Ge money amazon card make payment

Ge money amazon card make payment

Posted: MaxDac Date: 17.06.2017

Based on ratings out of reviews. Compare Credit Card Companies Research top Credit Card Companies recommendations on ConsumerAffairs. If you are looking at using this company - STOP AND READ THIS FIRST. I don't believe this company even deserves a one star rating! This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with.

Their Customer Service which is in the Philippines can do nothing except read from a script and keep placing you on hold, until you demand to be transferred to the US.

When and if you finally speak to someone and explain the issue, they tell you "We will have to send that for an investigation. Well, they can certainly call and harass you about your payment, like several times a day! Clearly a case of the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. What kind of Customer Service is this? After a year and a half of calling numerous times trying to get somewhere with Synchrony, they keep applying late fees and have stalled to the point where now the interest will be tacked on AND they have turned it over for collections.

So what am I doing about it? I filed a complaint with the BBB, The Kentucky Attorney General and the Florida Attorney General and the FTC. I am sending a detailed letter to the Senior Specialist of Corporate Consumer Relations, the President and CEO, the EVP and CFO and also to the EVP and CEO of Care Credit I am purposefully not giving out their names here.

I have to say that this was by far the WORST customer experience I have ever had with any company. I only had the card Walmart Credit Card for a short period of time and it was a nightmare from beginning to end. I was never properly billed for the card so I was charged late fees. I went online to set up payments and their system kicked them back. I have done online bill pay with countless companies and never had this problem. So I spoke with a Representative and explained my issues stating I would pay my balance at the next billing cycle and close my account.

They cancel my card before I can do it. The worst credit card experience I have ever had. I will write a 1, reviews on these guys. I had 6 months no interest credit card. I've done this prior at Sears, etc and have never had a problem. I went online and set up my payment for each month so I would have a 0 balance at the end for the promotional period.

Since I didn't pick the correct date they kept adding "late" service fee even though I was paying on the account each month. Not OK and it is a scam. Oh and they got mad when they knew how upset I was and told me they were professional. Professional con artist, yes you are. I have had my CareCredit account for several years and used it a few times a year.

I always made my payments on time. I have not used it now for approx a year and I learned from Credit Karma my account was closed and in a negative manner dropping my credit score. I called and they stated it was due to inactivity. Ok fine but no response why it was reported as a negative on my account. My balance was zero and my payments were on time. Do not open an account with these lenders and there should be laws protecting our credit from whatever these lenders just feel like saying.

I have had a CareCredit card for many years. I have never missed a payment and have paid the balance owed in full early more than once. Today I was told my card is cancelled because of my credit score.

Where is the customer loyalty for always making payments on time and even paying balances early? They don't care about customer service at all. They also cancelled my Lowe's card and I'm expecting them to cancel my Amazon card next.

All three cards have zero balance but they are making my score worse by lowering my available credit to debt ratio. I will never use them again. How do I know I can trust these reviews about GE Washing Machines? For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. They are the worst credit company bank I have ever seen!!! I get a notice in the mail that they re-reviewed and decided that I had too many delinquencies even though I have NOT paid any cards late, all on time, go figure.

Haven't even used theirs, it's been sitting. I only have gas cards for a road trip.

Well I guess I can expect they will cancel my Lowe's, and Valero accounts too which I never use either. I unsubscribe from all the many BP emails and maybe they got nervous, who knows!!! It's so insulting, that I have to wonder why they are still in business at all!!! Thinking that I should inform BP directly at corporate, etc. Think this closed acct. I am going to boycott all their businesses that they do unless I get some closure. I got a Care Credit account in Jan. I soon learned that I wasn't credited with the payment.

They claimed they never got it. I finally got the "lost" payment applied in late Sept. My Philippine-inquiry resulted in the women demanding if I wanted to close the account. They acknowledged it was pd. If you must use their account. I later heard that closing the account damaged my credit score.

STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS AS POSSIBLE!!! I pity you if you already have an account with these crooks. I don't know how they are still in business. I make my payments online ON TIME every month. But not according to them. I get a call saying I missed the past 2 payments. After speaking with the lady, she found where I made one of the payments. But now she can't find where I made the other payment.

Come to find out, the payment never went through, but I did pay it. I don't recommend paying online. Their website is just as bad as all of their other services. I'm being charged a late fee, from no fault of my own. Now this goes on not only my credit report but the person who cosigned for me. They hurt people's credit when they're the ones at fault. If someone hadn't have cosigned they would not get another red cent from me.

They should be sued — put out of business! Seems what they are doing is unethical and illegal! I have read many posts about people with the same problems that I have had with them!!! Thus reducing your credit score! Which if you have more than one account with them, the next card will do just the same! I had a small Belk card, paid on time, limit Reduced my limit to Over the limit, fees charged, credit score reduced!

