How to get lots of money fast on pou

How to get lots of money fast on pou

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Hi loo, darling caretakers!

You're here to gently pet your Pou, right? Aww… such an adorable task! I'm glad to see you love your Pou so much you would search for a tip manual on how to manage it!

Follow these tips to manage your Pou and have fun! Almost everything in Pou requires money: Many gamers have complained about this situation. The amount of coins they get in the game are not enough to buy valuable items, such as expensive seafood, house architecture, designer outfits, etc.

how to get lots of money fast on pou

The main problem is probably how much the material costs and how many coins you have to earn. Most Pou games are pretty stiff in collecting coins sadly. Each game only gives a tiny bit of coins, so usually a lot of players will play lots of games for more coins. But still, the Pou money isn't enough You don't want to risk using your real pennies to buy the , coin pack, do you? Many Pou caretakers end up buying coin packs anyway because playing too much games are a hassle.

Actually, here's an entrepreneurial tip in Pou: DON'T spend ALL of your Pou coins quickly. It's a very common mistake for most people who play this app. Using your Pou coins all at once and never saving anything isn't a good system.

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Budget your coins first before buying anything. Make sure you have an average amount of money left when you buy something really expensive. Never have only coins left- with that low amount you might still attempt to spend every single piece of your money, that is, until you can't even buy cheaper food!

The best examples are Free Fall, Sky Jump, and Star Popper. For normal gamers, these games can already give a good amount of coins.

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Have one decent item at a time to save money! Update your objects when you have enough money already.

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Too much items isn't efficient, clearly because you can only use a certain material scarcely. What kind of difference? Frankly, notice that most of your answers here have to be positive. Level up and achieve more! Each level contains a specific amount of coins: Achievements take goal steps in money, too: Attain your daily activities! If you love to purr your Pou every time it gets unhappy, then do it!

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Fluffing your Pou gives you a few coins, but by doing so- little by little- can actually make hundreds of coins! Clubs The Wattys Writing Contests Writers JustWriteIt.

how to get lots of money fast on pou

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