Cyborg automated forex trading system

Cyborg automated forex trading system

Posted: ANDREAS_RUS Date: 26.06.2017

Later on this month, I will be attending the Deutsche VMUG and the London VMUG. As part of the events, I have the opportunity to deliver the keynote on the upcoming service VMware Cloud on AWS. Many of you will already be aware that Niels and I are releasing the I'm an avid reader of thenextplatform. They always provide great insights into new technology.

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This week they published the article "Memory-Like Storage Means File Systems Must Change" and as usually full of good stuff. The focus of this article is about the upcoming non-volatile memory technologies that leverage the memory Last Friday I had the honor to join Pete Fletcha a.

Pedro Arrow and John Nicholson on their always fantastic podcast Virtually Speaking. Unfortunately, John was ill that morning, but Duncan helped us out by taking a break from his vacation.

We spoke about the upcoming service VMware Cloud on On a regular basis, I receive the question if CPU Hot-add impacts CPU performance of the VM.

It depends on the vCPU configuration of the VM. CPU Hot-Add is not compatible with vNUMA, if hot-add is enabled the virtual NUMA topology is not exposed to the guest OS and this Last Friday a new performance study was published about DRS Cluster Management. This paper covers the behavior of reservation and shares within a DRS cluster in-depth.

It's a great read!


And being honest, it's always awesome to see a reference to the vSphere Clustering Deep Dive in official documentation. Maybe you have noticed that no new content has appeared on the site for a while. Last year, Niels Hagoort and I started working on the companion book of the highly successful vSphere Clustering Some changes are made in ESXi 6.

A big step forward in improving performance is the decoupling of Cores per Socket setting from the virtual NUMA topology sizing. Understanding elemental behavior is crucial for building a Thank you for all the great feedback since we announced our partnership with Amazon Web Services AWS on October 13!

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We have seen a lot of interest for VMware Cloud on AWS VMC from customers, partners, industry analysts, and social media. Following on from the announcement in San Francisco, we Memory-Like Storage Means File Systems Must Change - My Take. Impact of CPU Hot Add on NUMA scheduling. NUMA Deep Dive Part 5: ESXi VMkernel NUMA Constructs.

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Theme by Press Customizr. Home About vMotion Publications frankdenneman. Deep Dive vSphere 6.

ESXi VMkernel NUMA Constructs 22 Aug, Performance impact between virtual sockets and virtual cores? Decoupling of Cores per Socket from Virtual NUMA Topology in vSphere 6. Why is vMotion using the management network instead of the vMotion network? NUMA Deep Dive Part 2:

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