Horse trailer dealers in bowling green kentucky

Horse trailer dealers in bowling green kentucky

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Local Author's Work Now Available. Nancy Enzweiler AKA Nancy Jentsch has published a book of poetry that highlights the beauty and wisdom of nature. Many of the poems were inspired by the Camp Springs area. Joseph Camp Springs Summer Festival kicks off today at 4pm on the church grounds at 4 Mile Rd, Melbourne, KY Homemade chicken and roast beef dinners will be available from pm.

Carryouts are also an option. The outdoor shelter will be available for dining. LIVE music from Randy Steffen and Mike Wagner. Ducky Downs racing throughout the evening. TENDING BAR AT THE CORNER Part 2 — Only at a Local Bar. The following anecdotes will guarantee that you are in a local bar. Quite often when I arrived to open the bar at noon on a Saturday or Sunday, some patrons would be waiting either in their vehicles or leaning against the outside of the building, not that I was running late but they were early.

These were the diehard locals. Not only the early arrivers but all the locals expected me to know the brand they drank without needing to tell me and to have the drink placed on the bar before they even sat down on their designated barstool. Some were actually quite indignant when I did not remember what they drank or even worse, disturbed when they knew I was not too concerned about remembering.

At the time, in our inventory, there were only a handful of different brands to select from, not the dozens of nationwide and craft beers that are now available.

I knew these were the locals and it would require more than not knowing what they drank to prevent them from returning the next day.

Some young couples brought their babies and young children along to spend quality time together. More than once I warmed baby bottles or occupied the children when the parents were distracted. Some of the locals liked to buy their beer by the case as a carryout. Other frequent patrons had a running tab whether they drank in the bar or purchased a carryout.

It was a local bar and we could accommodate the patrons in ways that other non-local bars could not. In my next article, I will relate a few specific and memorable happenings that I will remember forever. MY FORD PICKUP Part 2. The purchase of my new old pickup was the easiest part. At that point in time, the State of Kentucky required vehicle safety inspections for all vehicles.

For the average vehicle, no big deal, but for my pickup there were concerns. First and most obvious, there were no rear fenders. Even without being a mechanic, I knew this was a problem. Simple solution, cut a metal 55 gallon drum in half lengthwise, then slice into a width wide enough to cover the tires, weld them to the truck bed, done. The engine a flathead six cylinder with three speed on the floor ran fine once it started but starting it was the issue.

The starter did not work and at the time I was not willing to spend half the cost of the purchase price of the truck on a starter. My immediate and simple solution, always park it on a downhill grade when shutting off the engine. Our slanted driveway and hilly backyard were ideal parking spots for me to coast the truck and kickstart it by popping the clutch. Next up, the vehicle inspection.

Fortunate for me, Reitman Garage in Camp Springs was a certified inspection location. I knew them and they knew me. The truck passed the inspection, however, Johnny Reitman owner was curious why I kept the engine running during the entire inspection. I shrugged my shoulders, paid the fee and left. Now MY real work began, to mark the truck as mine. The entire bed was a solid black. With little thought, I decided to paint it, not simply a different color, but to portion it out into dozens of irregular amoeba-like shapes each painted a different color.

Her younger brother he was in grade school pleaded with me to help paint on it but I hesitated thinking that he may mess up my work of art. Not until my girlfriend his sister intervened did I cave in and allow him to paint shapes in spots where they would be least noticed in case he would mess up. The painting project ended in a colorful success. The truck came with 3-pointed spinner hubcaps which I removed since I envisioned them as a pending art project.

Later, I was able to hang them on display in the lobby of the Bank of Alexandria. Years later, I dismantled them and gave the hubcaps to Reitman Auto Parts after bargaining with them and allowing them to have them for nothing, another facet of my bargaining skills. She broke up with me when I was away in the Army, married another guy, divorced him, went back to dating, YADA, YADA, YADA!

JOSEPH'S IS LOCAL12'S BEST FISH FRY OF THE WEEK Local12's Brandon Orr broadcast LIVE during this week's fish fry after St. Joseph's was voted Number 1 in the station's Weekly Best Fish Fry Contest. Click here to see more photos from the event. JOSEPH FISH FRY FINALIST IN WKRC POLL [PUBLISHED MARCH 10, ]. WKRC-TV 12 has listed this fish fry as a finalist for Week 3 of their "Best Fish Fry" poll.

Click here to vote: Note it's listed as St. Joseph - Melbourne, Ky. All votes must be cast by 6: Click here for photos from tonight's fish fry at St. Joseph in Camp Springs, Ky. The fry team for St. Joseph Church in Camp Springs was back in action last night to kick-off the annual Lenten fish fry season.

Click here to see photos. The fun and food continues each Friday through April 7 from 4: JOSEPH FISH FRY DETAILS: MY FORD PICKUP. It was the Spring of We were high school classmates and I really, really liked her.

Wow, did not see that coming. The first glance at it attracted me. The attraction was two-fold: I pulled over, performed a walk-around of the truck, raised the hood, checked to be certain that there was a motor, got back into my car and headed home.

Home was, of course, still living with my parents. Remember, I was only 20 years old and it was so much simpler to stay at home than to venture out on my own.

Actually, this continued to be my credo until I finally moved out at age I typically did not make snap decisions whether it be about moving out or a major purchase. However, I revisited Silver Grove Motors the next day and purchased the truck. My Ford Pickup continued. Most people do not realize that I bartended at the Corner Camp Springs Tavern for about two years. It was not the most highly visible or sought-after job.

He and his wife Wanda purchased the bar from Herb Steffen and lived on the second floor and rented out the third floor apartment. It was a local bar where obviously many of the locals hung out. Similar to other owners who live above their businesses, it was difficult for Frankie and Wanda to enjoy separating home and business life.

For a while it was difficult for me to understand their need to get away for a daytrip or an overniter but in time I came to realize that you need to get away periodically from your business. Many times during the daytrips or overniters I was the go-to bartender, not to mention weekends when others wanted time off from tending bar. My work days were usually weekends: Friday closing hours were about midnite or 1 a. Mind you, these approximate 30 hours per week were in addition to my 40 hours per week day job at Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky, granted, I did not work every weekend at the bar.

Since I was not married the many hours did not conflict with any responsibilities as a husband but on the other hand it did little to enhance my social life. The Corner was not a prime hangout for young single girls although there were a few who would stop by and they automatically received my most courteous attention. In subsequent articles about the Corner, I will relate some amusing and unusual incidents that I either instigated or had no control over.

MY FIRST BB GUN. They need not function but simply are required to look good. The BB gun had a wooden stock but it was cracked and splintered. Good look today, but not back then.

Typically, I did most of my shooting in the fall and winter. TURKEY SHOOT NOON TODAY [PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 6, ] The 54th Annual Camp Springs Fire Department Turkey Shoot unloads today, November 6, beginning at noon.

Delicious turkey sandwiches, dinners and homemade desserts will be served. For more information, please call the firehouse at The department is located at Four Mile Road, Camp Springs, KY PRE-K HALLOWEEN [PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 5. Joseph Camp Springs Pre-K had a Halloween party complete with Trick-or-Treating, a Decorate-a-Pumpkin contest, a Haunted House, and tons of crafts.

Click here to see more photos. JOE'S FALL FISH FRY TONIGHT! Joseph is located at Four Mile Rd, Camp Springs, KY What did you like? What would make your next visit better? Did you have a favorite stop? Please respond here with your comments. As always, thank you to all the participants, visitors and organizers of the tour! Click here to see some photos from thia year's event. Our beloved Camp Springs is in grave danger of serious harm.

