Make fast money in elite dangerous

Make fast money in elite dangerous

Posted: Ezeg Date: 11.07.2017

Read the subreddit's rules before posting. The Absolute Best Way of Making Money 2. THIS METHOD IS NOW DATED AND WILL WORK BUT TO LESS SUCCESS AND THERE IS A NEW METHOD TEN TIMES BETTER AND MORE EFFICIENT WHICH NETS YOU IMPERIAL RANK TOO AND IS FAR EASIER TO PERFORM. PLEASE SEE THIS POST FOR THE NEW AND UPDATED GUIDE THANK YOU. Before I do begin, bear in mind that this can't be done in a Sidewinder, Hauler or Adder. You're going to need a Cobra MkIII at the very least.

You're going to need patience and a few hours of time on your hands. You're going to need to need a specific set of systems which I'll explain HOW you can find them, WHERE you can find them and WHAT to do with them. All important parts will be in bold for the skim readers. First of all, find a multi-role ship. Not a cargo hauler, it can be done but the best possible type of ship is a multi-role ship.

There are some amazing multi-role ships which will get the job done well here. Imperial Clipper is a good ship, Asp Explorer is also good, Cobra MkIII is the best starter ship for those that don't have the credits. The absolute best ship for this is a Python.

If you can already afford a Python then you will want to bring one, and when you can upgrade to one. Bring a Fuel Scoop on a smaller slot no more than size 4 , a Shield Generator on another small slot no more than size 3 and everything else should be fitted to an Economy Class Cabin at the right size for its slot. Find a station s that can get you this. Finally, bring a 2E cargo rack and if you have a ship with good internal space a docking computer could speed your time up a bit when you start grinding.

Look towards the edges of inhabited space where systems that are inhabited grow scarce and unexplored regions begin to grow.

make fast money in elite dangerous

Find two systems with no more than your jump range with your current load-out apart and also make sure that they are surrounded by uninhabited systems and the nearest inhabited systems are further away than your two. It is imperative that your chosen two systems both have a Coriolis or Orbis station.

For Horizons users, they need to have a Coriolis, Orbis or land-able city on a planet. Systems to try are the old systems. Aditi can be done, Sothis and Ceos will work well but the very best systems are HIP and Wu Guinagi. They are notorious for being the best place to get Imperial ranks quickly and now they have another talent.

Check the area around your chosen systems for Brown Dwarves, White Dwarves and Neutron Stars. These stars are incredibly dangerous, white dwarves and neutron stars are not fuel-scoopable and can kill very quickly with their misleading size while brown dwarves are not only incredibly ugly but misleading with their immense heat and the inability to fuel scoop them.

Head to your chosen systems which should be or more LY from Sol. Once there, check the passenger lounge. Do the factions there have missions that take you to a nearby system which should be your other system transporting refugees, aid workers, tourists and POWs on economy class for decent profit?

If not, find another place. If so go to the missions board and take a few missions to start boosting your reputation with factions to unlock these missions. Now this is when the economy class cabins come into use. Check the passenger lounge. If you've done everything right you should now be seeing missions that are around 'Transport X people to your other system for lots of credits'.

The same rules apply as the Sothis runs did. Work out the profit per person of each mission. Once you've worked out the profit for each and every acceptable mission which should all be going to the same destination no more than your current jump range away, accept the high profit ones first and low-profit ones last.

They should all be to stations within the same system and the system should be your other system no more than your current jump range away, I'll say again. If not then you're doing it wrong. Now head off and go to your destination s.

Once there, turn the missions in. Some will provide engineer materials. Discard these, you can come back here and get them again doing missions when you want to grind engineers. Take passenger missions back to the other system and its station s and then when you're there repeat. The sodding interdictions are guaranteed to annoy your beyond belief. When you stack the missions the game will stack hostile ships in response.

