Charles cottle options trading

Charles cottle options trading

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COIN MINE REFERENCE PAGE. Do not engineer a space program or suspension bridge or write my memoirs with the information provided herein.

Examine your own life, as Shakespeare encouraged. Please bring any errors to our attention. Coins, Currency, Economics, Metals and Mining.

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OUR BOOK AND REFERENCE INDEX: MINING, METALS and MINERALS. California Mining, Life and Natural History. Addendum to the ATC post earthquake building safety evaluation procedures.

Light wear and dog-eared pages. Very Good, light fading on dustjacket. Dictionary of Glass — Ceramic Insulators; Reprint Telephones and History. Greg Kareofellas, Gary Cranfill and John Fountain. Ole Empty Bottle House Publishing Co. Well worn, but Scarce! The Handyman's Guide to Repairing Small Appliances. Well worn cover and some pages but overall Good. Library of Practical Electricity. New York and London. Wear commensurate with age. Some light exterior soiling but pages still fairly nice and clean.

Some light exterior soiling but pages still fairly nice and clean; pencil inscription on inside cover. Library of Practical Electricity - Central Stations.

Some light exterior soiling but pages still fairly nice and clean cover. Library of Practical Electricity - Practical Electric Wiring. Library of Practical Electricity - Illumination and Signal Wiring. Library of Practical Electricity - Electrical Machinery. Some light exterior soiling, There is light water spotting on the exterior but no odor, Some interior pages display damage but most pages still fairly nice.

The Practical Handbook of Furniture Refinishing, Restyling and Repair. Hardcover, no dust jacket. Flooring, How to Plan, Install and Repair. Sunset Book, Fourth Printing. Sunset Book, First Printing.

Alexandria Virginia; Chicago, Il. Very Good, small pencil inscription. Guide to Marks of Origin on and Irish Silver Plate and Old Sheffield Plat Makers' Marks. Frederick Bradbury and Stanley Leslie. Cover is worn and moderately soiled. The Age of Access. One of Rifkin's better researched and more interesting tomes. Hardcover with dust jacket. Used, ex-library with pencil marks and some soiling. The Art of War. Simon and Schuster, Ny. Pages have some wear and a couple of spots.

How to Retire in Comfort and Safety. A fine study in how to set up your retirement vehicles to fund your retirement goals. A light read, but a few decent tips in there. Why Companies That Are Built to Last Under-perform the Market--And How to Successfully Transform Them. Richard Foster, Sarah Kaplan.

Devil Take the Hindmost. The New Business Encyclopedia for Home and Office. Garden City Books, Doubleday Garden City, New York. Cover is torn and taped and well worn. Used; doge-eared and worn. Getting Started in Consulting. John Wiley and Sons. Why Some Companies Make the Leap The Great Game, John Steele Gordon. Houghton Mifflin Company, New York. Cover and a couple pages have a small bend. A few pages are dog-eared.

Handbook of Business Letters. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. The AMA Handbook of Business Letter. A History of the American People, Paul Johnson. Honey, I Want to Start My Own Business.

Some very useful and grounded information in this book. A valuable guide for those going on their own, from home. How to Lead Work Teams: How to Run a Successful Meeting in Half the Time. Simon and Schuster, Hardcover with Dust jacket. Light wear and soiling, Good. How to Start and Manage Your Own Business. How Wall Street Works, The Basics and Beyond. How to Win Friends and Influence People. Dale Carnegie, et al. Harper and Row, Fourth revised edition The bible of value investing which never goes out of favor.

Graham tutored Warren Buffet, who has followed the school of thought since. Dustcover is worn, torn and marked but book, spine and pages are in great shape. Making the Law Work for You: A Guide for Small Business. Rice and Keith Libber. Hardcover with worn and torn d ustcover. Pencil markings on the inside cover but otherwise in Good shape. Interesting, could find no trace of this book mentioned anywhere. Manias, Panics, and Crashes, Charles Kindleberger. Market WizardsStock Market Wizards Money, Greed and Risk, Charles Morris.

Random house, New Your. Moderate wear and soiling, Good. Multiple Streams of Income. Nine Steps to Financial Freedom. How the little people are told to build wealth. Dust jacket is worn. The One Minute Manager. Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Very well used - Poor. One Up On Wall Street. Own Your Own Corporation. The Presidents, edited by Henry Graff. Hardcover, no dust jacket. Secrets of Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Tax Loopholes of the Rich and Famous.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Stay at Home Mom's Guide to Making Money. Target Marketing for the Small Business. Linda Pinson and Jerry Jinett. Upstart Publishing, Dover, NH.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Al Ries and Jack Trout. The What Color is Your Parachute. Used and well worn with standard library fixings. Books for Those Beginning in Coins.