I have paid them off. Will NEVER use this bank again! Anyone interested in a Class Action Lawsuit!?? Well at least when I look on this website I see plenty of others experiencing the same issues I am with Synchrony Bank. They are rude, they lie, they are very informal with their own processes, and without explanation. My credit line was decreased. Funny, other credit card companies were giving me offers and yet another major creditor just increased my credit.

No formal letter, no explanation - But when I called them - I get a non-English speaking rep. I find that hard to believe. I was told, my payment was late - Sure, that was my fault - But my balance was - Paid in Full. I asked Synchrony to consider removing any LATE fees if any exist - "No Sir, no late fees, but I noted this on the account. Let me talk with a supervisor. Sir, Sorry to keep you holding, my supervisors said we will note this on the account and remove all late fees as a Months go by - And NOW - I get a debt collector telling me that I owe almost No formal letter, no notification - But wait - The Debt collector tells me - "Synchrony Bank tried emailing you.

Since when does a bank discuss personal matters with an email account? The debt collector can send a formal letter but a Large Bank can't afford a print out statement? So this will probably go nowhere. I have already tried on several attempts to contact the bank only to get rerouted to a disconnect or someone you can barely understand.

I have been a loyal customer of Lowe's for over a decade but I'm going to stop shopping there due to Synchrony bank being who holds their accounts! Credit Cards: Credit & Payment Cards

As the last person stated they are constantly dropping my credit limit when I have paid as agreed. I'm very OCD about my financials. I call to make sure what's due and they the automated systems tells me that no payment is due then I start getting collection calls and a late fee, when my account had nothing on it at the time! I tend to pay it off in full every month! They have screwed my credit due them constantly dropping my limit! Debit to credit ratio! I've written a letter to the B. Any good lawyers want a client to go after them I'm the perfect example of what their customer loyalty and service is like!

I just wanted to write a review about CareCredit company. First of all am here not only to make a complaint, but also want to inform people for the sole purpose to educate them and be on the watch by this predatory companies in which like to prey on hard working people.

Due to the fact that I didn't had the money I decided to use CareCredit for the sole purpose to get my procedure done and not get into the point where I would suffer a toothache. While checking the statement I saw that CareCredit was charging me interest and am not even late.

ge money amazon card make payment

How in the hell I get charge interest and it my first payment? I decided to contact my dentist to confirm if they made a mistake and they provided me documentation in which was filed correctly, so I contact CareCredit and no one answered. All I get is dial tone machine, but no key to speak to a representative. After reading my statement I believe I sign a deal with the devil himself Dave Fasoli CEO of CareCredit.

They charged deferred interest. I am extremely angered and sadden that this con artist Dave Fasoli is willing to put people through this. My advice to anyone who reads this do not get CareCredit. SYNCHRONY FINANCIAL IS THE BIGGEST CORPORATE GREEDY COMPANY THAT IS WILLING TO SCREW YOU TO FILL THEIR POCKETS. Any legal advice to deal with this? I will continue to make payments regardless, but I am not happy I will owe this amount or more.

I have been having a Wal-Mart credit Card for several years. I explained that I had not signed up for it and I wanted them to discontinue that services and the lady agreed. I was told after she credited my account that the reason I was able to get the card because of the protection coverage.

No one had ever told me that. Nevertheless, in two months, my credit limit was dropped, I was told after they reviews my account it was necessary. It's so sad that these people are making money off consumers basically saying, "I need you to pay me more money for this credit card.

I want the decision to be mine since I am paying and not the company. I have a Walmart account with them. I was late 2 times this year. They reduced my credit limit to I owe them like 50 dollars less than that. So here is my problem with this whole pile of BS. The letter states that other factors caused them to reduce my limit from to which means other accounts on my credit report that have nothing to do with this account at all. There is no such thing as fair credit reporting anymore.

I contacted them and no one could tell me what specific thing cause this only that it was a good business decision and that it would not be corrected. I would have not had an issue if they would have reduced it to It makes no sense to me how this helps them in the long run. All they have done is cause my score to drop worse than it already was. I am not telling you my score is great.

I wish someone could really do something with these credit card companies like Synchrony Bank. Just another dirty bank. This banking system is flawed and insensitive. Both parents went into two separate ER rooms, ICU rooms, morgue, funerals and finally double burials beginning Feb 6, I having slept by my parents side while one in morgue the other pronounce dead held on life support.

I still drove miles home to take care of my personal affairs and paid Walmart account March two payments Switch my banking of all my credit cards and forgot my auto payment to Walmart in the amount of So that meant 3 payments each were initiated for the month of Feb and March.