I counted 6 hostile ships on one stack of 7 missions. If you see a message telling you that the target has been located, YOU'RE THE TARGET. The game will sometimes hurl you towards the centre of stars and planets when you are interdicted which is a nuisance. If you are sent a message then go to your contacts and scroll down to the name of the NPC that said it. See what ship they're flying and if it's a ship with bad maneuverability then you might escape the interdiction, if it has good maneuverability you're probably going to be interdicted.

Throttle down and submit, when your F. Escaping interdictions DOES NOT delete the NPC and you'll never hear from them again. You might see him 5 seconds later because of the broken system. Don't get cocky, kid.

If your passengers change their destinations to one of the stations within your two systems then OK, take them there. If they re-direct you anywhere else just abandon the mission. If you don't open your inbox it won't change your destination sometimes. You can't accept more than 20 and store more than 20 at any given time. The faction states in these three routes accelerate so quickly because of intense traffic that taking a break down to do exterminate ships in a conflict zone when there's a civil war or take famine supplies in a famine is useless.

The states will end before you do anything really. There have been 1-day civil wars. Solo is the best because of griefers. Open play for wings. Considering most people will try board hopping it doesn't matter but Solo play is best for players who have found a route or use one which is home to a heavily congested area HIP and Wu Guinagi have plenty of griefers. What system are you using? I've spent ages looking at war systems but none of them seem to be giving out massacre missions.

Is their some specific way I'm meant to search for them? Most of them can be found with clever filtering of the map and the use of eddb. This one I face planted into while derping about and ran back to get my battlesnake. Civil war mostly, and filtering by faction helps for finding some that I can hopefully earn rep with. I'd like a pm too please, passenger missions make me itch for combat. I'm on xbox so I probably won't be there stealing your kills lol. I would greatly appreciate it if you could PM me the system as well.

I've been grinding passenger missions since the release of 2. Yeah I just recently started getting back into ED myself. Lmao, fighter lasts a long as "deplo If you wrote up a little how-to for finding good combat zones, I would be sooooooo happy. This is coming from a newb that got his start right before 2. Clipper, probably more around the mil range.

I've been using a dpsdozer conda build and abusing the mission bonuses to achieve that level of income. Unfortunately it seems that I was too effective at farming the missions as the civil war ended, but as to how to find them, filter map by civil war and go look.

Is this still valid after the current patch of 2. I searched different War systems and even got friends with a bonds-collection faction yet the Massacre missions turn up very very scarcely I wonder if they tuned down the mission frequency to near-nothing?

make fast money in elite dangerous

Otherwise I would love to get a hint where to get some more Massacres. My Battlesnake is eager to bite something. I wouldn't want it to turn on rats as diet, you know I second this question I've been grinding skimmer missions for about 2 weeks and I'm about to shoot myself in the canopy.

Let me ask you this - I'm trying to avoid killing skimmers at the outposts, so I'm searching for POIs. In the last few days I've noticed a dramatic decrease in actual skimmers at the POIs.

No trouble getting the missions, but the skimmers just don't show up any more. Have you noticed anything similar? Where have you been getting the missions?

I have the problem of not being able to find the missions. Theres a nice guide on the front page that has a system far better than mine. I'm using Cady Gateway in Ross 23 as my source, and hitting two planets in Warantes. UPDATE that post was deleted. So I'm trying this out right now, but I don't have a wall of relevant missions like in the video, I'm lucky to get a single mission to either of the two places every 3 session jumps, which makes this seem significantly less feasable.

I'm currently in Fehu making 30 million an hour farming planet scan missions - not the most lucrative - but it requires extremely minimal effort and has almost no RNG save the board flipping itself. I went from 30 million in total assets over hours of play to An A-rated multipurpose fit anaconda and million in the bank over the weekend.

I can flip the board and boost out to the planet in 20 minutes, taking nothing less than k per mission after grinding to allied with all the factions, about four or five runs. I bought a cobra at the station, stripped it and fitted a hangar, rebuy of 18k per run. The skimmer missions have been nerfed. The missions don't spawn anywhere close to how they used to. I see people bragging here about how much money they're making but they don't go into detail.