All About Coin Collecting, a Complete Guide to Numismatics. A Grading Standards for United States Coins. Binding and original staples are good; interior pages clean except minor pencil inscriptions inside cover.

A Grading Standards for US Coins. Original sales receipt included. The Official Guide to Coin Collecting. CopyrightHouse of Collectibles, NY Hard Cover Good; Size: Checklist and Grading Guide, US Coins. The Coin Collector's Survival Manual. Consumer Guide Coin Finder. Guidebook of United States Coins. Original sticker on cover. Very fine, like new. A Guide Book of United States Coins — Yeoman. Spine, cover and shelf wear; some minor paper loss on cover, minor pencil inscription, yellowing and faded pages; dogear and minor creasing.

State Agency Grant Awards

Light spine wear, some yellowed and dog-eared pages. About Those Coins — A Catalog of Books On Numismatics. Spank and Sons, Ltd. Hard book to find! American Bureau of Economic Research. Fort WorthTx. Money and Banking — A Survey Including Contemporary Developments, Questions and Answers. Barnes and Noble, New York.

Small tears on spine. Laura Dargie and John Parsons. Great book introducing children to the concepts of barter, trade and money. Picture Book of Ancient Coins. Great introduction to ancient history and world coins for the young numismatist. Coins through the Ages. Light wear on dust jacket, great shape. Coin World Almanac — A Handbook for Coin Collectors.

Very small bite on bottom of spine. William Collins and Sons. Dust jacket in good, book in Fine. US Department of the Treasury. A National Historic Landmark — US Department of the Treasury. US Coins of Value. T he Official Blackbook Price Guide of United States Paper Money — 20th Anniversary Edition. Clean pages, slight edgewear to cover. Annual Report of the Director of the Mint for the Year Damaged Cover and Spine.

Annual Report of the Mint for the Year Annual Report of the Director of the Mint for the Year Annual Report of the Director of the Mint. Domestic and Foreign Coins Manufactured by Mints of the Unites States, Doubleday and Company, Inc. How to Build a Coin Collection. Revised 7 th edition. Barnes and Noble — Sterling. Minor sun fading on spine. Volume I, Number 4. The Numismatist for Collectors of Coins, Medals and Paper Money. Interior pages generally in good shape ; minor pencil inscriptions on the inside first cover page; some age fading.

Paper cover, pages.

ANA Volume 80, Number ANA Volume 81, Number 9. United States Coins Premium Guide Check List: Average prices paid for old U. Complete listing copper, nickel, and silver coins. Prices paid for gold. Rarcoa Choice United States Coins - World Crowns Paper Money No.

World Coins Numismatic Christmas Carol. Sidney Printing and Publishing. The Hobby of Intelligent People. Very good, discolored edges. Sixth Edition- A Guide of Modern United States Currency. Neil ShaferWestern Publishing Company. Fourth Edition - A Guidebook of Modern United States Currency. United States Canadian and Confederate Paper Money: Front cover and a few pages are bent. Standard Handbook of Modern U. United States Large Size Paper Money to Domestic and Foreign Coins Manufactured by Mints of the United States Department of the Treasury A Guide to Coin Values — Second Edition.

Discolored spine and most pages are discolored, more so on the edges. The Official Blackbook Price Guide of United States Paper Money — Eleventh Edition. Whitman Classic Presidential Dollars -????. A complete book for both Philadelphia and Denver Mint coins.

New in original shrink-wrap. The Most Authentic United States Paper Money Catalog - Robert, Arthur and Ira Friedberg. United States Small Size Paper Money. Original matching printed brown card covers. Very fine condition, like new.

Books for Intermediate Collectors. Adventures in Rare Coins. Gould and Kenneth Bressett. Whitman Publishing, Racine, Wi. Bressett and previously Kosoff. ANA official Grading Book. An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins. Interior pages generally in very good shape ; minor pencil inscriptions on the inside first cover page.

Ancient Greek and Roman Coins. Whitman Coin Products Publishing, The Art and Craft of Coinmaking. Matter Westerfield Publishing Co, Second Edition, Cover is dogeared with some wear. Interior pages great shape with minor pencil inscription on first page. The Canadian Paper Money Journal.