Why is this happening? Imagine hundreds of trees in the fields from Owl Creek to Cardinal Trail — Gone! Imagine the beautiful trees lining the road from Cardinal Trail to 8 Mile Road — Gone! Go to f acebook. There are better solutions.

Click here for photos from this year's event. THE HORSEBACK RIDING GIRLS OF SUMMER. Ah yes, there they were one after another, after another, after another, after another, whoops, I digress.

I had the perfect viewing location from our house on Four Mile Road. The time period was from 8 th grade through high school that I noticed them the most.

Traffic on Four Mile Road was considerably less than in subsequent years. This provided a relatively safe riding route. I can remember tossing baseball on the highway in front of our house and simply moving to the side when a car approached.

The horseback riding girls all appeared so attractive and they knew it. Most wore cutoff shorts with a t-shirt.

The more daring changed out the t-shirt for a bikini top and the most daring resorted to bathing suits for the enjoyment of the viewing audience.

From their perspective, this had only to do with remaining cool during the hot summer days on a hot sweaty horse and nothing to do with watching the young boys on the neighborhood parade route drooling as they rode by, HA! The majority of the girls rode bareback with only a few using saddles. Very few of the girls lived on farms. The horses varied in size from small ponies to quite large horses. Many times it appeared that the smallest were the most unruly.

Never being a horse person myself, they all were too large for me to imagine attempting to manage or control. There were more than a dozen girls who rode on a regular basis during the summer. Sometimes a new rider was seen with them. The names of a few of the regular riders were: Donna; Diane; Kathleen; Linda; Juanita; Sharon; Shelley; Shirley; Karen; Connie; Brenda and Joanie.

I had a crush on about half of them and a few years later followed up by asking only three of them on dates. A popular stop for the riders was the Camp Springs Ballpark. This was perfect for the boys who spent much of the summer playing scrub games there during the day. I am so thankful to all of these girls who helped me occupy those long hot days of summer with such a delightful country view. The event will feature fried fish, baked fish, fried catfish, salmon, deep fried shrimp, crab cakes, a sampler platter and several home-made desserts.

Joseph is located at Four Mile RoadCamp Springs, KY For more information please call Tony Vogel was one of close to a dozen Camp Springs residents that attended Tuesday's SD1 meeting where members voted 1 member abstained to proceed with the Ash Street Force Main project.

Vogel delivered a PowerPoint presentation that explained the residents' side of the issue. Click here for that PowerPoint presentation. This year's Camp Springs Herbst Autumn Tour is scheduled for Sunday, October 18 from Noon to 6 p. The 9th annual event is a FREE self-guided auto tour and includes many historical and cultural features. Starting the tour is as easy as picking up the complimentary Herbst Tour brochure and map at the Camp Springs Fire House at Four Mile Road State Route off the AA Highway.

The brochure includes a short description of each of the stops and lists the many local advertisers whose support makes this free tour possible. Your visit includes active agricultural farms and gardens, horse farms and a wide array of local business establishments that are part of this tranquil community. For extra convenience, food, refreshments and restrooms are available at many tour stops.

Also, experience the unique southern hospitality and artistic treasures present in the historic churches that have served the faith-based community of Camp Springs for over years. To contact one of the tour organizers prior to or during your visit, please contact Sharon Ramler at or Rose Chalk at For more information visit www.

The year was 34 A. Stephen was pelted by stones and died a martyr for the strong beliefs in his faith. Fast forward-the year was A. Stephen, he lived to tell about it. The knothole catcher was always selected for the position by size rather than ability. Managers believed that the biggest kid garbed in oversized shin guards that never stayed snappeda chest protector that drooped below the knees not to forget the groin protector that extended long enough to touch the groundand a facemask that hung more like a gigantic wire necklace below the chin would miraculously morph him into the Johnny Bench of his day.

In appearance he appeared more like a hockey goalie than a catcher. The sight was the entertaining part. The reality was that he could barely move much less catch a pitch.

This therefore converted me the umpire into a human backstop. The pitch Each individual pitch was an event in itself. As oversized as the catcher was in comparison to the other players, the pitcher never seemed capable of spotting him as the target for his next pitch.

Wide left, wide right, high, in the dirt, this was the standard four pitch repertoire of every pitcher. Some would mix it up a little by switching the order of pitches that I just described.

The actual pitch more accurately, the throw was simply the start of a chain of incidents that occurred pitch after pitch after pitch. Find the ball was bellowed out by managers, coaches and fans. Is it under the catcher? Is it lodged behind his oversized chest protector?

Did it squibble to the backstop? It was lying harmless between the overdressed catcher and my bended knee. As time consuming as finding the missing ball after every pitch was, the return of the ball to the pitcher was even more of an event in itself.

Keep away from the pitcher. Seldom as the umpire and reluctantly, the person in charge did I wait for the catcher to realize that finding the ball, picking it up and returning it to the pitcher was at the forefront of his duties. After locating the ball sometimes needing to lift the catcher out of the way I threw it back to the pitcher in the air mind you, a big mistake, in the air. The pitcher had three choices as the ball was coming at him: Believe me, the first choice seldom happened and if it did, a round of cheers from the fans followed.

As the ball went past the pitcher, rolled over second base and trickled into centerfield the second baseman and shortstop were oblivious to all of this. Now the ball entered into the field of play of the centerfielder.

The sight and sound of the immense moving trains was not to be missed. It was then up to me to chase the ball down and this time ROLL it back to the pitcher with just enough force to have it stop at his feet and avoid a repeat of the entire dodgeball episode just described.

One pitch down and one hour and fifty minutes remaining in the two hour time limit per game. Speaking of limits, I think I have reached my space limit for this article. Discussion of players and their positions.

Watkins in Plainview, Minnesota. The company sold household products in the form of utensils, spices, soaps, vitamins, ointments, fly swatters and dozens of other items. Despite being a national company, their door to door salespeople found their way into rural America, even into the outreaches of Camp Springs, through the likes of Shulton, our local salesman.

I can use the term salesMAN in its most literal interpretation because never do I recall a female salesperson of any sort visiting our house. Shulton was an absolute unique person both to see and listen to.

By the way, the name Shulton was all that I ever knew him by. I am guessing that Shulton was his last name? His summer visits were what I remember most vividly, probably because I was at home on summer vacation from school and got to meet and listen to him using his sales pitch on my Mother.

It is easy for me to still envision him just as if he had visited our house yesterday. He was short in stature, extremely slim, long pointy nose and pale looking. Actually, he looked as though he needed to be consuming every health supplement that he was selling. Bespeckled and always dressed in a sportcoat or sweater, dress slacks, collared shirt with a long skinny necktie and topped with a hat, he was always in the same or similar attire. After his polite greeting, he would remove his hat revealing his thinning hair combed from front to back, just as my Dad combed his hair and just as I do now.

Growing up, I always swore that I would never brush my hair in that old-fashioned manner yet today I look in the mirror and guess what, I am my Dad. Oh yes, Shulton also sold combs and hair brushes. The sales arena was our back porch, with Shulton and my Mother seated at the picnic table that my Dad had made and that I still have today.

Shulton was the very politest of polite. It never failed that he needed to go back to his car to retrieve an additional product that might interest my Mother. This may have been his sales ploy to allow my Mother additional minutes to stew over potential purchases. He spoke in a herky-jerky speech pattern. It was almost as though he was suffering from asthma or shortness of breath and needed to grab a breath between short phrases. Being the insensitive pre-teen that I was at the time and also to display my ability with mimicry, I reveled in speaking to family members sounding as much like Shulton as I could.