To get well paying missions you have to be affiliated, they don't just give out multi-million credit missions to just anyone. Most of the profit was from a bunch of missions with broken bonuses, the base pay was like k for like 4 dudes, but the bonus for killing reinforcements anything else that spawned was like k a ship. Most of it was the broken mission bonuses, Id have a mission to slaughter like 4 guys that paid out like k, and had a bonus for an extra k per additional ship, while I was filling out my frag missions for mil.

Combined with the combat voucher payouts, made for a hell of a profitable night. When the skimmer missions are available at Cochrane for the Kent and Noble bases I was making 30 million per run. Takes about 20 minutes to complete the missions. Bought myself an Anaconda and quickly found out some of the components can cost more than the ship itself. I have noticed a drastic lack of skimmer missions in the system I'm in, now. Seems to be all CZ massacres now which pay just as well but takes longer.

Must be a side effect of throwing the system into turmoil. Was afk so didn't know the system name. It's Arietis Sector CQ-Y D There was a post here about it last week. I use a Viper Mk4 with 4 sets of dumbfire missiles.

The best way is to filter the galaxy map for War and Civil War. Since the galaxy map can occasionally show wrong info, you have to confirm that the system is in fact in war by going into the system map and checking there.

Not really, I guess the station proximity is nice since that's where you'll be picking up the missions! Is there a good way to find skimmer missions or do you just hop around from system to system hoping? I had managed to get allied with the 4 imperial factions in Hip during my Cutter grind Which I luckily managed to finish a week before 2.

So I outfitted my Conda with max Economy passenger cabins and headed to Ziegel dock to get started. Moving economy passengers between Hip and Wu Guangine is simply silly. In 1 hour and 45 minutes tonight, I have made 7 round trips, and managed to get to million. I am not even Elite in trading which a lot of the better paying missions like this are locked behind , nor am I allied with EVERY faction there just 4, and cordial with the others.

Keep in mind, before FD borked regular missions in their ill-advised attempt to kill off long range hauling, this loop would offer to k data missions AND 2 to 3.

Considering they acknowledged that the regular mission payouts are currently bugged atm, I am cringing at the thought of what is gonna happen in this system when they aren't. Because when those missions are fixed, I can't even imagine what a Conda or in particular, a Cutter since one could easily stack two of those Gold or Palladium missions using the Class 8 cargo slots to maintain cargo, and all the other slots for economy passenger cabins is gonna be able to make per hour.

Imagine filling up 8 to 9 million in passenger missions, one to two high paying 2 to 3. I can totally see averaging 13 to 15 million one way out here, and am now wondering if this is why they are scared to normalize the values again. At this point, I just cannot understand how someone could say Long Range hauling was broken and not acknowledge the absurdity of the short range passenger missions that just replaced them. I mean at least the Long range hauling took a significant time commitment.

For maximum lawls, doing this with a docking computer in the 2 slot is just icing on and IN the cake. I was averaging 13 minutes a round trip tonight to make that 78 million. I left from Morgan Depot a few times with empty slots because a bunch of the factions there are in a bust. But, ifI was Allied with everyone out there and the factions in Hip weren't busting right now, I am convinced I could fill my hold sorry, cabins with basically one board refresh and cut that time down significantly.

As it stands it is about 5 minutes from the Depot to Ziegal and 6 to 7 from Ziegel to the Depot. So only being Allied with 4 factions means that it takes about three log ins and outs at Ziegel for me to grab between 6 and 8 million in passenger missions filling the rest with regular data missions for rep one way, and 5 or 6 log in's at Morgan Depot gets me about 4 to 6 million coming back, though on my best run I made 9 million one way and 8 million coming back.

That folks, no matter how you look at it, is pretty broken.

The Absolute Best Way of Making Money ( Patch) : EliteDangerous

Because of this, I am dying to see the reaction the people who hate Sothis have to this place when data and cargo mission payouts normalize. Gonna be a sight to see.

