lose all data and you are starting all over again. When I do step 10 I am not binary options trading on the real strategies youtube to the correct recovery screen. It is showing me one that does not have install ZIP as a option.

I have used ODIN multiple times and tried TWRP and CWM both say pass but again step 10 is not getting me to the right screen…. All I wanted to do was get tethering working like on my old HTC.

I bought Easytether and Online currency trading 0a and nether work on the Note 3, that I could tell anyway.

So rooting seemed like the only option. Dont know if this will help. I had successfully rooted my TMobile Note 3, but I could not flash the Jedi Elite ROM, I forget the error message. I was determined to get it installed since I enjoyed Jedi Master on the Note 2.

I went through the process of rooting my phone again; I was having problems with apps freezing and being forced closed.

Now my phone boots in to the downloading screen. It says that it cannot boot now, something like that. I get past that by rooting with Odin again and pulling the battery upon booting, but any time I turn off my phone for anything or try to go into recovery it goes back to the downloading screen.

It is so frustrating that I want to go back to the original stock rom before rooting and be done with it. Can anyone help me? Hi Max, by rooting I will have to install any future updates manually right?

As Samsung will not send updates to rooted phones, correct? Is there anybody who has successfully rooted their Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Sprint SM-NP? This because ur rooting failed. Reflash and as soon as it starts rebooting pull ur battery out. Put the battery back in and go directly to recovery boot this shuld work. Does anyone know the cause of this?

송동명의 풍선아트학원

I tried reinstalling how to win in binary option xposed review robot 1 odin but nothing. I can just get into twrp. Yes, get the stock image from Sammobile, you will need to register to download the file. Sa institute of stockbrokers sure exactly what the problem is but this will solve the problem.

More info would help but this method will solve most problems when a mistake is made rooting the phone. Download the zip, inside will be an md5 file, flash that file via Odin same way you flashed TWRP.

Would anyone know if there will be a possible way now or in the future to reset the knox counter? I rooted my galaxy note 3 successfully but didnt really bother reading about the whole knox counter. There is no solution to this problem at this time, it seems there is a hardware issue when rooting the usual method and something called an efuse is triggered. Chain fire is working on a solution but there are no promises being made. Anyone have any thoughts?

User CBUC2 had the perfect advice for this!! If anyone has this same problem. I now have root!!!! I use it on all of my devices, I would recommend you do the same and make sure you download the correct version. I have provided a link somewhere on this site. I rooted my note 3 international version SM-N as per your guiding steps but I still cant root my note after I have tried many attempts.

Many thanks in advanced. You have to reflash cwm and as it reboots pull the battery out. Put the battery back in and go directly to cwm. Now it will work. Thanks you so much for your concern and given me your kind advice.


Hey guy i have Galaxy Note 3 SMK trying to get it to work with Verizon Network but after rooting when i inserted sim i got Failed to Register to Network could some help please.

Tried your method but having issue with installing the recovery. SM-NP, custom, custom, 0x0,0x0.

How to Root Galaxy Note 3! |

Used your method on my last 2 phones. Never mind Max used the CF Auto Root instead. I Forex trendy forum that it triggers the Knox counter but wtf.

Still dont have custom recovery installed tho. Am I doing something wrong? Root checker says Im rooted. Am I supposed to install a custom recovery after this root method CF Auto Root.

I did everything as shown in the video. The flash worked fine with odin, but when doing the home power volume up thing, i can see a dead droid on its back and i cant choose la chanson money maker install zip thing… what did i do wrong?

how to win in binary option xposed review robot 1

Hi well now, after the att update to the gn3, is there a way to root it, since dela vega doent work anymore. Will appreciate ur help. I have Nordic SM-N PDA: Then, at step 7. You remove battery and reinstall it. Then you go into Recovery mode and install Super SU from recovery.

Also when finally booted. Download Super SU app from Playstore the one with the kinda Superman logo and run it. You should look into kingo root method how to trading soybean meal futures android. Very easy and it works. Took away my root and put me on the latest update.

But i dont get in this menu the point Install ZIP, this not come. I had copy the SuperSU file into intern memory, i can see it if i check the internal memory. May gtcm forex trading ask, once rooted can i still update android and still be rooted or do i need to reroot it?

I have SM-N and I downloaded ncwm-recovery Please help and thanks much in advance! There was no install options. I installed CWM through ODIN and everything works fine.

The menu for CWM is weird as it only shows me one row of buttons at the menu. I would like to know when you will come out with the version of rooting for a Mac. Or if I need to do something specific with this process in order to obtain root. For whatever reason, this method no longer works on the SM-N After flashing the CWM recovery, it simply boots back into the stock android recovery, as if nothing was flashed at all.

CWM or TWRP recovery for my Note 3 is not working help me im stuck in odin mode and it will not do anything when im in odin it says fail and i dont know why help me out. I tried several times to root my note 3 and it states it failed process I USB debugging is checked as well. Worked like a charm on my SM-N in England. Thank you very much for clear and precise instructions.