My Mother would always purchase something and to this day, I sincerely believe that most of her purchases were made simply to help in his sales and believe me, our family did not have excess cash lying around to spend on unnecessary items but that was the kindness of my Mother showing.

Still love you Rie my Mother! The annual festival kicks off at 10am tomorrowOctober 4 offering horse-drawn wagon rides,an expanded corn maze and pumpkin patch, petting zoo, pony rides, home cooked food and ice cream, a farm shop, crafters, pottery, face painting, seasonal apples, folk art, live music, a variety of demonstrations, and a newly added Barrel Train!

All had a great time and all proceeds from this event go directly to the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati Buddy Walk. John, Debbie, Tony, Shannon, Dylan and Alayna from Team Dylan would like to say thanks for everyone's help and support! FINAL FINDING RELEASED FOR ASH STREET PROJECT.

Sanitation District 1 Senior Project Manager, Robert G.

horse trailer dealers in bowling green kentucky

Schroeder has sent a letter to residents affected by the proposed Ash Street Project. The letter is regarding a public notice of the FONSI Final Findings of No Significant Impact and Environmental Assessment for the project.

Click below to read the final FONSI and the responses the Ky. Department of Water made to the public comments: One of the most active opponents to this project, Anna Zinkhon sent us this response: Our fight is not over but moves to another location. We will be planning a very important property owner meeting very soon.

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Attendees of the St. Joseph Summer Festival enjoyed clear skies and mild temperatures for this annual event "up on the hill" in Camp Springs, KY. Click here to see some photos. It was the Fall ofmy sophomore year at Bishop Brossart High School.

The Camp Springs Volunteer Fire Department members agreed it was time to replace the original 1, gallon tanker truck, a GMC. The department acquired its first brand new International fire truck in that same year two years after organizing in Thanks to the dedication and ingenuity of the department members, mind you, all volunteers, a used Sohio tanker minus the cab and chassis was purchased.

A Ford cab and chassis was bought to go with the tank. Fire department members performed body and mechanical work to prepare the tanker for service. Not to be overlooked, the inside of the tank needed to be coated to prevent rust. In its former life as a Sohio delivery tanker it carried five different fuels, each in a separate compartment.

The five individual tanks ranged from down to gallons in capacity for a total of 1, gallons. The three larger compartments posed no problem for the average sized fireman to crawl into and brush coat the tank walls with Rustoleum. As the youngest of four older brothers, all of whom were fireman, including my Dad, I was the obvious choice to be lowered into the two smaller tanks to do my brushwork.

Each compartment was capped with a lid not much different from a submarine hatch. The next to last compartment was extremely small but after brushing that one, I was lowered into the final one. It was so small that after finishing one side, I was hoisted out, turned around to face the unfinished side and lowered down again. Somehow, someway, I made it home that evening. Little did I know about the toxicity power of oil-based Rustoleum in a confined space.

All of this occurred on a school night. The next morning in first period Latin II class situated in my assigned front row seat no more than five feet from my instructor Fr. Hogan was all too concerned to learn what actually happened in Camp Springs that night before. I could not begin to give an answer to what really happened after I left the firehouse that prior evening. All I could surmise is being the conscientious student that I was, I attempted to complete my Latin assignment after my painting duty.

In closing, please remember to read and understand all warning labels on all products whether under adult supervision or not! Camp Springs will celebrate Memorial Day the same way it has the past 40 years, with a parade along Four Mile Road. The 41st annual parade will begin at John's Lutheran Church on Lower Tug Fork Road. The procession will conclude at the fire department where a ceremony will take place and feature sponsor Simon Gosney Post For more information, please contact Ron Heiert at As you make your way to and through today's primary election ballots, you'll notice a couple of Camp Springs connections.

In the Campbell County Clerk's Democratic race, Camp Springs resident Marc Muench faces off against Rob Rummel. The top vote-getter will face the winner of the Republican match-up between Stu Stormer and Jim Luersen this fall. In the Campbell County Commissioner District 3 race, former Camp Springs resident Mark Ramler Dem. That winner will take on Tom Lampe Rep.

Polls are open until 6pm tonight. Daylight Savings Time Means More Playing Time The more spring like weather the past few days are a nice change of pace from the blustery winter we've been dealing with. The warmer temperatures combined with the extended daylight, thanks to the time change, creates a perfect remedy for the cabin fever which many of us are feeling.

The Neltner kids spent the late afternoon enjoying the new playground equipment at St. It was a perfect day to be sliding, swinging and shooting baskets up on the hill. VISITING ARTIST SERIES RETURNS TO ST. Joseph Catholic Church on Four Mile Road. All are welcome to attend. This photo was taken at the memorial located at the Camp Springs Fire Department.

Over 50 individuals were on hand at tonight's public meeting for the Ash Street Pump Station and Force Main Project. Many questions were raised that the Kentucky Division of Water representative pledged to get answers to. Residents were told that the project can't move forward without approval from the Division of Water.

Tonight's meeting was held to "allow the public to review and comment on proposed activities, potential impacts and the project alternatives". The process of receiving public comments will continue until October If you were unable to attend and would like to join the process, formal comments can be submitted to Sanitation District 1 at Eaton Dr. Wright, KY - Attention: Emily Leisl or to info sd1.

First Twelve Learn forex live home study power course hector deville password Baptist.

Summertime - 4th of July. Exploring Four Mile Creek. TENDING BAR AT THE CORNER Part 2 — Only at a Local Bar The following anecdotes will guarantee that you are in a local bar. MY FORD PICKUP Part 2 The purchase of my new old pickup was the easiest part. JOSEPH FISH FRY FINALIST IN WKRC POLL [PUBLISHED MARCH 10, ] WKRC-TV 12 has listed this fish fry as a finalist for Week 3 of their "Best Fish Fry" poll.

MY FORD PICKUP It was the Spring of Mike "Fun Guy" Enzweiler's Ford Pickup. TENDING BAR AT THE CORNER Intro Most people do not realize that I bartended at the Corner Camp Springs Tavern for about two years. Another terrific day for the 54th Annual Camp Springs Fire Department Turkey Shoot. The festivities were held on Sunday, November 6, Congratulations to the following Big Money Raffle Bank of baroda forex exchange rates Click here to see photos from the event.

Click here to see some photos from this past weekend's group of Camp Springs Trick-or-Treaters. Halloween will be celebrated today, October 30, as our costumed Camp Springs citizens hit the streets and hay wagons in search of candy and other assorted treats. The fun begins at 3pm and lasts until 6pm for the Four Mile area Trick-or-Treaters. Please be extra careful while traveling throughout the community.

FALL FEST CONTINUES AT NELTNER'S. Local artists will be gathered under the big top to share their wares with you. Tonight is the first of 2 fish fries this month at St. Joseph's Church in Camp Springs. Fried Cod, Fried Cat fish, Baked Cod, Baked Salmon, Fried Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Hush Puppies and Desserts. Maybe you get to meet St. The 6th Annual Team Dylan Fundraiser that supports the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati was held on Saturday August 13, Even though the weather forecast for the day was for heavy rain, the event was held with only a few brief showers during the day and the event teach me to trade binary options a success!

Please mark your calendars for next year's event scheduled for Saturday, August, 12, Team Dylan thanks everyone for their generosity and support! Click here for more photos. Pre-K Open Enrollment Underway at St. The Pre-K program at St. Click here for the latest Pre-K Small Talk. JOSEPH SUMMER FESTIVAL Click here for photos from this year's event. The weather was terrific for this year's 43rd Annual Camp Springs Memorial Day Parade.