Elite: Dangerous - Easy Money in 2.2 - 30-40 Million Per hour (redux)

Nonetheless, go do this if you can guys. The payout was ridiculous, but the risk and skill required was actually somewhat proportional. That I have stories about my days as a slave runner is one of my favorite parts of Elite, and new players don't have that: I agree with this lol, Robigo was not op, it was just the higher risky thing you could do, and it had the higher reward, deserved imo.

So comes the call, 'What do you hold in your cargo? You know he's wanted. You get the scan and he has the small bounty on his head.

In a flash your hardpoints are out and his shields are torn apart. His hull is annihilated as bullet after bullet strikes him. The Cobra MkIIII spins uncontrollably with an accompanying crack and explodes. You had to do it. He's no good to you alive. Ziegel dock didn't get many missions either. Data missions giving you k as you arrived at a station and went to the missions, spamming the OK button to accept all of the missions.

Credits by the million, reputation. Ahhh, the good days of that grind. Now I'm back to make more credits. I started off in an k assets hauler and left with a 70 mil assets Asp, Baron rank in the Empire and lots of reputation and achievements.

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Now I'm back, but this time in a Python making millions shipping tourists and refugees between what were originally the two worst stations. Ziegel Dock and Morgan Depot. Even in the Cutter I earned AT Hip before the patch hit. Starting at Ziegel, take as many economy passangers missions you can ONLY going to Morgan Depot.

Once full, head out to Morgan Depot. I should take a moment to explain that the likely reasons this method works so well is that Morgan and Ziegel are the only places in this loop where a large ship can land, one is planetary, while the other isn't, and they tend to generate missions that only go to each other. When you approach Morgan's keep an eye out for messages warning you of interdictions.

Preferably you want to get this BEFORE you enter the atmosphere, because it seems to give you a greater chance of getting a "it's too dangerous here, please take is somewhere else redirect.

If you were lucky enough to take all your missions with k payouts and above, be ready to get a spam of messages asking you to return to Ziegal dock for substantially more money than the original payouts. The first time I got this to happen, I had four 4.

Combined with everyone I dropped off on that loop, that trip netted me 31 million for 16 minutes. Nonetheless, continue to circle till you get at least 3 to 5 redirects.

Finally enter Glide and begin your landing approach. This is the 2nd most likely phase to spawn redirects, so I recommend a docking computer so you can check them as they pop up. Now, Offload any mission that didn't redirect and refill those slots with passengers. When full, launch and line up with an object in the system to get you in los of the Wu system, then head back to Ziegel dock. I've tried this now over 7 runs and every time I've done this I've managed to get at least 3 very profitable redirects, with my max being 7.

Though sometimes they aren't the super lucrative optional ones, most times on this particular loop they are lucrative enough to not be a hindrance. Also of note, I've gotten two 4. On one if them I didn't even log out. I just opened the mission board to see if any mats I needed were being offered, and boom, the passengers that just boarded asked me to bring them to Ziegel Dock for 4.

So I just opened the passenger lounge and turned it in. Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who is sick of the long range passengers directing them 11k lys out. I've found this is a nice way to get those annoyances to work for you. Economy passenger missions were nerfed form yesterday to today, payout reduced roughly to 1 fifth of before. Only WU Guinagi system payouts are changed, HIP are the same Missions payout payment varies depending on game modes, can't say what is that affects them.

Just a quick post to let you know that we've made a few balancing tweaks this morning with regards to missions in the game. Many mission rewards have been increased, while passenger mission rewards are slightly decreased to create a better overall balance across the board. This balance is part of an on-going process and we will continue to make changes as required. Additionally, we've fixed an issue whereby passenger missions will now award points toward the correct Elite rank.

After 2 hours of play starting upon first arrival to Wu Guinagi after an hour first outfitting my python and getting there , taking small paying missions along with any and every passenger transport to gain reputation anywhere from 25K to K missions at Tycoon trade rank , I made a profit of only 6 million credits. After switching 10 times at different stations and in both systems i found only 1 missions that paid a million for 20ish passenger.

