Best dividend paying stocks in the world

Best dividend paying stocks in the world

Posted: Boss Barboss Date: 01.06.2017

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. High-quality dividend stocks never go out of style for long-term investors, and there is no shortage of stocks with high yields and bright prospects forfrom telecommunications companies embracing the digital future to pharmaceutical companies riding the success of new drugs.

No stock is without risk.

best dividend paying stocks in the world

But between their near-term profit potential and sizable dividends, these 10 dividend-paying stocks are poised to deliver better-than-average total returns in the coming months. All prices and other data are as of January 9, Stocks are listed alphabetically. By Dan BurrowsContributing Writer January AbbVie has logged 44 straight years of dividend growth.

The company has paid uninterrupted dividends since and has raised its payout annually for more than three decades. After a long slump, oil prices stabilized last year. And now that the OPEC oil cartel has agreed to cut production, prices are expected to rise even more.

10 Best Dividend-Paying Stocks for

That's good news for Chevron, a component of the Dow Jones industrial average. The integrated oil company should see profits rise in its drilling and transportation operations, and despite the higher crude prices, in its refining business, too.

Although car sales are forecast to decline inthey are still expected to remain close to record levels.

The 5 Best Dividend Stocks for Beginning Investors -- The Motley Fool

As with Ford, the case for investing in General Motors comes down to generous dividends and a bargain-priced stock. But it possesses some attractive features. The company dominates the market for containerboard, giving it exposure to rising demand for packaging used by online retailers.

For example, the company supplies half of the shipping boxes used by Amazon.

The firm pays a healthy dividend, too, and it is income you should be able to count on, considering International Paper has paid stockbroker requirements uk dividends since Years of acquisitions, along with research fidelity total stock market index advantage development, have resulted in a slew of successful drugs now on the market.

Cancer medicine Keytruda is an ongoing hit, for example, and Merck has more potential winners in the works, with 24 drugs in the latter stages of development.

Like Merck, Pfizer is a Dow component and a relatively high-yielding stock. But Pfizer has invested heavily in research and development, and it made some big acquisitions that should start to produce a new wave of products.

10 Highest Dividend Yielding Stocks -- The Motley Fool

Recent successes include breast cancer ftp upload file command line Ibrance, blood thinner Eliquis and the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine Prevnar The company has paid quarterly dividends consistently for decades and has a seven-year history of dividend growth. Dow component Verizon has paid uninterrupted swing trading emini futures since its name changed from Bell Atlantic in It can also claim 10 straight years of dividend growth.

But the company has more to offer than an income stream.

Verizon is repositioning itself for a world in which mobile content is ubiquitous and digital ads are moneymakers. It purchased AOL for its digital-advertising technology in and currently has an agreement best stocks to buy on smartstocks buy Yahoo YHOO.

best dividend paying stocks in the world

But Verizon is raking best dividend paying stocks in the world cash from its mobile business, Fios TV service and other sources.

Earnings per share should climb 3. Throw in a 4. It's going to take some time for Wells Fargo to rebuild its reputation. The revelation that thousands of employees opened millions of accounts without customers' knowledge cost the CEO his job and continues to hurt business.

How to Find the Best Dividend Stocks

But like all such scandals, this too, shall pass. Wells Fargo remains a "great bank," in the words of Warren Buffett. That should give investors confidence in Wells Fargo's prospects, but if that's not enough, is shaping up to be a good one for the entire financial sector. Interest rates are on the rise, which boosts banks' profitability.

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best dividend paying stocks in the world

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