Please click here to see photos from staff digital content associate Kate Zink. The parade and the ceremonies that followed were sponsored by Simon Gosney Post of the American Legion. In addition, Melrose Guthier was recognized as this year's. Citizen of 24 hour binary options on stock Year. THE HORSEBACK RIDING GIRLS OF SUMMER Ah yes, there they were one after another, after another, after another, after another, whoops, I digress.

Your taste buds will be introduced to sandwiches from The Four Mile Pig Small Batch BBQ. In addition, Little Rock Farm's famous pies and zucchini bread will be available for dessert. To round out the event a full slate of LIVE music begins with the talented Chris Lloyd 5: Rick Neltner and his Winking Man photographic team will be on duty in the newly restored tavern cellar.

As always, a apexinvesting binary options 81 selection of domestic, craft, bourbon and more will be on hand. Visit Camp Springs Tavern on facebook: The major home delivery companies that served our community and come to mind first are: Vogelmann Bakery operated out of Newport, KY and was by far my favorite. Their rolls and pastries were the best. Many the summer day I spent sitting and waiting in the front yard for the bright orange truck to stop by.

The schedule was two weekdays per week and Saturday. As the truck came to a halt, the driver would stand, fold down the back of his seat, then pull out the long drawer that held the precious goodies. My usual order was either a half dozen rolls 29 cents or a dozen rolls 59 cents. Rolls smothered with caramel icing sprinkled with chopped nuts were my favorite. The bakery goods were so fresh that they fell apart as the driver scooped them out a half dozen at a time. Remember, this was after a trip from Newport with many stops along the way.

A special covered cake pan held them in a place of honor in the center of our kitchen table. All of this happened during my early years of grade school and I am sure it is when I currency trading forex trading chennai my craving for sweets that exists even to this day.

Clover Leaf Dairy also from Newport, KY was a regular visitor to our house. My favorite and most colorful driver was Gene Scales who always dressed so neatly in his dark green company uniform including an forex brokers with no deposit bonus 2016 style police-looking cap.

We grew up drinking a lot of milk. At some point I remember milk bottles being replaced by paper cartons. A handy dandy plastic holder with a handle imposition des stock options 2014 be purchased to assist in handling the carton. When we knew that we would not be at home on the delivery day, a paper note was taped to our door with the order on it.

There was always some kind of sales promotion going on. Of all the things, I remember most getting a pup tent for purchasing the required amount of dairy products in a limited number virtual stock trading game at pse weeks.

I am stock options finanziaria 2016 this is how I got my liking for milk and especially chocolate milk. The chocolate milk was almost like a dessert for us. In the early afternoons of Saturdays, employee Babe Schultz would call our house to take the weekly order.

Seldom did we miss placing an order. If nothing was needed on a particular Saturday, my Mother would place a note near the phone saying so. This way whoever answered the phone would know instantly that nothing was needed and avoid screaming all through the house for my Mother who would know. I always wanted her to place the order rather than me to avoid me somehow messing up the order and to eliminate additional questions from Babe.

These home delivery systems prospered for many years until their services were replaced by the proliferation of retail stores closer to home. Another death blow, in my opinion, was the advent of more licensed family drivers, in particular, stay at home Mothers who were then able to get out to the local stores. These were all truly unforgettable experiences that helped to shape my life and allowed me to meet some terrific people.

Preserve and Protect Camp Springs, Inc. You can click here for more details. This group meets again at 7pm, April 4 at the Camp Springs Winery. The extended Neltner clan have been working hard all week to give the corner bar a fresh look. Keith and Amy want to celebrate the rich history of the Tavern and hope that it can be a gathering place for the community. New operating hours are as follows: FISH FRY SEASON UNDERWAY.

Joseph Church in Camp Springs. Dinners are served each Friday, 4: The menu features hand-breaded cod fpl20 forex catfish filets as well as shrimp, crab-cakes and salmon, not to mention a wide variety of homemade desserts.

Eat in or carry out. The address is Four Mile Road, Camp Springs. For more information or to place a carry-out order, please call Camp Springs' Keith Neltner is working on putting a complete book together of the Neltner family lineage AND Camp Springs, KY. Any Neltners or Camp Springs residents out there that can share insight or more photos would be excellent! Keith is also looking for photos of his stone home, The Bauman House, and the Camp Springs Tavern. E-mail him if you'd like to share info or photos keith neltnersmallbatch.

BIG TIME WRESTLING ON TV. Year round, except for summer, every Saturday afternoon meant watching Big Time Wrestling. Let me jog some of your memories as I did for myself in compiling the following list of regular wrestlers on the show.

Most names came back easily, scary to realize the kind of STUFF that is stored in my brain that comes to the forefront too easily. These characters are in no particular order. There were other contributors to the success of the show, one, namely, Bouncing Buehla. She was a weekly front row audience member in the live broadcasts. In appearance, she was somewhere between Granny and Miss Hathaway of the Beverly Hillbillies sitcom.

Her bouncing nickname was well suited due to her ringside antics, jumping, stock market options and futures and cheering for her favorite and not so favorite wrestlers. The live commercials were groundbreaking for the time period, remember, no remotes to click away from the commercials.

Willy Thaal local comedic celebrity and the Rinks Bargain City Kid, in real life, Hy Ulner, owner of locally-based Rinks Bargain City Department stores who together delivered one of a kind commercial vignettes. After holding up for display the for sale merchandise, they tossed it in the direction of the camera. Even though this was slapstick in its simplest form, they raised it to a higher level. Things such as lawn chairs, garden hoes and even bulkier pieces were the best, even lawnmowers.

It never failed that during at least one of the commercial breaks, one or more wrestlers would meander onto the commercial set and create even more havoc. Of course, it was always the craziest, wackiest wrestlers who joined the fun but they were always mean-spirited and the Rinks Bargain City Kid and Willie Thal at least acted scared. So proud to be able to say that I witnessed the origins of the WWF through the local broadcasting of Big Time Wrestling, not to mention a piece of history!

Several photos were recently found of St. Joseph Elementary School in Camp Springs, KY. They were actually converted from slides. We know some of them are from the 's and some are from the 's. Click here to see them all. DECEMBER CAMP SPRINGS NEWS RELEASED. The latest edition of the Camp Springs News is now available and includes details of upcoming holiday events in the Four Mile area.

Click here to download your very own copy. PET PICTURES WITH SANTA. The event lasts until 4pm today and from 10am - 3pm tomorrow November Thank you to the organizers, the sponsors, the participants, Mother Nature: We would love to hear your thoughts.

Did you enjoy your day? Did you like the new stops? Did you survive the "Greenhouse of Gloom"? Did you enjoy a good burger? Did you learn something? Your comments are welcome.

Trailer World, Inc.

Please send them via e-mail to mailto: TURKEY SHOOT THIS SUNDAY. The 53rd Annual Camp Springs Fire Department Turkey Shoot will be held this Sunday, November 1, beginning at noon.

WHAT'S NEW THIS YEAR. This small hobby farm is home to Heirloom Fiber Studio which focuses on processing animal fibers from Heirloom Farmspinning them into yarn and then turning them into garments, acessories and home decor. The school was built after the State of Kentucky mandated the closing of all one room schoolhouses. The building will be rehabilitated, retaining its original character, and be converted into wine tasting rooms.