Looking at the rewards now i got 16 for , 4 for 60, 9 for 76 and 20 for Thats a big difference from yesterday Also found a hauling missions from van royen to ziegel to transport tons for a million, wich is quite good. EDIT - About switching: The day before I changed back from the conda to the python and stopped switching in favor of a full system stations tour, because I've noticed that switching often would get me "blacklisted", and missions and passenger lounge would be blanked hence forth, no matter how many game modes I would switch onto.

I've just had to switch game mode because unreasonably my solo mode which I was playing since I logged was leaving me dry of missions in Morgan Depot, and mission payouts seems reverted to previous state. If they give a reward as cargo as well as credits then yes it contributes to trade rank. If not, then nothing changes. I'm getting tired of skimmer stacking, might be worth trying this out if only for the change of pace.

Yeah, skimmer missions might be more profitable, but this might be the best way to grind rank. The problem is HIP and Wu Guinagi seemed to dry up on me last night. Not sure if it's a systemic thing or what, but I think there's a gold rush to that system and it's killing it. No, two factions are at war and that's killing off missions.

It will be over soon because of how many players are taking massacre missions. I've been doing this but one thing I've noticed: Presumably this is because those missions are still "active" for some reason. Hello guys, first of all thanks a lot for the tips it is very efficient: Sothis doesn't work as well: I would love to increase my rank while making money. Go to Powerplay mode on the galaxy map and look at that huge bubble that it makes.

Look to the edges of the federal powerplay factions going outside the bubble, then look a bit further away and then switch back into normal map. Look for Federation-controlled systems that have a neighbouring system not too far away and no other systems in the vicinity. It may take a while. Do not discard any of the following unless you know what they are used for and are absolutely sure you won't need any more:. These are some of the, if not the top 3, rarest materials needed in some of the best grade 5 blueprints.

You'll be angry at your past self if you will have had discarded them. Works splendidly at hip - wu guinagi. Except, dont get an imperial clipper - get an asp to be able to land in any station.

Been doing this, and I've had trouble filling up my cabins. One thing I discovered is that Solo and Open have separate mission boards, but any accepted missions will carry over. So, you can accept all the missions from Open board, then swap back to Solo and accept those missions then play them in Solo, effectively doubling your available missions. I can confirm this guide will work, I've been doing Wu Guinagi in my Python for a few days.

I'd add that you can also accept tons of data delivery missions from the Empire aligned factions at these stations to grind your rep at the same time. However, as of last night a bunch of factions were in a war state and the amount of good missions I was getting was way lower.

I was going to hit up Aditi and see what it's like over there at the moment. Oh the very reason I was at HIP and Wu Guinagi is because I remembered my Imperial rank grind from a few months back and though that this system might be good for passenger missions on economy. Only adjustment I'd make is don't be afraid of taking a Conda.

At friendly and Allied there are plenty of missions to go around and Ziegel will almost exclusively give you stuff to Morgan's. The Python is great if you wanna do all the hubs out there, but by no means does it out earn the larger ships. The only missions you can accept in a conda are to Morgan and zeigel, as they are the only two with large pads. Makes mission selection much easier. Thank you, I do think about the players without Horizons too because one saved me from losing everything when I flew my Clipper.

I should have read your guide better I just got there but since I'm non-horizon I get a feeling that its not gonna work, right? It won't work if you can't go to Morgan Depot but otherwise if you want to run missions to and from the two systems for Imperial ranks you can do it very well. For some reason that I can't fathom, I sold everything A-Rated T9 and some minor fighting ships so that I could buy an A-Rated Orca.

I guess that passenger missions looked appealing and in a moment of weakness, bit the proverbial Saud Kruger bullet. Now, I don't WANT to fly out to the edge of the bubble. In fact, I spent a lot of time in the T9 grinding a lucrative slave trade between two systems that were less than 10ly apart. Can anyone give me a reason why I should fly out to BFE for the "awesome economy missions" that will probably be nerfed in no time flat?

I've got a good little circle going. Why should I give it up? If you're using the Orca, you can run Criminal masterminds with impunity. The boost speed is ridiculous with A rated thrusters. May do some engineerin' to hit that mark. I am in the centre of the bubble and have dusted off my orca when 2.