Official Publication of The Canadian Paper Money Society. Minor pencil inscription inside cover. Complete Encyclopedia of US and Colonial Coins, Walter Breen.

Cherry Pickers Guide to Rare Die varieties. The Complete Guide To Liberty Seated Half Dollars. Randy Wiley and Bill Bugert. The Complete Guide to Mercury Dimes. Confederate and Southern States Currency. Interior pages generally in good shape ; minor pencil inscriptions on the inside first cover page. Confederate States Paper Money. Counterfeit, Mis-Struck and Unofficial U. An Illustrated Work on Currency that no Library, College, School, Historical Society or Collector can afford to be without.

Illustrated lots of great and informative pictures. Used, minor dogeared corners, especially the lower right. Still pretty nice, especially the inner pages. Scarce book, still an important reference. A Guide to the Grading of US Coins. Brown and John W. Minor sulfur stain from old paper stored inside cover. History of the National Numismatic Collections. The Museum of History and Technology, Volume Slight dogear and cover wear.

Black and white glossy. How to Grade U. The International Monetary Crisis. Committee on Finance, US Senate. It alian Coin Engravers Since The Liberty Seated Dollar. Sanford J Durst ISBN Entire book has crease where it was bent over itself.

Curto American Numismatic Association. Reprinted from the Numismatist. Mistrikes and Oddities in the Lincoln Cent. Crown Printing and Lithographing. Upper corner of front cover is damaged. Interior pages in fine. The Official Guide to Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection; Second Edition.

Photograde — Official Photographic Grading Guide for US Coins.

charles cottle options trading

Bowers and Merina Galleries. Procedures and Descriptions of Forms Office of Domestic Gold and Silver Operations. T he Silver Dollars of North and South America. Book has some very minor discoloration on the inside of the front cover and the first page. Les and Sue Fox. A good price reference book and strategy for buying Morgan and Peace Dollars. Well used but still in Good Condition. Still has a sleeve inside containing a receipt for free admission to the San Francisco Coin Fair.

Small California and Territorial Gold Coins. The Advertiser Publishing Company. Brownpaper in 3 hole punched green binder with gilt lettering on the cover. Back of binder has paper and glue attached to it from another book. Otherwise no problems other than small price inscription inside cover. The Standard Guide to the Lincoln Cent.

Self Published, Hollywood Ca. Limited Edition Hard Cover brownofSigned by Author. Tight, mark-free and clean. Inside cover has old coin store sticker and small pencil price.

Cover has minor bend and wear. Inside pages are black and white glossy in great shape. S utler Issues of the Civil War: A Supplemental Listing with Other Related Issues. US Mint and Coinage. United States Territorial Coinage for the Philippine Islands. Moneys of the Bible.

Whitman Publishing, RacineWi. War Prisoners Money and Medals. Reprinted from The Numismatist, Pamphlet with stiffened covers. Small penciled price inside cover. A scarce and important reference on this relatively unknown sector of finance and numismatics. Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonia and Early American Coins, Q. Wooden Nickels Or, the Decline and Fall of Silver Coins. Jacket spine is worn with small tears. Book binding is tight. Very minor soiling on inside cover; otherwise pages are clean and crisp.

World War II Allied Military Currency. Black and white, illustrated. Monitor Printing, Tuscon, Az. Some soiling and minor writing inside cover. World War II Military Currency. Some schmoe removed pages Still, a scarce and important reference document. World War II Axis Military Currency. Raymond S Toy and Bob Meyer. Monitor Offset Printing, Tuscon, Az. Small price writing inside cover. A scarce and important reference document. United States Copper Coins.

Slight dogearing and a couple nicks on the cover. United States Three Cent and Five Cent Pieces. Bowers and Merena, Galleries, Inc. Books for Advanced Collectors Specialties. A Bibliography of American Numismatic Auction Catalogues, Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarter Dollars. Some discoloration on the outside edges. Strong Fine, like new. Hard book to find. Published by Coinguard Industries. Very minor sulfur staining inside back cover from where old paper was stored; small old price written on inside cover.

Hard book to find, important reference work. Leroy Van Allen and George Mallis. Counterfeit Mis-struck and Original US Coins. Minor nicks on dust jacket. Detecting Counterfeit Gold Coins, Book 2. Lonseome John John Devine. High Company Printing Company, Newbury Park, Ca.

Indian Head How to win in binary option xposed review robot 1 Date Varieties. Hewitt Numismatic Information Series. Major Variety and Oddity Guide. East OrangeN.