Tonight I'm giving a presentation on Camp Cci trading forex and the stone houses Got the chills when I saw the date in this picture ; ". The Camp Springs House is Stop 8 on the 9th Annual Camp Springs Herbst Tour which takes place on October The house is built of rubble metatrader 4 automated trading system found in the fields of the community.

It has served as a stage coach stop, post office and community gathering place. A ballfield once occupied the south side of the property.

The street level has functioned as a bar, restaurant and pool hall. The 2 nd level had space for a card room and dance hall. The Camp Springs House is located at Four Mile Road, Camp Springs, KY The 9th Annual Camp Springs Herbst Tour horse trailer dealers in bowling green kentucky scheduled for. Sunday, October 18 from noon - 6pm. Click here for a printable listing of all 21 stops.

Click here to view the entire brochure. Located on Fender Road, Stop 17 is Heirloom Farm. Stop 18 is the Blenke House. More info to follow. Joseph in Camp Springs will be holding 2 fish fries this month. The first one is today, October 2 what time does forex open on sunday est The next fry is scheduled for October 9.

In Spite of Vote, Sewage Fight Not Over [PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 17, ]. While the Sanitation District 1 voted to move forward on a proposed raw sewage line through Camp Springs, residents are not giving up the fight. Reportedly the easements of 23 property owners have yet to be secured. In addition, please click here for a recent article from the River City News about the force main issue.

The 5th Annual Team Dylan Fundraiser was held on Saturday, August 15, Many Camp Springs faithful were among the over people who attended this event that supports the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati. Please mark your calendars forex profit proof next year's event scheduled for Saturday, August 13, Click here to see photos from this year's event.

The Camp Springs Historical Association is a pending C 3 non-profit organization. Umpiring — Part III — Positioning Players. Thank goodness for only nine players per team, that is, placing nine kids in the vicinity of where each should play defensively.

The one cannot exist without the other. If there is no pitcher, the game cannot begin, if there is no catcher, the game cannot continue. The pitcher basically had the entire infield within the base paths to claim as his territory. It was always a dead giveaway that the pitcher had lost his pitching hole again when the umpire glared out at him from behind home plate to see him staring at the ground looking to the right, to the left, then in front and then behind, searching for that elusive mark in the ground.

The catcher, on the other hand, had a distinct advantage over the pitcher in locating his defensive position, simply known as home plate. That being said, there was still nothing to prevent him from wandering left or right.

The position of the umpire usually kept him from scooting farther and farther away from home plate. One of the most amusing sights was to see the catcher lined up directly behind the batter looking like his shadow which converted the umpire into the only real TARGET for the pitcher to aim at. The remaining infielders, not including fundraising money makers shortstop, had a physical object to use as a locator just like the catcher with home plate.

horse trailer dealers in bowling green kentucky

Many kids, only understanding the most literal interpretation of playing first base, played standing on first base itself. The second baseman played second base, standing on second base and likewise for the third baseman. Usually by mid-season, managers had successfully convinced the first, second and third basemen to venture at least one giant step away from their respective bases. A follow-up problem resulted in the first and third basemen now playing in foul territory. Speaking of the first baseman, many managers subscribed to the practice of allowing him cmc binary trading stand on first base exception to the rule.

This avoided shouts from managers and fans alike to cover first base for a possible play as the batter turned runner was approaching first base. Many times there was ample time to cover first base even without standing new stock option ticker symbols it as some batters became disoriented and headed down the third base line rather than the first base line.

To finish the infield positions, the shortstop was a real anomaly. He had no base named after his position. His position was situated half-way between second and third base. Obviously, the shortstops that I saw had not yet studied fractions in school. One half was one of those undefined places on the whole number line of integers. Now to the outfielders. Through no fault of their own, many novice outfielders found it difficult to even feel like a part of the team not to broker reviews 2016 optionraiiy on binary options participating in the game.

Physically, they were placed what seemed to be miles away from any baseball action. Of the three outfield positions, the centerfield position could be the hub of activity if only to chase down errant tosses from the catcher back to the pitcher. I need to mention also, that usually the centerfielder needed to be alerted that there was a ball coming in his direction.

First getting and then keeping the attention of the three outfielders was a constant chore. One unspoken but shared strategy among managers was to be certain that the pile of dirt that they were playing with was positioned between the player and home plate. The batter and on-deck batter. Similar to the infielders, it was a challenge to have the batters understand that they need not physically stand ON home plate. After the batter relented and agreed to move off the plate, this resulted in another troubling situation, on which side of the plate?

Where is the on-deck batter? All teams had a minimum of two assistant coaches. Their duties were varied and one was to have the on-deck hitter ready for his appearance at the plate. The first issue was to FIND him. Was he at the concession stand? Was he watching the game with spectator friends who were not even players?

Locate a batting helmet, not what we know today as binary options strategy is 777 helmet, more about this piece of gear at a later date.

Matlab american call option God for the dedicated managers, coaches, parents and certainly the umpires! There will be subsequent knothole baseball related articles to follow, covering: Backroads Farm Tour Features Several Camp Springs Stops. POSTED JULY 18, The Campbell County Backroads Farm Tour money exchange rate us dollar to british pound off at 9am today July 18, and will feature 7 Camp Springs locations.

A total of 15 stops are on the entire tour. The Camp Springs stops are: Click here for more details. CAMP SPRINGS DAY ANNOUNCED. On Sunday, July 12 at 6pm the air conditioned Camp Springs Vineyard will once again be the venue for the annual Camp Springs Day. Organizers are requesting everyone bring a dessert for the famous bake-off.

In addition, canned goods will be collected for the Bread of Horse trailer dealers in bowling green kentucky Food Pantry at St. The Camp Springs Vineyard, located at Four Mile Road, will be providing a meal for attendees. Joseph Powell livestock market report Festival will take place today June 13, on the church grounds on Four Mile Road.

The famous and delicious Chicken and Roast Beef Dinners will be served. In addition, the evening's activities include racing at Ducky Downs and terrific LIVE music featuring hometown favorites Doug Futscher and Dave Webster. We hope to see you there! The Camp Springs Memorial Trader en ligne option binaire Parade is scheduled to start tomorrow May 25 at Participants in the parade are requested to arrive there by A community reception with food and refreshments will be held immediately following.

Click here to watch a video from last year's parade: Joseph School PTC hosted its annual Ladies Night Out this past Saturday night. The ladies enjoyed an evening of games, good food and lots of fun. Thanks to all who supported this event. All proceeds go to benefit St. Joseph School in Camp Springs. Umpiring Knothole Baseball Games — Part II — The Games.

JOSEPH VISITING ARTIST SERIES TAKES FLIGHT. The April visiting artist to St. Joseph School in Camp Springs was Ted Daniels. Ted is a licensed pilot whose interest in flying began while assembling model airplanes as an eight year old.

Students were talked through the process of building and painting the models from nearly nothing to the finished product. Ted is an army veteran from the Vietnam era who still pilots his own plane. Thanks so much Ted for sharing your talents with our children and hopefully inspiring them on to big accomplishments in the future. Joseph School Visiting Artist series will complete its third year at the end of this current school term.

During this time span nearly twenty-five artists have presented to our students. One additional artist will visit during this school year and the series will return in September He was surrounded by family, including his wife of 39 years, Frances Reis Reitman. He was born and raised in Camp Springs, KY, the second son of Helen Neiser Reitman and the late Norbert Reitman.

His brother, Timothy Jane Reitman, lives in Michigan. He was the cherished father of Courtney Scott Reitman-Deinlein, Nicholas Sarah Reitman and Adam Reitman, and dear grandfather of Taylar and Mitchell Reitman and Ethan Deinlein. He is survived by a large extended family and many friends.