It looks like with luxury or first class cabins in systems you are allied with minor factions, you'll get mil missions with only a hand full of passengers no need for large ship but luxury cabins. Some of theses missions require you to transport business people not wanted for only 1 or 2 hops.

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You an probably do them anywhere, just use a system where you have a high rep. I'm getting 0 passenger contracts available in HIP I think that is because the factions in Morgan Depot are at civil war. I havent seen any passengers missions on that station for 2 days. I hope the civil war ends quickly so we can double our profits. I'm having the same issue, one end of the route has a couple missions but none in HIP.

How do you reload mission board? I'm a new player, and sauntered over to those systems to get some Empire rank earlier tonight. Now that I'm pals with all the local factions I want to give this a shot, but I'm currently flying a Type-6 outfitted for bulk trading with about 9M in the bank.

Should I keep the ship I have but replace the cargo bays with economy cabins, or get an Asp Explorer? Can I even afford to outfit an Asp Explorer with 9M?

I'd love a Clipper, but I've still got a long way to go for that. Edit -- How does something like this look? I grinded my Empire ranks with an ASP Explorer too.

You shouldnt have problems with that loadout. I used a similar loadout but with cargo racks I grinded empire ranks prior to Guardians release. Now I am back at Wu Guinagui making lots of money with this Clipper setup https: Next step is to upgrade that power plant and shield generator, make a few more millions to buy a Python or equip the Clipper to farm Engineers updates.

I cant bare another minute of hoping through modes refreshing the Mission board. Also shouldn't luxury Passengers be making one the most money? Fdev needs to spend a full patch on balancing. Gives you more time to charge the FSD and will reduce repair bills.

I'm already allied with all factions in Wu Guinagi as I was grinding rank, I'll try that to make money AND continue to grind my rank. Sothis is now a tourist destination with its own tourist beacon, and the only passenger missions you'll find in proximity are full-cabin sightseeing missions that pay anywhere between absolutely nothing and a few thousand credits. Don't go to Sothis for passenger missions.

For Federation rank, yes, but not for passenger missions. I miss making millions for handing in a single mission. The point is I don't know if for example by doing CZ I might incur in bounties from the other faction and thus limiting my mission possibilities by having to avoid landing on their bases. I tried Skimmers mission somewhere else just to try them but I got bounties, and having them make passengers transport hazardous.

I totally don't know anything about CZ missions, reading a thread atm , do I get a bounty on my head also for those? So I tried this yesterday - and it was great! Not only did I make mil, I also ranked up to Knight, all in just one day. It's funny how I need to go into empire territory to raise the money for a Federal Gunship Has anyone tried this,failed a mission that got redirected or ignored the comms panel , and noticed that the maximum number of missions they can stack is reduced?

Its a BUG, its been reported by dozens of people at the frontiers bug sub-forum. I myself can't stack more than 17 right now, but i saw people reporting they couldn't stack more than 1 others more than 4 missions FUCK ME, just counted my transactions tab and i can't fit 17 anymore, it went down to I had cancelled a mission because i got a better one, then couldn't get it anymore.

Doubt will get a response but figured I would ask. Just came back to ED: H and was looking for some ways to make money in the new patches haven't played at all since horizons came out and wanted to know if this still worked.

So I take it this got nerfed or something? I am sitting in Ziegel Dock in Wu swapping between solo and open for about 30 minutes and have yet to see a single passenger wanting to go to HIP.

I am in a Clipper that I just ground to in these 2 systems. I do have Horizons. Ok, so even at Morgans I get no passengers wanting to be moved back and forth between HIP and Wu Guinagi. It still works, you need to visit all locations.

ZD is horrible for it. I started with 0 rep at about 4 hours into the game and am starting to get a lot more missions as my rep goes up. I fill up on the mission board as well. I'm pretty sure that's only because some of the destination changes are optional, so not opening it is the same as rejecting it.

