Who makes the most money doctors or lawyers

Who makes the most money doctors or lawyers

Posted: Senya Date: 16.06.2017

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SDN is made possible through member donations , sponsorships , and our volunteers. Learn about SDN's nonprofit mission. Previous Thread Next Thread. I am premed at university in mid west. My close friend is also student in prelaw. He thinks a lawyer can make more than a plastic surgeon.

I do not really think so. I would think almost any of the surgery specialties would make a person a millionaire as a lawyer depends on if they win the case or not. I think a lawyer would make more if he gets alot of personal injury cases in volume but a plastic surgeon should outearn the lawyer.

SDN Members don't see this ad. I think if you are going into medicine for the money then you are doing it for the wrong reason MD , Mar 7, The lawyer will be out making decent money after three years. The surgeon won't be trained until 10 years including fellowship.

I think in the long run the surgeon will win though, unless the lawyer is into medical malpractice suits! If a lawyer isn't any good he won't win and won't make great money. If a plastic surgeon isn't any good, guess what, no patients.

And the above poster is right, money shouldn't be the deciding factor. Also there are many types of lawyers. FrkyBgStok , Mar 7, Lawyers are a dime a dozen these days. I've heard the big firms won't be interested unless they graduate from a top 10 law school, since law schools and lawyers are so abundant these days. I've also heard they've gotta be made partner to make the big bucks. However, things are not definite for the surgeon either.

who makes the most money doctors or lawyers

It's not that easy to land a plastics residency or fellowship. PlasticMan , Mar 7, Lawyers and surgeons aren't comparable that way.

who makes the most money doctors or lawyers

There are different types of lawyers--you are only describing trial lawyers and furthermore, those who who deal only with personal injury. There are other types of trial lawyers who can make much more than any surgeon can dream of. I think your argument is pointless. A lawyer can make more money than a surgeon. A surgeon can make more money than a lawyer. There are innumerable factors that can influence this. If you want some sort of baseline answer, go look up their average salaries somewhere.

Law2Doc , Mar 7, My mom switched from nursing to law about 8 years ago and became a medical defense lawyer you wouldn't BELIEVE what doctors can get sued for these days. Now days she really rakes it in. In fact, she makes more than most Illinois doctors but regularly turns down cases because she wants to have some life outside of her work i.

Anyway, I know a public defender who makes less than high school teachers I know, and as stated above, class action law can win you HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars. No doctor makes that kind of money!

Do doctors make more money than lawyers and accountants? : GMAT Data Sufficiency (DS)

In summary, it's very circumstantial. MedicineNutt , Mar 7, Oculus Sinistra , Mar 7, If you want money, go become a king or emperor. You'll also get wenches that way.

Maybe some other stuff, too. You'll get to poop in a bowl and have people look at it.

It sounds pretty cool. If you think about that then you would have a huge financial incentive to prolong their illness and increase their suffering and the amount of time they see you. In that case, you wouldn't interested in healing, you would be interested in keeping people barely unhealthy - healthy enough so they aren't too much of a burden on you or the facilities but not healthy enough so they never see you again.

It would suck to be a lawyer There's always an enemy and more than often your doing more harm than good I'd rather be a happy M. The doctors degree behind your name speaks for itself and you get more respect throughout any community than a lawyer does But this is just my 2-cents When people say that they want to become a doctor so they can help people, I always wonder why they don't just become a nurse or PA.

Just tell the truth people, no one will hold it against you except maybe the person interviewing you for med school You want to become a doctor so that people will look up to you, they'll call you "doctor so and so", you'll get hot women , and most of all you'll make a large sum of money every year.

Or, maybe your parents stressed that it was important to become a doctor or lawyer. There is little to nothing interesting about becoming a doctor except the aformentioned benefits, and it's a helluva lotta work. I just can't make myself believe that the majority of people become doctors in order to care for people that they've never met. I will concede that there are a few "good souls" out there that genuinely care or think they care about the sick enough to spend 12 years of their lives training to care for them, but the vast majority especially plastic surgeons are doing it for the payoff.

Most of the people I know who are on the path to becoming doctors are just doing it because it pays a lot, which leads me to infer what I've written. Maybe the rest of the world is a more pure place than my section of it, but my brain tells me no.

Mostly off topic, I know, but one of my pet peeves is caring doctors, go figure. Not bad for maybe a couple years of work.

It is too bad they kept all the money to themselves and didn't try to funnel that money into something more socially meaningful, but that is a discussion for another thread. That being said, I agree with the other posters who implied that medicine is a much more secure profession. As an MD or DO, you are nearly guaranteed a nice income, whereas in law, your ability to make a nice income is not so certain. Do you have facts to substantiate that all plastic surgeons are in it because of the money, a rather speculating comment in my opinion.

Top paying jobs in America Surgeons: UMP , Mar 7, Ya, there was a study published last year in the JAMA with around plastic surgeons surveyed. Law2Doc , Mar 8, Obviously this is a circular debate because the question has no definitive, one-sided answer: I think that the best way to decide is to look at what you want to do and WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT.

A lot of people who want to be successful ultimately decide between law and medicine ie: Similarly, being able to bs on your feet will not do you much good once you've got a trauma patient who needs a tracheotomy!

who makes the most money doctors or lawyers

The problem with law is that it is way too hard to determine how much you will get paid. Good lawyers in competitive fields.

surgeons or lawyers who makes the $$$$$ | Student Doctor Network

Even if you go through law school with high honors, if you're not the better lawyer in a courtroom, you're not going to make much money.

Law requires you to be competitive and be able to analyze better and more efficiently than the other lawyer and yes, that lawyer is your opponent. So when it comes down to it, this question itself isn't that important. A better question would be whether or not you have the skills to go into medicine or the skills to go into law. If you are a great speaker but have never opened a book in your lifetime, you will get eaten alive eventually and probably end up in a bad location in a bad field with horrible pay.

If you can convince a complete stranger that you're the king of canada btw Canada is not a monarchy in case you didn't know and you go into law, it doesn't matter where you go to law school. You will probably beat the living daylights out of any laywer and eventually you will argue the big cases and make the good money. If you are a good science student but can't communicate on topics outside of organic chemistry, then it doesn't matter where you went to school: The real debate is for the select few who are understand persuasion and peristalsis.

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