He served on the board of the Kentucky Auto and Truck Recycling Association for 20 years. A member of the Automotive Recyclers Association sinceRandy served the national organization as director of Region 2, chair of the Scholarship Foundation, member of the Executive Committee, Secretary and President He was honored as Camp Springs' Citizen of the Year in An avid NASCAR fan, he loved the beach, camping, motorcycles, yard work and traveling.

He and Fran traveled the country bike und outdoor market rostock schutow the world, exchanging information about automotive recycling. Mass of Christian burial was held at St. Joseph Church, Camp Springs, KY, at 11 a. Reception followed at Camp Springs Fire Department. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to St. Joseph School Student Fund, Four Mile Road, Camp Springs, KYor the ARA Scholarship Foundation, Church St.

FISH FRY PHOTOS AVAILABLE. It was "Dress Like an Eskimo Night" at Friday's fish fry at St. March 6 is "Dr. For more information call FISH FRY SEASON HEATS UP. What better way to fight off the winter blues than visit the fish fry at St. The annual Lenten tradition gets underway at 4pm in the school at Four Mile Road, Camp Springs. The menu features fried fish, baked fish, fried catfish, salmon, deep fried shrimp, crab cakes and the county-famous Sampler Platter. The fries begin today long term stock market prediction will take place on all Fridays of Lent but not Good Friday — February 20 thru March During calforex currency exchange edmonton ab 22 years at Bishop Brossart High School, Camps Springs' own Ron Heiert was instrumental in the execution and completion of several major projects.

Ron, who retired from his role as Development Director last year, returned to BBHS on Friday night to be recognized for his hard work and dedication to the Alexandria school. Festivities occurred during half-time of the Brossart Lady Mustangs basketball game against Pendleton County.

Current BBHS staffer Chris Holtz precided as MC of the event and credited Ron as a "driving force in expanding BBHS". Amidst a few standing ovations, Holtz listed some of tsx stock market trend major accomplishments during Ron's tenure at Brossart: Cake and refreshments were part of a reception in Hegenauer Hall following the basketball game.

Click free paypal money generator 2016 no surveys for more photos from the event. Joseph School in Camp Springs will be holding its annual open house this Sunday, January 25 from 9am - noon. The event includes opportunities to meet the teaching staff and take tours. For more information, please forex historical tick data or e-mail: Click here for facebook and here for their web-site.

Ron Heiert Night at Brossart. A reception will be held after the game in Hegenauer Hall. For more information, please call the school at This is a reminder that the next meeting of all property owners effected by Force Main Sewer is tonight, January 12 at 7pm at Camp Springs Winery. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Area state legislators have been invited to this meeting, as support is being sought on a bill that Joe Fischer has recommended. This bill will help protect property owners facing eminent domain. Also updates on Ash Street project will be discussed.

New Year's greetings to all! THE UNITED NATIONS CAME TO CAMP SPRINGS IN THE SIXTIES…. BY Lissy Plattner [PUBLISHED DECEMBER 28, ]. The United Nations was created to bring all nations of the world together to discuss issues and problems that each nation had, and to solve those issues with peaceful and permanent solutions. It was an ultimate goal to create a greater understanding among people of all nations. But ideally is often a work in progress. So Irma and Jerry Futscher decided to put the plan in action in their own community.

Through friendship with a neighboring convent, the Sisters of the Divine Providence, they learned of a family of a doctor in Camargo, Mexico who wanted their children to learn English and to also learn how people in another part of the world lived. James, Jorge, Jose and Pepe and other family members.

They were taught English, customs and cultures, and obtained a well-rounded education from the fine teachers, friends, relatives and family. All the while, the community also welcomed the new visitors and treated them as their own children. Great lessons in sharing values and a sense of belonging were a common theme.

From the letters that Irma kept over the years, again and again the families in Mexico expressed their gratitude for the little United Nations on Four Mile Pike.

One wrote "I am your son, you are my brother, my friend.

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Sometimes large and important ideas are picked up and carried forward by individuals who see a bold future in living and learning together. If this is so, Irma Futscher, Jerry and their children personified the humanitarian ideal of the United Nations. Perhaps, then, one day, we will each give meaning to our own lives by claiming the world as our neighbor and friend.

Click here to read one of the letters sent to the Futschers in CAMP SPRINGS NEWS AVAILABLE [PUBLISHED DECEMBER 12, ]. CSI Offering Holiday Stocking Stuffers Limited Edition Post Cards and Greeting Cards — by Don Wiedeman. For a short time, while supplies last, CSI has some post cards and greeting cards that were produced by the late Don Wiedeman.

The cards feature many photographs by Don of the historic and stone houses in the Camp Springs Area. They would be great stuffing stuffers or keepsakes of the wonderful houses and a memory of Don Wiedeman.

Contact Sharon Ramler at or sharonramler hotmail. Pet Pictures with Santa. Camp Springs' based ROSAS Rescue Our Shelter Animals and Strays -- www. Proceeds benefit ROSAS Rescue. Christmas on the hill at church and in school I was on top of the world, and it was cool. Sue Futscher Bradley, Sharon Futscher Ramler, Carol Futscher, Janet Futscher Steller, and on the bike, Mike Bounce Futscher.

Every night ball games again at the field A safe place to play and a snowball to congeal. Milk was delivered every day by my dad I loved seeing his truck to find the ice cream he had. Fireworks for sale in our basement each year July 4th in the community was a big bang to hear. I am glad I could share a very small part, Of growing up in Camp Springs, the birthplace of my heart.

An important meeting has been scheduled for Monday, December 8 at 7pm at the Camp Springs Winery regarding the latest with the SD1 Force Main project.

Anna Zinkhon is inviting all interested property owners and residents to attend. With the recent activity in Camp Springs from the utility companies and contractors for SD1, there are sure to be many questions. In addition, an appraiser with an expertise in eminent domain will be on hand to meet with attendees. Other topics scheduled to be addressed include: Call Anna Zinkhon at Visitors to the 52nd annual Camp Springs Fire Department Turkey Shoot enjoyed a day of sun, fun and winning.

Here are the names of the lucky winners in the annual turkey shoot raffle: Click here to see some photos taken at today's event. TURKEY SHOOT THIS WEEKEND. The famous "Target Crew" pictured abovewill be in force and ready for you. Click here to see photos from last year. Click here to see photos from Click here to see them. As tradition would have it, Camp Springs ghosts and goblins will be on the streets and hay wagons today in search of candy and other assorted treats. The fun begins at 2pm for the Four Mile area Trick-or-Treaters.

Pleas e be aware and careful while traveling throughout our community today. Click below to see photos of some of last year's Trick-or-Treaters. If so, please e-mail it to mailto: Thank you to all who organized, visited and participated in any way, in today's Annual Camp Springs Herbst Tour.

Visitors were treated to a crisp autumn day throughout the Four Mile Valley while traveling to enjoy the 20 local stops. Click here to see photos from today's event. Do you have photos to share? If so, please send a link or the photos to hostmaster campsprings. TOUR FEEDBACK The 8th Annual Camp Springs Herbst Tour has come to an end and we'd love to hear your thoughts. What did you think? What was your favorite stop. Will you come back next year? CAMP SPRINGS TOUR UNDERWAY The sun is shining right now in Camp Springs as the 8th Annual Camp Springs Herbst Tour is underway.