I get the April schedule payment ahead of time for April 26 NSF, unnoticed and scheduled one for May 3, Caught that only Walmart payment was scheduled in the wrong account but they still were paid two payments in one month passed the minimum. The account was closed yesterday, although I was told that it closes after 3 NSF. I have proof of deaths, but most of all they got two payments and passed the minimum.

They closed the account anyway. I feel like there was absolutely no compassion, no attempts review my bank statements and obituaries stamped by the county; nothing. Stay away from this bank. I will wait to see what happens to my credit. I was so caught up that I made more than three payments to Walmart and that was not even appreciated or recognized.

I forgot to delete third payment each month. I went to Walmart to use for buy and also cashier not want. I not understand Synchrony between Walmart and Synchrony Bank for this nonsense idea from this business. I have had this card for over 3 years. I have never had a late payment. I usually made multiple payments in a given month more than the minimum payment.

When I chatted with the online chat rep all he could say was he was sorry and that I would get a letter in the mail.

ge money amazon card make payment

I told him I was sorry for him that he works for such a terrible company that treats its loyal customers this way. I asked for one increase to my limit last month - my scores all of them were above They refused to increase. Ironically, 3 of my other credit cards granted my credit increases - all soft pulls. Currently, I am making payments to my vet for a surgery due to the fact they would not increase my limit so I could use this card. I am so done with this card. Also, they do not allow you to transfer your balance to a credit card with lower interest rates and you must pay in cash every time.

I have 7 open c. I have also paid off 2 bank loans and one student loan in the last 3 years in full. So, I don't really understand why they did what they did to my credit decrease - live and learn and I will pay off this card asap.

If anyone even thinks about getting this card, DO NOT DO IT. You are better off getting a secured or higher interest sub-prime credit card than this one. The interest rates with those cards are actually lower than this card. My interest is I had a acct two years ago and paid in it monthly until I fell on hard times. They contacted me last year about paying on my acct. I explained my situation to them and they rudely said they couldn't do anything and that I needed to pay dollars to them as a payment the same day like someone has that much for a payment!

I asked to get out on a payment plan. They still said no and said they would see me in court. This company is sheer fraud and purposefully deceitful. I was guaranteed that I would not pay interest. I have since paid triple in interest payments than the original credit payment. I cannot log onto my account to see what I have been charged because I do not have an account number and I have no way to figure out my account number.

They will not give you this info over the phone even if you give them your social sec , address, phone, etc. I have tried for years to access my account online, but they always say something to prevent me from logging onto my account to see what they are charging me for.

I have sent several emails inquiring about my balance. They will not allow you to access your own account easily because they know that are cheating you and you will call them out.

They are now telling me that the rules of the original agreement changed and they, of course, sent an email stating this. I have no record of this and when you change the rules of a contract, you must have a signature. I cannot access account, I cannot find out what I have paid, been dealing with them for years and I just had THREE "supervisors" hang up on me.

They don't even let you speak, they just speak over you. Unbelievable lack of customer service. Yes, when someone starts a class action lawsuit, please include me because this is, by far, the most deceitful and most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. This company is trying to ruin everyone's credit. They drop your line of credit even if it is paid as agreed. If it is due on the 10th and you pay on the eleventh they are after you.

This is so unfair. I hope someone goes after them. You also cannot understand the customer service people and they are very nasty. I purchased 3 mattress sets from Mattress Firm. Mattress Firm had just this one bed on it The other two were paid in full at time of purchase. This was June 27, Come August of I was in a dispute with Mattress Firm, who kept sending me to Synchrony Bank. On August 23, Mattress Firm sends me a balance with a letter that copies off to Synchrony Bank.

It is now April 20, and Synchrony won't stop billing me I have a past due balance of I fax them the full package of information every single month. I will ask to see who is financing anything from here on out, as I sure won't buy something if this company is involved.

I am now going to once again dispute the charges. All cards were opened between and all paid off either same billing cycle or within 3 months for the furniture. Once Synchrony took over I was notified one by one and within weeks of each other that the account was closed due to serious delinquency on my report. How odd since nothing had changed. I think this bank targets people who can't manage their cards!

Needless to say, I haven't shopped at those stores since my accounts have been closed. I opened this account to purchase two pieces of furniture. The first was a very inexpensive platform bed - bought with the plan to pay it off in 3 months. They advertised 6 months same as cash. Months one and two I received email notification of payment due. I paid them each of those months. My April payment came due - no notice was received.

On the day it was due, they located my chair that matched a previously purchased discontinued loveseat. I went in to the store and purchased the chair, paid my deposit and nothing was mentioned that the April payment was due. Today I received an email notice that I missed a payment - I could not get online to make my final payment on the bed they were sorry for the inconvenience. When I called, I was told that they wanted the 16 dollars plus an additional 65 dollars as late payment.