Major Varieties of U. Major Varieties of United States Quarter Eagles. Morgan and Peace Dollar Varieties.

Rodent bites on spine. The Official Price Guide to Mint Errors and Varieties. Very minor sulfur staining inside front cover from where old paper was receipt has been, and still is stored since July Paper Money of the Kingdom and the Republic of Hawaii Gordon Medcalf and Robert Fong Discoloration on the spine and slightly dogeared. Price Catalogue of U. S Colonial and Continental Currency. Weissbuch and Richard T. Prisoner of War Monies and Medals.

Standard Catalog of US Coins Altered and Counterfeit Coins.

Three new aggressive strategies from Charles Cottle -

Virgil Hancock and Larry Spanbauer. Sanford Durst Numismatic Publications. Minor wrinkling at bottom of first pages. The United States Branch Mint at Dahlonega, Georgia: Its History and Coinage. United States Copper Coins: An action Guide for the Collector and Investor. United States Large Copper Cents Newcomb Source of the Newcomb Number.

United States Large Cents David Bowers and Douglas Winter. United States Pattern, Experimental and Trial Pieces. Kosoff, Western Publishing Co. Twenty Pages, all coin diagrams. Very Good condition with minor age yellowing, small tear on cover and dogearing. Ancient Coin Collecting - Roman Acm gold and forex trading Coins.

Published by the Trustees of the British Museum. Minor marks on cover. British Copper Coins and Their Values. Seaby and Monica Busell. Stiffened cover pamphlet, brownpaper. Byzantine Coin Values, A Guide. Glossy black and white. Canadian Coin Variety Catalog — Including Newfoundland. Catalog of Scandinavian Coins. Small penciled price inside cover and minor fading.

Very nice, Almost Fine. Coinage of Swedish Plate Money. Coins of British Oceania. Hard to find second edition, paperback. Photo survey of coins from Australia, Fiji, New Guinea and New Zealand. Front cover is faded from red to orange. Small pencil price mark inside cover.

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Coins of England and United Kingdom. Forex trading and investing and Son, London. Hardback no dust jacket. Coins of the World, Third Edition. Dust Jacket is torn. The Coins of Mexico: The Coins of Colonial Mexico and the Empire of Iturbide. Volume I blue cover. Small penciled price inside cover; lightly creased. The Coins of the Republic of Mexico.

Volume II white cover: Small penciled price inside cover; lightly soiled; slight dog-eared pages. The Collecting of Roman Coins Made Easy. Publisher and date unknown. Very minor cover wear on spine buying co-op shares small price inscription on inside cover.

The Coinage of the Republic of Ireland. Stiffened covers and brown paper pages. Coins of the British World - Complete from A. The Coin and Currency Institute. Black and white and three-color illustrated. Small price inscription inside cover. Pages starting to brown and very light soiling.

Coins of Greek Sicily. Trustees of the British Museum - University Press. Illustrated black and white with plates. The Coins of Guatemala: Coins Medals and Tokens of the Philippines.

Hardcover, black and white linen pages. Small pencil price inside cover. Coins of the World: Small knicks on dust jacket and small ding on faux leather hardcover.

Black and white glossy illustrations. First Edition, Self Published. Signed by Author, inside cover. Awesome photography and great grading reference. Book has minor soiling and dog-ear on pages. Copper Coins of Italy. Glossy cover with black and white illustrated. Couple small marks on cover and minor wrinkling. Current Coins of the World. Small inscription inside cover. Eight Reales and Pesos of the New World. San AntonioTx. Encyclopedia of World Paper Money. Universal Publishing Company of Port Washington, NY.

Softcover in bound comb. Minor stain spots on cover. Foreign Mints and Banks — How to Order Direct. Minor fading and wear on binding. Gold Coins of the Americas. Gold Coins of the World - Complete from A. The Coin and Currency Institute, New York, New York. Guide Book of the Rare and Scarce Coins of Latin Buyback of shares through stock exchange. Hemisphere Coin Company, Some price inscriptions and original price sticker on cover.

Moneda y Acunacion En Mexico. Manuel Orozco y Berra. The Guide Book of Canadian Coins, Tax consequences of selling covered call options Currency and Tokens: Taylor and Somer James.

Canadian Numismatic Publishing Institute. A Guide Book of English Coins. Small initials inside cover. A Guide Book of European Coins. Red faux leatherbound cover boards with gilt lettering on the front. A Guide for the Grading of Canadian Coins. Paul and Gerald B. Hungerford-Holbrook Company, Watertown, Ny. A Guide Book of Latin American Coins. Small price sticker on faux leather hardcover with gilt lettering.