There are 20 stops this year including 2 wineries and several stonehouses and working farms. Click here for more information: For facebook fans, click here for updates throughout the day: CAMP SPRINGS TOUR STARTS TODAY AT NOON As the dawn is breaking on the 8th Annual Camp Springs Herbst Tour, we invite you to join us today for an afternoon of fall festivities and fun.

There are 20 stops along the way. We hope you can be part of it. The forecast calls for a mostly sunny day with high temperatures near For more information, http: Camp Springs, KY NEW THIS YEAR: Demonstrations of small farm engines. Little Rock Farm is a working family farm offering flowers, seasonal produce, baked goods, jams, jellies, pumpkins, honey, and freezer beef. Don't miss a display of antique kitchen utensils and a straw tunnel for the little ones to enjoy.

And yes, Uncle Herman returns with his hands-on demonstration of antique farm tools. The 8th Annual Camp Springs Herbst Tour kicks off at noon this Sunday, October Please click below to learn more: Click here to enjoy some of Mike Enzweiler's artworks featured Sunday at Stop 2, the John Faha House.

Please click here for more information regarding the tour. In honor of Fire Prevention Month, the Camp Springs Volunteer Fire Department and Ladies Auxiliary were part of a special mass this morning at St. Prayers were offered in thanksgiving for their service and for the safety of the firefighters who put themselves in harms way to help the community.

After mass, Monsignor Neuhaus blessed the fire truck, the firefighters, and the members of the Ladies Auxiliary. Thanks to Fire Chief Buckler for sending us the lastest tips for keeping us all safe this Halloween. This year, incumbent Steve Pendery is facing Ken Rechtin. The following videos of each candidate are intended to assist voters in making an informed decision on election day and were created by the non-partisan, education-oriented effort called Northern Kentucky Forum.

To learn more about Ken Rechtin, http: To learn more about Steve Pendery, http: Neltner Fall Festival Returns to Camp Springs [PUBLISHED OCTOBER 3, ]. In addition, the festival will feature LIVE music every weekend in October. On Saturday, special guests from Akron, Ohio "Shivering Timbers" will perform and on Sunday, talented friends from the N KY region, Todd Lipscomb and Chris Lloyd will appear on the main stage. Click here to see the musical line-up for the entire month.

Golf Outing Participants Enjoy Gorgeous Day [ PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 29, ] Flagg Springs Golf Course was the location for this year's 20th Annual St. Joseph Camp Springs Boosters Golf Outing. Joseph Octoberfest was held this year on September 13 at the church grounds at Four Mile Rd.

Click here for some photos from the event. The church and cemetery is on land originally part of this farm. John Sauser married Katharina Uhl in and built this stone house and farm complex soon after in Katharina Uhl had inherited the property from her father. This is a 2 story 5 bay building with a 2 bay porch that was a much later addition. The one story rear frame addition was also much later. The farm complex includes several outbuildings and a large bank barn characteristic of Camp Springs.

The house has wooden window lintels characteristic of its early construction date, and is similar to the Bauman House and Nicholas Reitman House.

Kevin Neltner and Anna Zinkhon are featured. Click here to be one of the first to receive the 8th Annual Camp Springs Herbst Tour brochure. This year's event will take place on October 19 from noon to 6pm and includes 20 stops.

Stay tuned for more details. Petition Drive Underway [PUBLISHED JULY 29, ] In the midst of SD1's recent announcement of their Board of Directors to proceed with the Ash Street project, Camp Springs residents have begun a petition drive to halt it. Here's a recent communication from Ash Street project opponent Anna Zinkhon: All too often we hear people complaining about injustices.

While we are all busy and sympathetic, there just doesn't seem like there is anything we can do directly to cause change. I would like to offer you a simple task to help regular people protect their homes and business from unregulated utility.

The residences of Camp Springs have been learning and challenging plans for a Forced Main Sewer pipeline for over four years. This pipeline does not bring any new services to anyone in Camp Springs. But it does bring sewer smells, potential for sewer spillage and an easement which will hinder our access and usage of our farm land for ever!

We will also lose many trees and change the look and feel of our community. Many of you live in towns that have ordinances protecting the look and feel of your town. You choose to live in these places the same as we choose to live in our community. The big difference is we are not a city. We do not have infrastructure and all of our needs are taken care of by each individual property owner.

Camp Springs is one of the only living museums in the state of Kentucky! And we have done this on our own! No one else pays for this care and attention. So why should our land be taken to support others way of life? I have attached a petition. If each of you got your family members and co-workers to sign this petition, you will help educate others about our situation. Please Mail signed petitions to me. It will also help us in Imminent Domain Court. There are several people running for office who support our situation.

Ask the candidates or call me and I would be happy to discuss details. Public outcry is powerful. The laws were intended to protect our rights. I hope you can give us just a little help, it will be very powerful!

Click here for a copy of the petition. Completed petition forms can be sent to Anna Zinkhon at Misty Ridge Farm, Owl Creek Road, Camp Springs, KY. Thanks to Photobug Summer for her contributions. Do you have photos to share from the event? If so, please send them to joe campsprings. Mother Nature cooperated with a delightful and mostly dry day. While there's a chance of spotty rain mostly this morningthe forecast is calling for a mostly dry day with temperatures in the upper 70's.

We should see some sun throughou t the event. There are 5 Camp Springs stops on this year's tour including: Click here for more information.

The locals include Misty Ridge Farm, Neltner's Farm and Greenhouses, Camp Springs Vineyard, Stonebrook Winery and Little Rock Farm. The event is a rain or shine self-guided auto tour that lasts until 5pm. Click here to learn more about the entire tour. CAMP SPRINGS DAY ALERT! A tasty meal will be provided. Wine will be available for sale.

The traditional Bake-Off returns as well. The fun begins at 6pm! FINAL FINDING RELEASED FOR ASH STREET PROJECT [PUBLISHED JULY 3, ] Sanitation District 1 Senior Project Manager, Robert G. FIREWORKS SAFETY [PUBLISHED JUNE 21, ] Thanks to Chief Buckler for providing some tips and suggestions on enjoying a safe 4th of July.

Please click here to learn more. CAMP SPRINGS NEWS AVAILABLE [PUBLISHED JUNE 16, ]. FESTIVAL FUN AT ST. Tanker [PUBLISHED JUNE 6, ]. PARADE VIDEO AVAILABLE Click here to watch this year's Camp Springs Memorial Day Parade in its entirety: Memorial Day Plans Announced.

All are invited to the Camp Springs Winery tonight at 7pm for a discussion of the sewer status. Umpiring Knothole Baseball Games — Part 1 [PUBLISHED MAY 3, ].

It was during my Sophomore year in high school that my umpiring career began in the Campbell County Rural Knothole Baseball League. At the time I was in my second and final year as a player in Class A baseball of the same Knothole League and thereby allowed me to umpire only two games in the mornings as our Class A games were always scheduled for 3pm. In my Junior year in high school, too old to continue playing knothole baseball, I turned my attention to umpiring full time, that is four games every Saturday 9, 11, 1 and 3 p.

This appeared to be my best career choice at the time. Most often I was scheduled at the Silver Grove Community Field, not certain why. Frequently I was dropped off at the field by my older brothers Ervin and Vern while on their way to work at West Side Savings Bank in Newport. Other times my Dad would chauffeur me to the field and a few times I rode my bike from home. If a ride home was needed at the end of the day, my Dad or another member of the family picked me up.

More about our family cars in a future story. My normal schedule assigned me to Class C or Class D games but occasionally a Class B game. The reason for the younger groups was that many of the players in Class A and some in Class B were nearly my size and that could intimidate a young kid umpiring and fortunately the umpire organizers understood that. There was only one umpire per game unless it was a championship game. Mind you, that was for approximately eight hours of work and usually partly in the hot afternoon sun.