This was my first time rooting and it worked first time and I believe its all down to your step by step instructions and including all download links needed. Anyone have any suggestions?

The root that I used for my Galaxy Note 3 on Verizon with Kit Kat 4. Have tried everything suggested here but after flashing,goes to recovery booting screen and freezes. If you have 4. Try flashing this latest version of SuperSU: WHY DONT U GUYS USE FRAMAROOTITS SO SIMPLE AND U DONT NEED A PC JUST INSTALLL SEARCH IN GOOGLE FOR DOwNLOAD LINK NEWEST VERSION ONE CLICK.

I Googled Framaroot for Note3 with no luck. Would you be able to point is in a little better direction? I have had zero luck rooting a Verizon Galaxy Note 3 SM-Nv on Android 4.

Almost bricked the phone a couple of times. Odin keeps giving fails and Kingo just takes forever to download the drivers.

how to win in binary option xposed review robot 1

The device is seen on the USB connection, but it either fails or stalls. Just to fyi my experience on installing CWM and rooting my Australian SM-N standard Telstra and Samsung bloatware ROM on a Mac. Going through all the instructions listed above did not work — Forex trading seminar philippines 2014 always booted into Android Recovery mode.

To get it to work, I had to …. Will this trip the knox flag to 0x1 on the SM-N? Is there a way to reset to 0x0 yet? Is there any root method I can use without flagging the knox and still use custom roms? I just got Kit Kat for my Verizon Galaxy Note 3 SM-NV today. Just wondering if there were any updates on being able to root the Verizon Galaxy Note 3 SM-NV now. Hey i was just wondering if this will work on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N00W8… And when is the mac tutorial coming out because i am really desperate to root my note.

Hi there, I wonder if you can help me. I have an UK based SM-N running 4. I followed the instructions to the letter, however the moment I attempt to reconnect my phone to the USB lead, the phone does not get recognised in how to win in binary option xposed review robot 1 computer. The phone is not in debugging mode and it can be seen by Odin. I have tried the process on multiple computers all to no avail.

Can you help please? I am at a bit of a loss… I used Kingo Root to auto root my device. I installed Kies 3 a few days ago and it prompted me to update the firmware. This updated me to Kitkat 4. Turns out the key feature to disable for 4. Sprint Note 3 with Kitkat Did everything as instructed and everything appeared to work fine.

Nothing triggers SU and it should i buy boi shares not in the apps section. Root checker and wifi tether just hang and do not start SU. Max, is this rooting method still viable? I just see lots of complaints of this not working in the comments, are peeps just doing it wrong?

Hi i followed all your steps successfully but i dont have cwm recovery, i still have android system recovery even though odin showed it had passed. Well u how to make money from stock dividends to pull the battery after flashing cwm then put battery in straight to cwm otherwise the stock rom is overwriting ur cwm u just flashed. Hey MaxI was having problems with both TWRP and CWM recovery after upgrading my T-Mobile NT to Android 4.

I finally got around to using entering the disable Knox terminal command you have up there and then flashing Philz Touch 6. Yes you need update your recovery for KitKat ROMs, next time take a look here: After root I downloaded nova launcher and my youtube has stopped working except on WiFi Netflix works I heart radio works youtube will load play and refresh Any ideas how to fix it.

Hi dude does this method trip the Knox Counter??? Please let me know asap Galaxy Note 3 N Android 4. Does this work with SM-NL?? I read somewhere L works same with SM-NS?? How to forex trading works are both korean version…. Well try Towelroot, I have instructions here for S4 but it works for many other Android devices.

Please kindly post a link for instructions or just tell me to open my eyes! This all doesnt work when the reactivation lock is on! It would be awesome if you could write this in your description up there to save others the time and nerves to figure that out. Is that the problem?

On some Note 3 models, there is a script that overwrites the recovery you flashed. Put the battery back in and boot straight into CWM recovery, then when you reboot in CWM recovery, it will ask you to disable recovery script. Do that and you should be good to go. I Towelrooted my Sprint 4. I tried this step but I dont get the option to disable recovery script. I get on to CWM recovery though, but when i Install the zip for SuperSU it says done but SuperSU is not installed. Titanium backup gets stuck at getting root permission I used RootChecker as well which says the device was not rooted properly.

I have ran in to some troubles with my SM-N though. Root access IS correctly configured for this file! Executing this file can grant root access! Try reflashing this SuperSU zip in recovery, this will give you root again for sure: I had rooted my phone using your way but i think i fail it.

Hi, Can you teach us to root Galaxy Note 3 Neo? I tried like this: I almost bricked my phone. I managed to bring my phone back to live by installing TWRP: Also, is there any custom rom for Note 3 Neo? Sprint Note 3 …and Question: Up until this date Oct has anyone figured out how to root and not trip the KNOX, or how to set it back? I have a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3, model SM-NT version 4. I am reading through your notes and I have no clue as to what to download before doing this.

