Forex price cycle indicator

Forex price cycle indicator

Posted: perevod Date: 11.06.2017

How can I incorporate price cycle, and time cycle into my trading strategy. I've been watching many videos on how to use both indicators but I'm not really quit understanding it. Maybe if I hear it from different people, someone may have a dumbed down version that I actually understand. Cycles dont exist, if your watching videos, its in the past, times are changing constantly, everything is thrown out the window at this time.

Its fly by the seat of your pants right now.. I think you need to try and be a little clearer with part of your question. What do you mean when you say "price cycle and time cycle? Alright guys, maybe I wasn't clear enough. You see, I'm using an MT4 platform with this investment company i recently signed up with, apiaryfund.

They have pretty nice teaching videos but this lesson I just didn't quit understand how to use the indicator. I took some pictures so i can try and upload them on here to show u the price cycle and time cycle how they, from what i understand work and an idea of what it is.

But, unfortunately, the damn pictures keep on failing to upload on here.

But the Time cycle basically tells u WHEN the price is going to reveres, or go up or go down based on some kind of average. Good oscillator, i can tell u that much.

And better for the ones who completely understand it. As for the Price cycle, I didn't quit understand, but it also is suppose to tell you when the price trend is going to change direction. Also good, for the ones who know how to use it, and is a leading indicator as well.

I just did it with good intention of hoping others would benefit. In the present situation, it isnt what it seems, Big bales of wool are being distributed.

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Please do the world a favor and keep that mubo jumbo off this thread. Thank you for being a good sport.

forex price cycle indicator

What i said was, Indicators are not working with the current action that the market is providing. The institutions are running the indicators because they play them and doing the opposite of where RETAIL traders, like yourself and myself, would THINK the turn would "Usually" be..

This the only cycle Identifier in the MT4 indicators I'm a where of. The one they have on your site maybe custom made for them. And sorry money for my aggressivness towards your comment. I thought you were being insulting.

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And GP, I'm starting to think that it maybe a custom thing too. The green line in the identifier is telling you that there is going to be an up move, so you would be looking to go long.

forex price cycle indicator

If the green line is light, that tells you that the signal is not strong. Red is the same way only shows you the down moves. I The tops or bottoms fade get thinner or get wide and brighter based on price action, indicating reversal for entries or exits.

I used with a Stochastic indicator which indicates over bought and over sold. I would wait for them to line up and make my entry or exit. Look at the 2 Red vertical lines.

The line up is indicating a change from a down move to an up move. So you would go long. The other Red line shows you a signal change for a down move. The key with any of these indicators is you want to use them in combination with other indicators and price action to verify the signal. In all your trades you want to trade with the trend, at the beginning of an up or down candle move, with momentum on your side and verified with support and resistance. Price cycle, and Time Cycle Beginner Questions.

I would appricate charts with the indicator being used please.

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How help was this thread? Money, the reason why I put the polls were for 2 reasons, 1 being, this was my first thread post and I wanted to see how the polls worked so I was like what the heck with it and just write anything. Also, I have no idea "Mr. Money" what the hell u were blabing out. I wasnt being a smart ass, or telling you mumbo jumbo,.

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