Best way to make money wow 5.2

Best way to make money wow 5.2

Posted: vrazbros Date: 26.05.2017

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Trollbane Turalyon Twilight's Hammer Vashj Vek'nilash Xavius Zenedar. Weztic 90 Human Mage 61 posts. I've been in the forum the recent days, seen alot of topics where people cant make any money with the rapid spawning of Ghost Iron and the low prices on the item, I decided to make this guide to help people get gold, alot and faster.

You must think low, do not go after the Ghost Iron, Trillium or Pyrite ores, go after the low ores. On my server, Thorium is going to the ROOF, 15g each bar, which makes around g a stack, I sold all of the stacks I had and made over 12k in less than an hour.

Smelting those might take minutes, which leaves me with 7 and a half stack. Selling those stacks for g each, wait an hour Prices varies from server to server, I recommend downloading Auctioneer to keep track on which low level ores sells for the highest ammount of gold.

Bloodhoof EU 30 mins around nagrand 5 ore yay 30 mins around hellfire 7 ore LUCKY CRZ on proffesions YEY. Bloodhoof EU 30 mins around nagrand 5 ore yay 30 mins around hellfire 7 ore LUCKY CRZ on proffesions YEY How unlucky you are, farming Outland ore, why dont you come to Azeroth and farm ther instead just like my guide said?

best way to make money wow 5.2

Your guide is server dependant as luck in zones is. There arent any good routes for farming in outland as far as I know.

The 5 Best Ways to Make Gold in World of Warcraft | LevelSkip

You get WAY MORE ores per minute in Azeroth than in Outland. That IS a fact. The fact is that in Wotlk and Cata outland was FULL OF ORE AND HERBS. Yeah, well this isnt wotlk anymore, stop arguing, you're loosing.

It doesn't depend only on realm, it also depends on the zones you farm themselves. There is no need to best way to make money wow 5.2 Even before CRZ was implemented, Outland always seemed to have less node spawns than Northrend.

Helfire Peninsula has very few nodes cci trading forex with its size. Nagrand was never great for farming and Netherstorm was terrible.

best way to make money wow 5.2

Blade Edge's Mountain is a pain to navigate, etc All I'm trying to say is that Best way to make money wow 5.2 may not be the most efficient place for quick and easy farming.

Northrend may be a better bet considering Scholazar Basin and Wintergrasp have psychology of a winning forex trader lot commodity futures trading commission act 1974 nodes in relation to their respective size.

Cobalt Ore is still a pain to get though. The revamped Azeroth is absolutely littered with nodes. Eastern Plaguelands and Un' Goro Crater are just massive farms for Mithril and Thorium.

Complete Summary of the Best Ways of Making Gold in WoD : wow

The demand for old raw materials is very erratic though. It is a good idea if you have spare time but I wouldn't expect to generate all my revenues from it.

best way to make money wow 5.2

Anyway i got with farming that and essence of air in silithus like in 2 weeks 30k or so: P And then i need to be very active on AH to not get the lowest. Thank got there is browser AH so you can do something on work: Hmm, Thorium on my server is 2g each bar and ghost iron is like 8g per, i guess this guide is outdated: Bloodhoof EU 30 mins around nagrand 5 ore yay 30 mins around hellfire 7 ore LUCKY CRZ on proffesions YEY Farming fel iron ore in Hellfire and farming adamantite ore in Nagrand is stupid, plain and simple.

Farm both at the same time in Zangarmarsh. Sure, less ore but seeing as the zone is one of the most hated in game, there is 0 competition. I've used it since Wrath to make gold, I've made a lot mining there.


Uvux 20 Undead Warlock posts. The op knows whats up. It can be really profitable to farm ore in azeroth. And they do sell for more than any of the high level ores. But i do have to say though that it can be profitable to farm in pandaria but the big money is in the low level ores.

It's also easier to control the low level ore market as there seems to be more buyers then sellers. In fact i've sold a stack of level ore for g for just one stack. Although that was just a one time experience it really shows you that controlling the market and selling low level ores can be a very smart idea. I generally find stuff from Cata areas sells the best on the AH in regards to everything I farm, that being Hyponotic Dust usually between gold a stack Savage Leather between gold a stack and in terms of mining, Obsidium between gold a stack usually and Elementium ish gold a stack are also fantastic.

Now of course this could just be my server, but I think the mentality behind it is that these areas are difficult to farm for things while having a fair amount of tough enemies in dungeons and such.

While soloable areas, they're still a bit of a pain for various reasons. Panderia is obviously tougher in general, but the difference being everybody is hanging around Panderia anyway as it's the "main place" at the moment.

So I think Cata areas are in a happy medium between easy and hard which leads to people not really wanting to spend time going around there farming materials. Basically, if you're looking to make gold on stuff like gathering professions, I'd go to Cata zones.

Changes all the time, sometimes stuff doubles its cost overnight.

Saajuuk 87 Troll Hunter 1 posts. I wish there was a way to get alot of gold in a very short time. I appreciate the effort but guides like this are like someone said so much realm dependant Kjlania Night Elf Monk posts. Have something to say? Log in to join the conversation.

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