Managed forex account good results

Managed forex account good results

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HOW LONG OF A TRACK RECORD WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE? Less than 12 months 1 year to 3 years More than 3 years. WHEN WOULD YOU LIKE THE SERVICE TO START? I WOULD LIKE TO FIND A PROVIDER THAT ACCEPTS GBP USD EUR AUD. Good results mean different things to different people. At the end of the day, any managed account that you makes you money with is a good result.

The purpose of this website is to seek out managed forex accounts that generate positive returns for investors. So far, I have uncovered three accounts that to fit the bill of producing various extents of profits. The first account that is producing a tidy profit is Wealthified. This account is a one man band meaning that he manages the accounts and does all of the trading too.

You can find out his results here — Wealthified results.

As you can see, his monthly profits vary considerably. The second managed account that has a good return is Equitimax. This is a new account to the UK.

managed forex account good results

It was being traded in Australia, however, it has now been opened in the UK under FCA regulation. It is quite strict with who it accepts, but if you are in good standing, you will have no problem opening an account.

You can read much more about this account by visiting here.

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The third account that I am following, is an account that produces varying monthly returns, much like Wealthified. Because of the way they operate, it is quite difficult to check their returns over the last couple of years. I know an investor that is investing with them and his account has tripled in a matter of months.

He said that the strategy is very aggressive, so this may be for high risk profile clients. I am looking at this one because it accepts clients from the USA which in quite rare. I get many inquiries from US folk and this is the only one that I know of that they could look at. So, you may think these managed forex accounts produce good results, or not. It depends if you can handle larger drawdowns.

Generally lower returns are generated from less risky accounts. As with all alternative investments, You MUST undertake your own due diligence before investing. You can find out much more about the ins and outs of managed accounts at this page — www. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Managed Forex Accounts With Good Results. Free customised quotes from up to 4 leading Managed FX Account Providers. DATA SENT FROM PAGE. Please choose an option. GBP USD EUR AUD.

Hold on - we're finding suppliers that best match your needs. Enter phone number Enter email address. Managed Forex Accounts With Good Results Good results mean different things to different people.

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