Trading strategies fifa 15

Trading strategies fifa 15

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The best way to make fifa 15 coins in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is buying cheap and selling expensive.

trading strategies fifa 15

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FIFA 15 Chemistry Guide - Full Version. FIFA 15 Passing Guide — Full Version. FIFA 15 Dribbling Guide - Full Version. FIFA 15 Trading Guide - Full Version. But how do you know when, where and what to buy and sell? To help you to find the answers to these pertinent questions, we have compiled the best Trading Tips for FIFA 15 which will make you a trader even more well successful.

Knowing the market is fundamental in order to have success as a trader in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. The most basic idea about trading is selling at a price that is superior to the one you paid for. The market is somewhat predictable. But also you can use more useful tools in this process. With them you have easy access to the valuable information about any card in the game: There is another tactic, its as simple, that has good results when you want to study a specific market.

You just add a big amount of the same card to your transfer target list and observe their final prices. It is this analysis you will have to study very carefully. Obviously, with so much information available, you can make a deeper investigation into the market and then maximize your profit possibilities.

If you want an easier way to do it, you can consult a database and see which is the lower BIN. This trick only works with cards with high demand. Amazon, for example, started selling books. Only after becoming a leader in this sector they expanded their business to other products.

As this market is live with much availability and choice, it would be impossible for someone try and keep up with its full dynamics. Choose a branch in which you feel comfortable, study it and keep yourself updated about the changes that happen in this specific market.

Remember that being fast is a very important characteristic a trader must have: Which ones are the best? The best example of that are the several lists pointing out the supposed best players there are to sell. Many people will disagree because the idea was already sold for them but the truth is that there are no best cards to buy and sell.

All the cards can produce profit if you completely understand their behaviour in the market. That is what is really important. Many FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players insist that there are branches you should bet on: All of them are apparently very attractive targets because their prices are usually higher. But they are higher not only for who buys but also for who sells.

If you bet on cards that are launched in big amounts, be prepared for many small profits. If you bet on cards that are launched in small amounts, be prepared for just a few sales but with considerable profits. As the image illustrates, some silver players reach impressive prices. Imagine you own a store. In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team the same happens.

You always need available cards to sell. In the first place, your transfer list must always be full. Every time you sell some cards you should immediately occupy the other spaces of the transfer list with new cards. We also advise that you use the EAS FC catalogue items to improve the size of your transfer list.

Normally these replacements are already in place via the transfer targets but you can also keep some cards to sell in your club. As a good trader you intend to be, your job is to give your cards the bigger visibility. In order to do that you should have them available the higher time possible between the first hour auctions. As it seems to be evident, you just need to list your cards with a pre-defined duration, one hour, and re-list them for another hour when the auction expires.

Although, no one has enough availability to renew the auctions every hour, during an entire day. Basically these are the two golden rules about the auction duration definition: Although, there are exceptions for these rules. The normal situation would be defining a 6 hours duration for your auction. But if you notice that the last hour of the auction will be during a small traffic period, it may be better if you choose an one hour duration in order to get more visibility.

Another example is the occurrence of programmed interruptions on the market access. Knowing how to define a start price for a card you put on auction is extremely important to get profit. We could try to show you what is the ideal price for each card, according to how much you paid for it, but we would have to use some complex mathematics models.

The value that really matters is the final price. Although, the start price has a big influence on what the final price is going to be, so its correct definition is very important. Although, every player wants, in the first place, to make coins. Your card will be bid more often because it appears more frequently between the search results with maximum filters. This will make more players watch your card until the end of the auction.

In the first place for a risk matter. You can win, but you can lose. If you have the tough luck of having auctions with low start prices during a service interruption, then you may lose considerable amounts of coins sometimes. The difficult thing is to know what start price will give you profit.

General rule, we think that you have to give a card a start price according to what the market is interested in. Although, the start price you define must be related to your availability: If someone makes a c bid for this card and then a service interruption happens, the seller might have a huge loss. We do not advise the definition of a start price that low. No one will pay that price. You can define it slightly or moderately higher than the market price.

Choose the first method.

The truth is that, unlike you were supposedly thinking, our tests indicate that if the BIN price is near the start price, your chances of selling a card are bigger. Except for some cases, you should define a Buy It Now price always when you put a card on auction.

A lot of times we go buy a card and, immediately before we do so, we see there are equal cards being sold at the same price by the same seller.

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When this happens, we have to question if we found the best price possible. If someone is selling many equal cards, this person is counting on profit. And if they can, we can also do it. We know that we advised you to bet on branches. But if you want to have success you should be careful not to make this mistake.

Mix them with other cards or take some seconds intervals.

FUT 15 Mass Bidding Coin Making Method Trading Guide - FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, FUT Web App, Beta & Demo

If you have big amounts of three or four different cards, this procedure will become a lot easier. There is also those who utilize a slightly different strategy. The tests we made with this strategy reveal lower profits than expected. Avoid buying in these cases. In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, there are more and more players trying to make the buyers confused.

Normally this is done by selling low price cards with similar characteristics to the cards whose buyers are effectively interested in.

Have you tried buying Chiellini without using the filter by name? With the introduction of the new search by name option, the best strategy is to take advantage of players with more than one In Form version. If you are not an experienced trader, there are trading methods that may save you lots of work.

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They are ready to use. You just need to follow the instructions. About Us Contact Us Sell To Us Help Center.

trading strategies fifa 15

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Study the Market Carefully Knowing the market is fundamental in order to have success as a trader in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Always have many Cards to sell Imagine you own a store. Rule 6 — Define a start price according to your available time Knowing how to define a start price for a card you put on auction is extremely important to get profit. Rule 9 — Confuse the Buyers Confusing the buyers is an usual strategy real markets use. Use the Trading Methods If you are not an experienced trader, there are trading methods that may save you lots of work.

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