I told them I was paying a total of the remaining balance on the bed. They refused to take it without me paying it - and the missed payment - and 65 dollars for late payment. I finally got online and it refused to let me pay less than this amount. I paid the The chair will be paid off in 2 payments and this account will be closed. I will not make another purchase at Rooms to Go cash, charge or otherwise.

It's been a year since I've tried to end the "relationship" with Synchrony. I got an Old Navy credit card in and the lack of customer service and extreme hoops to jump through with Synchrony Financial has been a pain from the very beginning. Rarely are you connected with a representative who you understand and who understands you in return, the representatives are NEVER familiar with the policies or conflict resolution, and you will always been transferred multiple times because no one knows how to resolve issues based on their level of training and abilities.

Never once have I spoken with a representative who was polite or helpful. I've been hung up on more than 5 times, the automatic system is poorly designed, online account access is not user-friendly, and written complaints go unanswered.

Customer concerns, comments, and complaints are completely ignored and every interaction is negatively escalated by representatives of Synchrony because they don't want to help customers in the first place. Also, your cards and accounts will be deactivated without notice or reason. Twice my card has been deactivated six months before the expiration date without a mail, email, or phone notice prior to the deactivation.

Synchrony is a poor representation of all brands affiliated with it: Old Navy, Gap, Athleta, Banana Republic, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.

I wish to bring awareness to the lack of support and good business practices of Synchrony Financial which reflect poorly on these businesses. Save yourself the excessive amount of interest rates, poor customer support, and intentional inconveniences that force you to pay additional charges despite responsibly paying your monthly bill. Synchrony Financial has no morals, does not stand for the people, and is a terrible representation of American companies and brands.

In November I purchased my very first home. I incurred high balances on several of my accounts as a result of renovations and making the house our home. I also sustained a small injury and a small medical debt while renovating. Needless to say these things caused my credit score to drop. But every time I make a substantial payment towards my Synchrony accounts they lower my credit limit to just above what the new balance is.

This makes it look like I continue to have high balances on my accounts which keeps my score low. Then because my score is low, they lower my limit on another account and so on. They are the only creditor that I have that insists on doing this kind of shady business. I am not being treated as a customer, I am being treated as a number or better yet, a risk. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and am waiting for Synchrony to contact me in regards to this issue.

This bank is a joke! They own several store credit cards for example Walmart, Old Navy, Amazon! There should be a law against the way they practice business. I have been battling with them for months regarding my Amazon credit card. I received a letter from them in March stating they were cutting my limit down from to of course after I had paid the entire balance off on my card!

They then reported to the credit bureaus that I had gone over my limit! I never ever went over my limit, was late with a payment, or missed a payment! They refuse to fix this problem!!! I am still battling with them and now to add insult to injury they closed my Old Navy account that I didn't even owe any money on! They sent a letter saying my credit report was derogatory! The same info that was on it when I opened my account is the same info on it now!!!

This makes me angry! When I called they claim it is because I haven't used the account!!! They are fraudulent and rude and they treat their loyal and good customers horribly!

Amazon Credit Card Payment, Login, and Customer Service Information - Credit Card Catalog - Credit Card Comparisons, News & Reviews

I can see if my payments had lapsed or if my balance was high, but they lower your limit and close accounts when you pay your bills and your account is in GOOD STANDING??? I cannot believe this! I am so angry. And reporting false information to the credit agencies?

They are ruining my credit!!! How can they get away with this!!??? I have five Synchrony bank credit card accounts, all in good standing I just noticed that I have been charged for a card security fee for over a year now and I never authorized it to be added to my account!!

I do not add any of that kind of stuff to any of my cards. I am checking my other SYNC BANK CREDIT CARDS now to see if they have any charges on them and then I am calling in and demanding a full refund be given to me I will update my progress, if any. My first use was for a rescue dog that came to us beat up from a fight with another dog at the last foster home. I received my next bill, and it said I still owed for that amount. Called their customer service and was informed that no payment had been received, however I paid using their online service, and my own bank confirmed that their payment had been taken out.

We then rescued a puppy, just 6 weeks old, who had been attacked by the mother and needed surgery to remove her eye. This used up the rest of my available balance odd since they say they turn you off for missed payments. We then repeated the process, with me making payments, and them claiming I hadn't. It recently went to collections, and I called the agency and informed them of the situation.

Their response was that I needed to take it to court, but they would continue after me for payment, as it was their business. If you think this card might be for you, I hope you have the money to throw away, because I live on Disability, and can't afford to send a quarter of my monthly income to some company that cant keep track of their payment history. Had a card through them for Rooms to Go. Got a couch 3 years ago, then got a table a year ago. Literally as soon as we paid the balance to 0, they turned the card off, which caused our credit score to drop significantly.

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ge money amazon card make payment

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