Has mintage records of Latin America coins from midth century to A Guide Book of Mexican Coins — to Date. V Buttery and Clyde Hubbard. A Guide Book of Mexican Decimal Coins: A Guide Book to Modern Latin American Coins.

Hardcover; black and white glossy pages and photos. Rodent bites on spine, minor wear on cover and a small price mark on inside. Great condition - Very Good. A Guide Book of Philippine Paper Money. Faux blue divergence forex trading bound cover boards with lettering on the front.

International Guide to Coin Collecting. Modern Australian and New Zealand Coins. Stiffened cover pamphlet, brown paper with illustrations. Small rodent bites on spine. Modern Chinese Copper Coins. Reprint from the Numismatist Minor wear and moderate soiling on the cover.

Interior sheets are clean.

Coin Mine Reference Page

Black print and sepia wood-block images. Numismatic History of Mexico. New York, ISBN Numismatic Notes and Monographs. Wear and sticker glue on cover. Perran and Xavier Calico. Old price on inside and minor fade on front cover. Pageant of World Commemorative Coins — Their Meanings and Symbolism. Covers have wear, and rodent damage to edges. Price Catalog of Modern European Gold Coins. Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins.

Black and White glossy. Small price penciled inside cover. Royal Greek Portrait Coins. Whitman Publishing, Racine Wisconsin. Minor paper stain on inside back cover. Small writing old price on inside front cover. The Royal Mint — An Outline History. Glossy cover and glossy black and white pages.

Rubles of Peter the Great and His Successors. Selections from the Numismatist — Ancient and Medieval Coins. The Silver Dollars of Africa. Very small price inscription is the only blemish. Spanish Dollars Adapted purse money masters 2016 US Colonial Use and West Indies and Australia.

This pamphlet covers pages and Small price inside cover. The Standard Catalogue of Byzantine Coin Values. Very small stain on cover. Standard Grading Guide to Canadian Decimal Coins. James Charlton and Robert Willey. A main reference for earn cash emails Canadian Coins.

Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins. Krause and Clifford Mishler. The Star Rare Coin Encyclopedia and Premium Catalog. Numismatic Company of Texas. Thinstock cover Stamped L on reverse cover.

Pages and cover have mathematical operations binary numbers wear, moderate soiling, small edge tears, dogeared, etc.

Strange Money of the World. Small price sticker on cover. Minor writings on pages. Sterling Publishing, Hardcover with DJ and plastic DJ protector. Black and White with many illustrations. Viking Coins of the Danelaw. Published by Trustees of the British Museum, London. Paramount International Coin Corporation. Ancients, Crowns, and Gold Coins of the World.

Superior Stamp and Coin Company. Autumn Mail Auction Sale. Discolored cover and pages. Casa Dinero Coin Co. Winter Sale Items from the estate of Dr.

Black and white illustrations and plates. Black and white illustrations. Food and Agricultural Organizations Coins- Links in a Chain of Peace. Garrett Collection Catalogs - Three Volumes. The Nunmismatique Auction Sale. Norweb Collection Catalogs Three volumes. Rare Coin Company of America, Inc.

Stack's Almost complete colonial type collection. Listing latest market prices United States and Canadian Coins with complete checklist. Slight discoloration on the top of the front cover. Catalog of Many Unusual and Rare Items Coin Supplies and Information. Tatham Stamp and Coin Company Unites States Type Set Large Coins, Blue Whitman Slide-Album,High frequency trading strategies in fx markets Pages, New - still in shrink wrap.

Jefferson Nickels, Date -??? The Medallic History of the United States of America The Medals of Franklin. A Preliminary Guide to Nevada Trade Tokens. Len Hoskins, John Schilling and Hal Dunn. Published by Columbus Industries, RenoNv. Still the main reference book for Nv. Ribbons and Medals Naval, Military, Air Force and Civil. George Phillip and Son Limited. Light wear and dogeared pages, some age fading.

Light dog-earing, small marks and pencil inscriptions, and page soiling. A Checklist of Nevada Post Offices, La Posta Pocket Guide Series. This guide is a must for purveyors of Nevada paper. Good luck finding one. Computers on Stamps and Stationary. American Topical Association; Handbook Computers on Stamps and Stationary, Volume 2. Just a few minor pen markings and light page end soiling, Very Good. Culinary Ephemera an Illustrated History. Gilding and the Making of Gold Leaf.