In my estimation, umpiring is not unlike being a teacher. You must always be in charge, be on your toes and alert every moment, know as best you can the ground rules, anticipate what will happen next and expect feedback from parents. This experience did assist me to prepare for one of my future careers as a teacher. Part II — The game itself. JOSEPH OPEN HOUSE TONIGHT, MAY 1 6: JOSEPH TO OFFER PRE-K St. Joseph Elementary in Camp Springs will now be offering Pre-kindergarten to 3 and 4 year olds.

Open Enrollment is underway. The program will include 5 full days each week and is limited to 14 students. Joseph in Camp Springs is the oldest, continuously operating school in the Diocese of Covington. Irma was a homemaker, charter member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Camp Springs Volunteer Fire Department and a lifetime member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Campbell County VFW Post No.

Irma's grandson, Mark Ramler wrote and delivered her eulogy at her service at St. Joseph Church on April We are publishing it here in it's entirety: On behalf of the entire Futscher family, we would like to say thank you for all of your love and support over the past few days, and the past few months. We would also like to thank each and every one of you for the role that you had in my grandmother's life. Everyone gathered here tonight is truly a testament to the wonderful person she was, and I'm sure she is smiling down on us right now.

Over 60 years of my grandmother's life was spent right here in Camp Springs, but she was a city girl by birth and grew up in Newport. She would love telling stories from her childhood. Stories of the '37 flood when she was home sick with the mumps, and how she could see the Ohio and Licking Rivers from her window.

She had stories of how during the Depression, they would get extra cottage cheese from Trauth Dairy, or how they would collect coal that fell off trains in Newport to heat their homes. Stories of riding the Mt. Adams incline up to the art academy with her brother and sister. Or how she worked at the very first Kroger Store on Monmouth Street, and then later as a teller at the American National Bank.

She had stories of getting a new shoes and a bike when her great aunt passed, and stories of bike rides out to the country. And it was one of those long bike rides out to the country with Iva and Delores actually it was a car ride with Delores' parents who were in a band that played at Pete's Place that they ended up at Pete's Place in Melbourne, where she met a young and handsome Jerry Futscher, and her heart would be drawn out to Camp Springs. Now granted this was not the easiest of communities to break into, but coming from a solid German family, and with a good sense of humor, she was quick to make some lifelong friends, begin a family, and destined to become a pillar of this community.

My grandmother always had a smile on her face, and was always quick with a joke or a witty remark. I think this was her 'Schmidt wit', and fortunately, or unfortunately, this 'Schmidt wit' has been passed down to most of the family here today.

horse trailer dealers in bowling green kentucky

Out of her 60 plus years in Camp Springs, some of the most significant events of her life took place right in this very church. This place is more than just a brick building; it's a sacred place for the Futschers, and so many more families in Camp Springs.

In this very room, on this altar, under the same sunlight shining through these stained glass windows, Irma Schmidt married Jerry Futscher in and started a beautiful life and family together. On that day, they were surrounded by family and friends, and some of them, or at least their descendants, are here with us right now. And it was in this church, on this altar that they baptized their first daughter, Janet, in Then Susie came along in 53, Sharon in 54, Danny in 56, then Dougie trailed along in All of them were baptized right here, and welcomed into a loving family, and a very close nit community.

My grandmother was not born Catholic, but it was in this very church she entered into the Catholic faith. She received her first communion at the same time as her first daughter Janet, so that she could celebrate the sacraments with her children and grow alongside them in their faith. She was also confirmed in this church alongside Janet and Susie. Just a few steps away, she ran the kitchen for Summer Church Festivals, cooking thousands of chicken and roast beef dinners, and feeding the masses.

And it was in this church where she attended countless PTA meetings, school events, and was even a scout leader for Dougie. And if I'm not mistaken, Dougie can probably still fit in that scout uniform. And it was in this church, back in '68 that my grandparents volunteered to host a Mexican exchange student, Jaime. Which then led to Jorge, Jose Luis, and Pepe, and a lifelong friendship with the Ibarras in Camargo.

I'm proud to say my grandparents established the very first United Nations of Camp Springs at Box 42 Four Mile Road. It was in this church where she celebrated dozens of Easters, Christmas' and hundreds of Sunday masses in between. All three of her daughters were married here in this church, surrounded by family and friends. And she watched as all of her children would begin their own lives and families based on the solid upbringing by her and my grandpa. Just down the hill, she was a charter member of Ladies Auxiliary at the Camp Springs fire department and she was also a charter member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Alexandria VFW.

She logged countless volunteer hours with the Auxiliaries, giving back to her community and her church whenever and however she could, and was very proud of everything they did. Along with their own 5 children, and the Mexicans, my grandparents took in other children over the years and Irma mothered them as well. She was well known to the community as 'Mom Futscher'.

They were always welcoming with open arms, and grandma was ready to throw another 'potato in the pot' for whoever was staying with them at the time. What's one more mouth to feed? There was a lot of love in that small cape cod on Four Mile. In the years after the children all moved out, her and grandpa settled into retirement, and enjoyed a few leisure years.

Between her crocheting, bowling leagues, weekly bingos, and cheering on her beloved Cincinnati Reds, they managed to welcome 9 grandchildren into their lives, and spoil them like grandparents should. I know we all have so many fond memories of grandma and grandpa Futscher's on Christmas Eve, or Easter egg hunts on the back hill, or counting cars from their porch swing.

Those were great years and great memories. And it was in this church, surrounded by family and friends, where we stood by her side in '98 as we said goodbye to Grandpa Jerry, her loving husband of 47 years. In the years since, life gradually slowed down, but those years came filled with additional blessings. The joys of watching her grandchildren grow into adults, attending graduations, weddings, Christmases, Easters, and welcoming great-grandchildren, whom she adored.

And it is in this church today, surrounded by loving family and friends, that we are celebrating the life of Irma Futscher, and the wonderful person that she was. She was truly a pillar of this community, and her impact on all of our lives is immeasurable. She lived a long and full life with many blessings, and we are forever grateful for the love and blessings that she gave to each of us.

Irma was preceded in death by her husband, Jerome "Jerry" Futscher; her parents, Louis and Irene Guenther Schmidt; and a brother, Glenn Schmidt. She is survived by three daughters, Janet Tom Steller of Elizabethtown, Sue Jim Bradley of Cold Spring and Sharon Tom Ramler of Camp Springs; two sons, Dan Barb Futscher and Doug Donna Futscher, all of Camp Springs; one sister, Jean Roach of Maderia, Ohio; 11 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews.

Mass for Irma was held at 6 p. Wednesday, April 16, at St. Interment followed in St. Joseph Cemetery in Camp Springs. Memorials may be made to Saint Joseph Perpetual Cemetery Fund, in care of Saint Joseph Church, Four Mile Road, Camp Springs, KY Irma Schmidt Futscher, 86, of Camp Springs passed away Sunday, April 13,at Baptist Convalescent Center in Newport. She was preceded in death by her husband, Jerome "Jerry" Futscher; her parents, Louis and Irene Guenther Schmidt; and a brother, Glenn Schmidt.

Irma is survived by three daughters, Janet Tom Steller of Elizabethtown, Sue Jim Bradley of Cold Spring and Sharon Tom Ramler of Camp Springs; two sons, Dan Barb Futscher and Doug Donna Futscher, all of Camp Springs; one sister, Jean Roach of Maderia, Ohio; 11 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews.

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