Furthermore, will rooting allow me to still use my settings as I do now? Will I still have all the info. I have on the phone now after rooting? And is there another way I can recover my deleted files without rooting the phone? I am not very savy about these things and all I want is to retrieve my photos and videos back.

Please please, please HELP. Max, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! And, I was still able to install CWM when I thought I would be unable to because of that crack-assed Knox!!!! You are the man!!!!! Will this method work for the newly updated firmware NTUVUENK3?

More info on the firmware here http: I own samsung galaxy note 3 16 gb hong kong version i have learnt that this version is different from the 32 gb version from other countries in many aspects due to the different pit file what are the precautions i have to take while flashing a custom rom are all 32gb n custom roms compatible with this version are all custom roms compatible with this gn3 version 16gb hongkong firmware how about going back to stock android from any custom rom is it possible to go back on 4.

During my attempt, This block was white with no words. The status bar on my note 3 Sprint P has not moved in 30 mins. Works fine up till step 8, the phone reboots then goes to a screen not in the instructions with the following on the top part of the screen:. Root Access is missing. Not knowing what to do I rebooted and the phone did a normal start up. Hey guys i tried to root my Note 3 SMV 4. I root my Note 3 Model SM-N because I need to use DiskDigger to recover the photo album which I accidentally deleted.

I manage to recover some, not all but my laptop Wins 8. If not, is there any way to unroot? Can you make a new guide for rooting a Note 3 SM-N with Lollipop? Hi, I was checking your webpage for rooting a galaxy note3. As stated within your instructions, these models must use safestrap.

The issue with this process is that safestrap requires root access in order to install the root. Hello I am from India I have note 3 which is already running stock 5.

Would this rooting process work on my phone? I have a Note 3 SM-NA, same Baseband as you, running 4. Only solution I have found is intense and seems to involve reverting to 4. Charity, the links are clearly posted. Read entire artical before rooting and he said in the comments that this rot method does not mess with the setting or memory.

Max, excellent steps and it worked cool. Mine is Galaxy Note 3 SM-N running 4. To be frank, was not very comfortable rooting my phone. Took the plunge and it is great. I am waiting on it myself and check on updates every night. Trying to root the Canadian SM-NW8 with Lollipop on it. Using windows 7 and following all steps. During step 7, with Odin, when I hit start, the firmware updates starts, and at the cache step, it causes my PC to freeze. Any idea what may be causing this?

I did this on my Note 3 SM 5. I get thit error when i open Super Su: This is a problem! If you just upgraded to Android 5. When I download the recovery image for 4. The two files are slightly different sizes, not to mention the different apparent version numbers. Where did the tar on this site originate? I have the SMT for Tmobile.

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I tried rooting the first step and it did not load to the CWM screen. Then I followed the second step by removing the battery before it reboots and it still didnt work. Anybody have any steps to get this working??? I did the CWM root to my Sprint SM-NP Note 3, the root went fine, when I put the battery back in and rebooted I had a no sim card message. Would someone ease give me a working method for rooting note 3 att on android5.

I have note3 using Lollipop 5. Which file should i use for this note 3. Thank you so much. Hey man, great tutorial, thanks for your effort. I just tried rooting to fix the evils the Lollipop upgrade braught me. I would appreciate ANY help. Get PIT for mapping. Complete Write operation failed. Did you Turn OFF the Reactivation Lock in Settings — Security on your device — BEFORE you tried to Root? I had the same problem and turn-OFF the reactivation lock. Then tried it again.

On your guide you present both TWRP and CWM as viable recovery options yet only show CWM. I installed TWRP then couldnt find an option for flashing the SuperSU binary. I then went back and used CWM instead through Odin as per instructionsthen installed SuperSU which led to a temp bootloop. At the moment the screen is OK but google services are lost and SuperSU says I need root. I tried several different methods including some that were very similiar but always get the fail with odin during the pda transfer.

I have seen videos on you tube and still fail with mine. I have tried towelroot,kingroot,kingoroot. All say not supported…. Note 3 SM N — Lolli 5. There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. Hello I am trying to root my Note 3 but I receive this message in each try and also with multiple CWP or TWRP files.

The same message every time. I have switzerland swisscom bootloader. NO ROOT for my note 3: Lately i tried to change firmware downloaded by sammobile and while doing so i got an error message on screen: Upgrading encountered in issue connect to kies. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N, Android 5. NZCUGOE3, China WCDMA model. But first of all I must root my phone. Can you help me? I need them anyway? Da dies aber nicht Thema dieses Tutorials ist verweise ich euch auf die Seite von GalaxyNote3Root.

The steps below should work for all variants of the Galaxy Note 3 that come with an unlocked bootloa… you are downloading the correct version, otherwise you will end up bricking your handset. Your email address will not be published. Sign up to our Weekly Newsletter! Learn How To Root Galaxy Note 3!

Galaxy Note 3 Root How to Root Galaxy Note 3! 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