Published by Butler and Ferrigno. Hand made and paper bound. This book truly belies the beauty of gold leaf and gilt. The book provides a step by step photo plates guide to laying gold leaf. Best cfd and forex broker book itself has gold leaf, visible only upon certain angles and itself is a nice work of art and provides a glimpse into the world of antique bookmaking.

One of only copies made. A Guide to the Collecting and Care of Original Prints. Carl Zigrosser and Christa Gaehde. Crown Publishers, New York, NY. Light wear, spine starting to disassociate mildly, age fading. The Handbook of Historical Documents - A Guide to Owning History.

Hawaiian Stamps - and Related Themes. Historic Stock Certificates Europe - Volume I. Verlag Herman Schmidt Mainz. Well used with wear on cover especially, old price sticker glue still remains in small location but the interior glossy pages are actually in very nice shape.

Nevada Post Office An Illustrated History. James Gamett and Stanley Paher. Stanley comes through again with a definitive reference work. The Pony Express — the Collection formed by Thurston Twigg-Smith. Robert Siegel Auction Galleries. This is the Auction Catalog for the December 5, of the Twigg-Smith Pony Express Collection. This is Ephemera - Collecting printed throwaways. Cover has minor wear and spine has faded color. Interior pages generally in good shape with some soiling here and there and minor inscriptions on the inside first page.

Articles of Incorporation and Range Rules bylaws - The Westerners. Cardstock cover tan and white now yellow with age pages. Actually a really good example of a non-profit rules of incorporation. Minor dogear, age wear and pencil inscriptions inside the front cover. Early Paper Charles cottle options trading of America.

Paper Money of United States. The Coin and Currency Institute, Inc. Still the important paper money reference. Hard cover, missing jacket. Great shape considering age with just minor spine and cover wear, light soiling, very few problems, nice pages. New Jersey 'proclamation money' printed in March and July February 17, Continental Currency. Military Currency WWII - Supplement. Monitor Printing, Tucson, Az.

This book is the supplement with corrections to the primary publication. Minor soiling on cover with very small price inscription inside. Black and white illustrations, price guide and rarity Index. A military payment certificate reference guide. B N R Press May 1, ISBN: Obsolete Paper Money Issued by Banks in the United States Paper Money Guide and Handbook. Exploratory Wells Drilled Outside of Oil and Gas Fields in California to December 31, Green cardstock cover and white now yellow with age interior pages.

Well worn, cover loose from booklet, some rips and tears of cover though interior pages still pretty decent. The Illustrated Brief History of Time, Updated and Expanded Edition. Proceedings of a speech given on Mdme. Cover page is signed by the speaker. Minor soiling and wear. Achieving Consensus on Water Policy in California. Edmund Brown Institute of Public Affairs CSU-Los Angeles. Like New - Fine. California Grasslands and Range Forage Grasses.

California Agricultural Experiment Station. Scarce and Important Reference. A Brief Pictorial History of Grizzly Island. Brown cardstock cover with glossy black and white interior pages.

Mostly pictures with headers and footers. No page numbers, about 52 pages. Neat historical reference; out of stock and Rare. The Journal of the New Alchemists.

Numerous pencil inscriptions inside front cover. List of Geological Survey, Geologic and Water-Supply Reports and Maps for California. US Department of The Interior December US Department of The Interior.

US Government Printing Office. Cover has minor wear and very small tears on top edge. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Autumn Jauck and Laura Pederson. Exploring by Trail and Shoreline. Used, light wear and dogear. The Great Lead Water Pipe Disaster. Great condition, just a few very minor pencil inscriptions. Keys to Soil Taxonomy. Natural Resources Conservation Service.

charles cottle options trading

Worn and wrinkled cover dogeared pages, etc but still decent Good- condition. Still the go-to reference guide. Timber - Story of a Timber Sale on a National Forest.

Western Times and Water Wars. University of California Press. One of the better researched, if stilted and slanted, tells of Owens Valley and the California water battles. Well Used, ex-student library with pencil marks and some soiling. Scorpion Down — The Untold Story of the USS Scorpion. Dogeared pages, small tear on the cove. American School of Home Economics. The Profession of Home Making Home Course Study.

American School of Home Economics, Chicago, Il. Well worn and dogeared cover with creases and minor tears and rips along the edges and spine but overall complete. The interior pages are in good shape but have minor soiling and pencil inscription. Scarce, could not find another one on the internet. Ask Suze, Suze Orman. Set of Seven Books on financial topics for the beginner. All books almost Fine condition handled but likely unread. Each book about pages, published by Penguin Putnam in The set titles are: Bad Samaritans - The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism.

