How hard is it to make money from poker

How hard is it to make money from poker

Posted: sevasjack Date: 26.05.2017

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This is a discussion on Making a living in from cash games? As you can all see that poker is getting tougher and tougher every year..

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Making a living in from cash games? Real Money Poker - Real Money Casinos. Hello everybody As you can all see that poker is getting tougher and tougher every year.. Nowdays, it's a realistic goal to make a decent living from poker?

If so what form of poker do you choose online or live? Do you guys succeed in making a living from poker? And also how much hours do you play? Getting a and saving etc is realistic. Don't let the odds scare you. It is definately possible. Yes poker is becoming harder and more popular etc, but it's also turning alot more players every year into fulltime players. Cash games are the best way to make a living, this is well known.

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The variance in tournaments is incredibly high, and other then the TV pro's that you love to watch, most full time players make their money off of cash games. I can't stress this enough: Do not think you can sit down and be a pro Be prepared to dedicate years of your life to this. So keep a fulltime job as well as poker on the side, and go fulltime when you're ready. You have a 3k bankroll.

You can go through this in a week if you're not careful. This however is NOT the case for online. The general rule of thumb for online is you want " buy ins" of the stakes youre playing. What a horrible crybaby attitude.

But you are right people "like you" will not do any profit. No offence but i really know that i job would do you better.

Forget about everything you have heard about "easy money",. Originally Posted by Lostmyhouse. So i think it depends from ppl which form thay play. My advice to you would be play at the lower stakes make a little money and build up.

Best to get a job and make a consistent income and save a little every month. A little saved every month from a job for about 20 years can make you a millionaire, thats the best path to take. Variance doesnt guarantee you a profit in poker, live or online. Originally Posted by lukeellul What in gods name are you saying?

Who are you calling a cry baby? Your attitude is not needed. I don't mean to be offensiv or rude. It's just that many people have the wrong picture of poker, it is not wrong really, everybody wants to win money and poker has a skillelement so it is the only real option. But hey if the person has a real interest for the game andlikes to play then am i the first one to recommend a try at it.

A person in a poor country have the advantage from currency and so on. I don't know how much experience you already have with poker, but it's unrealistic to think you will "decide" to turn pro and be successful right away. Be prepared to learn how much you actually don't know about the game. There is a reason every poker-loving person in the world isn't going pro; poker is a very difficult game even against bad players.

Find someone to talk to about poker. The biggest leaps in your game will occur when people tell you how badly you played a hand when you believed you actually played it perfectly. Except when they are incorrect. Originally Posted by LD Originally Posted by Mr Sandbag.

Originally Posted by S3mper.

Then wouldn't the person who have posted the hand up for hand analysis have played the hand perfectly if CC members are always correct? If your using a hud be honest with your investment. Hope and dreams are for the movies. Take a look at 30k in hands. Are you profitable on a long term basis? Are your swings big or small in comparison to others?

If you do then you can be a bit more selective about what games to be playing rather than sitting down because you NEED the money for the month. Treat it as if your business it should be treated as an investment fund then would you as a CEO invest in your poker skills.

I think if we're going to give you an honest answer it deserves an investment approach. It's really not about YOU. It's about your MONEY. This also depends on where you live. After university you earn about k in the beginning and it's hard to earn more in poker.

Originally Posted by ahmshere. These kind of questions are always silly to me. Obviously there is plenty of room to make money, else sites like this wouldn't exist to get better and help people get to that point. Dorugremon summed it up pretty nicely, it's hard work to get to that point but it's possible and plenty of people do it. However, many of them will go broke at some point for various reasons.

Either insane bad runs, poor bankroll management, thinking you're better than you are and staying in tough games, etc. For most people a regular job is the way to live even though the idea of "easy money" is tempting. So we will see how much i can make. Keep grinding on your off days and get a job. In my experience, before black friday, its possible to make profit online.

Today, the game is tough like rock. I think it depends a lot on which place you stay, whether there are enough games that you can get in, given that you have a small roll. But there's a catch and this is my observation , there are not enough people to get the action going and it is usually late when the games start and people don't play for more than hours, weekends are a different story.

Given you do it every day and never skip. Are you willing to skip the weekend parties and club hopping? When most of your friends are having fun? There are many people who have posted there experience, suggestion. I think you should listen to them.

That said, in general the answer would be every day, the maximum hours you're allowed to play, to go with. All I can do now is wish you luck! Definatly possible, I don't at the moment, but i am absolutely determined and have such a competitive mind frame with anything that I won't stop until I do.

I will read, study and devote my time to learning and playing the game until I do. The way I see it is other people can make a living out of it so why can't I? I wonder - the author got the post of higher education? If yes - what thoughts then. Yes there proffesionaly, but their unity. There were So many similiar threads!

Yeah it's possible, but I don't think it's smart enough to count on poker when we talking about money for leaving. The result is predictable as playing lottery. It's so so so much easier to beat live cash than online. Everyone online is a genius now if the stakes are. No one ever folds in live cash, so the best way to play full ring against bad players is to play very few hands, and win most if not all of the hands you play.

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There are very few solid players where i play. I make most of my money from the weak reg fish. Focus on one game and studying it a lot every day. There is no shortcut to profits. I say get a job and play poker on the side. I keep a poker calendar of the tournaments I'm interested in and I work my schedule around that.

Why is this important? Because if you don't have something to fall back on, you'll be playing scared money when you start hitting downswings. It's not healthy and very damaging Just have something part time on the side and be comfortable. Hopefully, try to find a game with alot of rich donks in it. The more bad players, the better for your bankroll. I think tou can do that. You just need time and motivation.

Start playing micro and see what you get. I hope to make my living grinding the cardschat freerolls In all seriousness yes it is a lot tougher than 5 years ago but it is still possible. Buddy , in simple sense your 3k br is completely scared Money. Dont even start playing it to make to a mth. You can definitely make a living playing poker, Texas Hold'em, especially if your bankroll starts at 3K.

The live events at a local spot are usually easier than online but that does not mean that online is impossible. You can make a decent amount of money playing online in the comfort of your own home. I would recommend starting of in the micro stakes to get an idea of where you stand with your skill level. I'm not a poker professional but I've beaten 2nl and moved up to 5nl.

I'm studying a lot but I actually need to work on my mental game as well. Just this week I tilted a few buyins at 5nl because things didn't go so well when I tried to move up.

I could easily deposit enough to play 50nl but I'm not skilled so I would just lose it. I recommend beating lower stakes and treating it like levels in a video game. Are you a winning player at any stake yet or are you just starting out? You can make enough to support yourself but it takes time.

how hard is it to make money from poker

If you worry about money early on when you're a weak player the variance will tilt you. Think of it as a long term goal that could support you maybe in a year or two.

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I imagine that the online field is. Page 1 of 2. Originally Posted by Lostmyhouse What a horrible crybaby attitude. Originally Posted by lukeellul92 What in gods name are you saying? Originally Posted by Lostmyhouse I don't mean to be offensiv or rude. Originally Posted by LD Except when they are incorrect. Originally Posted by Mr Sandbag Blasphemy. CCers are always correct.

how hard is it to make money from poker

Originally Posted by S3mper Then wouldn't the person who have posted the hand up for hand analysis have played the hand perfectly if CC members are always correct? Originally Posted by ahmshere Hello everybody As you can all see that poker is getting tougher and tougher every year..

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