For boosting purposes to get out of stations faster. Your shields won't go down if you just boost out of there when interdicted. Depends on your ship. Some ships are too slow to outrun attackers Like, say, a non-engineered Python versus NPC FdLs , and instead do better just tanking their fire while you jump. You're not faster than them, so why give yourself less defense and not enough speed?

I outran Vultures and Cobra MkIIIs in my Python today. If you submit there's a delay between you spawning in and when they spawn in. They spawn in a few seconds after you do and they spin a bit and only then can they attack you, by which time you'll be kilometres away. I boost on 4 ENG until they start shooting at me, then I switch full power to shields and have my FSD halfway charged. I'm currently engineering the Orca to make runs in Aditi because more large landing pads. This ship was MADE to outrun scans and interdictions!

This is my new favorite "Driving Mr Capone" criminal mastermind delivery vehicle: The thing is though, it takes no looking for these. Any station you're allied with is gonna be offering this kind of stuff. You see, the stations that tend to spawn missions between only a few locations Hip , Tun, Aditi are always gonna be found as hotspots since they are the best places to grind for the main "rep locked ships" faction anyway well non-violently , so they are already natural hotspots.

Even before passenger missions, one could already make 4 to 7 million running short range, basic, data delivery mission loops as long as they were Allied in these places. It's how I personally earned my Cutter without wasting money on donations.

But all they've done here is completely remove the profitability of one mission type, in favor of their new shiny one. Except it's even more profitable. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Submit a new link. Submit a new post. EliteDangerous subscribe unsubscribe 94, readers 1, users here now Service Status Servers: Looks like I have completely missed all the messages about repercussions following the engineering exploit. This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Economy Class Short-Distance Hauling. SHIPS First of all, find a multi-role ship. SYSTEMS - WHERE TO FIND THEM Look towards the edges of inhabited space where systems that are inhabited grow scarce and unexplored regions begin to grow.

WHAT TO DO Head to your chosen systems which should be or more LY from Sol. CREDIT MAKING Check the passenger lounge. Power 2 to systems, 4 to engines. Nothing to weapons, you shouldn't have any. MISSIONS You can't accept more than 20 and store more than 20 at any given time. Good luck commanders and please fly safely! I'll pm you the system when I get off work tonight.

Extra please i've recently returned to ED and am well out of the loop these days. Nw if not of course, ill stick to bounty hunting in my FDL its just long is all. Do you have an engi ship? You'll also grind Imperial rank without even trying, if that's a thing you're into.

Could you tell me the best way to find CZ's? When you're selecting a CZ, is there anything else you look for? Skimmer missions are pretty rare in the systems I've been to. For reference, I arrived with million in the bank.

You get told that you're going to be interdicted, the AI's given it away, You check their ship, it's nothing but a meek Cobra MkIIII. As they interdict you, you submit. Cargo holds being clogged up with modular terminals or suits. Liquor, Wine and beer being used to stop famine. So here's how to make redirects work for youm. Fly Safe Cmdrs o7. Been out of town. System states fluctuate sadly but I can still fill my hold in both places pretty quickly.

Data delivery missions were buffed, payout seems doubled. Only WU Guinagi system payouts are changed, HIP are the same Missions payout payment varies depending on game modes, can't say what is that affects them EDIT2: The day before I changed back from the conda to the python and stopped switching in favor of a full system stations tour, because I've noticed that switching often would get me "blacklisted", and missions and passenger lounge would be blanked hence forth, no matter how many game modes I would switch onto EDIT2: I've been told this is a known bug.

Discard these Do not discard any of the following unless you know what they are used for and are absolutely sure you won't need any more: Modified Embedded Firmware Cracked Industrial Firmware Exquisite Focus Crystals These are some of the, if not the top 3, rarest materials needed in some of the best grade 5 blueprints. I had this happen to me a few times. I just wondering if it's better with a Python or a Conda?

No don't ask, FDev will find out. Guess I'll go find a Compromised nav beacon to farm somewhere. Am I missing something? This appears to have been nerfed and no longer viable. Makes any decent credits? Search is your friend. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.

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