Minor dog eared pages. Charles Schwab's New Guide to Financial Independence. Cover and some pages are bent back. Encyclopedia of Estate Planning. Robert Holzman and John Tuozzolo. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. Farrar, Strauss and Giroux. Probus Publishing Company, Chicago, Il. P earson Prentice Hall. Some pretty helpful hint and topics in this book. Some Dogear and spine wear but has re-enforced plastic on binding.

Financial Market Rates and Flows. This is the undergrad textbook from Probably read once, partially. Moderately worn with standard dogeared corners and creases. The interior pages are in good shape and clean, inside first page has an old price stamp. Book and pages are Almost Fine. Seven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Used Hardcover with dust jacket. Highlights and pencil marks. The History of Currency: Very fine, almost like new. How Full is Your Bucket? Tom Rath and Donald Clifton. New York Times Best Seller.

Brand new with original inserts. How to Read a Financial Report. John Wiley and Sons, NY. This book is an essential for anybody who holds stocks, or wants to - the basis of fundamental analysis. Book and pages have been bent back. Some pages are partially crumpled. Well worn but still very usable. Published by Harpers Business. Handled but likely read just once, minor marks and dog-eared.

Small date, price and inscription inside cover. Random House, New York. Readings in Price Theory — Volume VI. First Printing, April Stigler and Boulding, editors. Several pen and pencil inscriptions inside cover and one on spine. Benjamin Graham and David Dodd and Sidney Cottle ; Fourth Edition McGraw-Hill, New York. T he Silver Crisis. Spine damage - rodent bits in two spots, Minor cover wear, wrinkled back cover.

Pages and binding are problem-free. Technical Analysis Applications in the Global Currency Markets. Cornelius Luca, New York Institute of Finance, Parts are a bit dated pictures of the room-sized computers!

Long out of print and hard to find. Gently used, book spine and cover wear, dogear, etc. A Treatise on Coins of the Realm. Viewpoints of a Commodity Trader. Your Rights as a Customer — Laws of Buying. Legal Almanac Series, Oceana Publications.

Chock full of great information, legal and code information you never read about in modern disinformation books. The Wealth of Nations. The World is Flat. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York. Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice. Cover and spine are worn with small tears. An interesting read today; self evidence why the whole program failed and yet serves as the model of debauchery and failure of our once strong nation. Read it and weep.

A scarce original pamphlet. The Emperor Wears no Clothes. Softbook, second printing Dogeared and slightly bent. Wow, prices have really climbed on this one. Too bad, a great expose on how our former Republic of the United States of America has devolved into little more than a police state. Thanks to the failed War n Poverty, Terrorism, Baddies, you and me and - as documented herein - a plant that grows native everywhere in our lower Read it now, while the book is still legal.

Illustrated Biography of Bs and the Men Who Flew Them. Dustjacket is well worn with several small rips and tears.

Garden City, New York. American Red Cross Standard First Aid and Personal Safety. Self Published - American Red Cross. Well worn and dog- eared. Ben Franklins Guide to Wealth.

Erin Barett and Jack Mingo. The Complete Indoor Gardener. Hardcover, with dust jacket. Tears on dust jacket, most pages are faded and darkening with age but no other problems and generally in good condition. Cut Your Bills in Half. Cut Your Spending in Half.

Department of the Army Field Manual - Survival. US Army - published. This book is no longer easy to find. Very well worn and soiled. Department of the Army Field Manual - Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques - References. Department of the Army Field Manual - Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques - Incendiaries.

Department of the Army Field Manual - Improvised Munitions Handbook. Tear on binding, a few pages are torn or soiled, writing in some pages but complete and generally in decent condition. Elementary Home Economics - Unit Problem Plan. LittleBrown and Co.

Dog-ear and spine wear cover; wax spots on cover; pages are very good. Several inscriptions inside cover. An incredible book, I learn something new every time I look at it. Amazing that this was a basic text book in US Schools in the s. A salient insight into the history of US home economics. Institute of Applied Science, Chicago Il. IASFirearm and Modus Operandi, IAS A Good Condition, Pages are dog-eared, yellowed and worn but complete with no major tears or other problems.

There is a moderate amount of pen and pencil markings. This is the textbook for the class still taught by IAS, the definitive home-school for gun ID and ballistics. We found no other book available on the internet; Scarce and important reference guide. How to Sell What you Make. Very minor dog-ear and wear on cover. Making the Best of Basics - Family Preparedness Handbook. A great reference book, many tips you don't need to know - until you really need to know.

Worn and very soiled. The Millionaire Next Door. Thomas Stanley and Dr. Who Has How Much and Why. An example of a politician using statistics to validate his world view; some interesting case study in there. Pfizer Series of Anatomical and Pathological Transparencies.

The Physiology of Man. Mc Graw — Hill. Sierra Bullets Reloading Manual. Published by Sierra Bullets, Several hundred pages with Appendices. Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence. Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin. Although a bit dated, this book shaped our early thinking regarding personal finance and our role as individuals in the grand economic scheme. Penny Pinching - How to Lower your Everyday Expenses Without Lowering your Standard of Living.

Lee and Barbara Simmons. Some great money saving tips! Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The Richest Man in Babylon. Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival. Well worn and used, light soiling. One of the go-to books on how to get things done out in the bush. Military Small Arms of the 20th Century - A Comprehensive Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Small Caliber Firearms. Hogg and John Weeks.

Yellowed pages, cover and spine wear, but generally good although this book smells like cigarette smoke. The Gun Digest of Assault Weapons. Edited by Jack Lewis. Yellowed pages, cover and spine wear, but generally Very Good.

In the The Gravest Extreme - The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection. Considered THE Tome on this topic on the role of using a firearm for personal protection; how to make sure if you use your weapon the criminal will not live to challenge your use or otherwise threaten you again.

Life or Death - Emergency Medical Techniques. Paladin Press, Boulder Co. Nice condition; dust jacket has wear and tears but book and pages in nice shape although this book smells a little musty. Pages are good with minor cover wear, significant spine damage but generally good although this book smells like cigarette smoke. Fundamentals of Modern Police Impact Weapons.

DJ has light wear and discoloring. Small rodent bite on spine. Book has yellowed pages but otherwise in Extra Fine condition, light odor. Comes with original purchase receipt. SKS Rifle, Simonov Type Department of Army Training Circular TC Department of Army Training Circular TM Antimony Deposits of Nevada.

Nevada Bureau of Mines. Mackay School of Mines, University of Nevada. Ex New Mexico Library; Ex: Ranchers Exploration and Development Corp; Ex: Wallace, Idaho Mining Museum.

Minor dog-earing on cover and first few pages. Light wear on spine. Stamp and writing on inside cover. Binding glue starting to age. Maps in Very Fine. Overall nice specimen of a difficult report to find. Bedded Barite in East Northumberland Canyon, Nye County, Nevada.

First and Second printings, Geothermal Exploration and Development in Nevada Through Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology.

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Light wear on binding. Very minor writing inside. Gold Fever and the Art of Panning and Sluicing. Well used and soiled though still in decent shape. Self Published,First Edition. Gold - The Yellow Devil. Translated and Printed in U. Shows the origination of many of the anti-gold arguments used by today's anti-miners. Gold Diggers and Camp Followers. First Paperback Edition Just very light wear on cover and first few pages.

Comes with original purchase receipt, likely book never has been read. Handbook of Gem Identification. Gemological Institute of America. Mines Handbook, ; Mines Register, Mineral Resources of Douglas, Ormsby and Washoe Counties. Nevada Bureau of Mines Bulletin Pressboard cover; Plastic Binding. The Molly Maguires; The True Store of Labor's Martyred Pioneers in the Coalfiel ds.

International Publishers, New York. Looks unread though there is minor dogearing, creasing, and soiling of the cover. Mother Lode Gold Belt of California. Sketches of the Gold Country. Nevada City Nugget Press, second edition.

Vintage document with the original drawings. Minor wear, stamp and minor inscriptions inside. Quicksilver Deposits in Nevada. Bailey and David A. University of Nevada Bulletin. Geology and Mining Series No. Nevada State Bureau of Mines and USGS. Binding has writing, moderate wear and small tear. Cover has small tear and moderate wear. Pages have minor dog-earing but overall very nice shape.

Peterson First Guides - Rocks and Minerals. Report upon the Mineral Resources of the States and Territories West of the Rocky Mountains, Browne, J. Thermal Waters of Nevada. Larry J Garside and John H. The Wild Horse Quicksilver District, Lander County Nevada.

Dane and Clyde P. Cover is dog-eared with old small pencil price. McGraw Hill Book Company.

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