Mac stock market widget

Mac stock market widget

Posted: trevojnui Date: 17.06.2017

The iStocks Widget displays quotes and historical charts for international stocks, indices and currencies. This original widget is limited to US symbols only. See also the full manual as HTML. The iStocks widget is provided AS IS, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

The entire risk as to the quality and performance of this widget is borne by you. Should the installation or operation of the iStocks widget prove defective, you assume the entire cost of any service and repair. The provider, Martin Backschat, is not responsible for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any character including, but not limited to, damages for loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or any and all other commercial damages or losses.

Thank you so wery much! I have been looking for a widget pulling from the international Yahoo! Then I fix some little problem on the widget, and I added a new feature: Restored original color I prefere … and now I would like to publish on my blog the work.

But before I would like to contact you with e-mail. I noticed your chart widget for stocks. I am trying to build a charting widget for displaying data charts for calculation of performance measurements. Where these chart mechanisms built only with the dashboard toolkit, or can these charts be deployed to multiple platforms? When you keep switching dashboard and finder, the Widget display where you enter the symbol gets messy.

Dean, the chart mechanisms use the HTML element CANVAS for rendering. Rens et al, thanks for the issue reports; in the next couple of days I will post a minor update and try to adress them.

I do note the Widget is supplied AS IS, but you may have a notion why some of the charts of several stocks and some indices have recently become garbage check against Google finance or your other preferred source. I suspect there are heaps more. Just to be clear, these price fluctuations, much like a flash crash except over a relatively long period, did not occur.

We and the rest of the planet would have known about it. Some other apps use their data too, and the problem is the same. Until fixed the charts will continue to be useless. Hi I just noticed that when you double click on a stock it takes you to the quote. I changed it in my version and it works fine.

Just a suggestion… cheers, Simon. Multiple portfolios would be nice, and would allow for many more stocks to be displayed without taking up a lot of space. I can live with that though, for the convenience of being able to watch stocks from several different exchanges.

One issue though, version 0. This is problematic for many of the stocks on the ASX Sydney Stock Exchange. There is a problem with the application window. If you have more then 6 to 8 entries the window will not resize automatically. Part of the information is not visible then, also no graph will be displayed. Hi… nice but you said you could show currency… I try without success.

I use the same letters than in yahoo site without success. I modified the first screenshot in this page to contain this currency conversion as an example. During the install, dashboard shows the widget panel with overlaid text in red that says: Hope you can help…. Can it be tweaked so we stock and index names on the main interface.

Plus some other stock widgets are able to give us not just historic data but gainers and losers in indices see http: Any chance you can build that in? Cool if you can. You have a functionally much better widget than that supplied with OS X.

The light background colour can make the info hard to see. Darker background or black font might be an improvement? Dominic, Anthony, thanks for your suggestions. New version will be araound or out after Christmas. This widget has plenty of potential.

Wow, I was getting so frustrated with the standard stocks widget, and just when I was about to give up finding an alternative I found this by Googling. You should consider getting it listed on the widets page Apple has online. Thanks again for an aweseom widget! I agree with Will. THis saved me from looking for an alteraitive. Nice improvement over the default one.

Only allows 20 stocks though. Can you remove this limitation? I was looking forward for a product like this, operating the TSE. How do I get mutual funds ex: Top window overlaps with bottom window. If I had an e-mail I could send you a screen shot. I can fix the overlap by changing the names of the stocks.

I am still having problem with mutual funds ex: Jean, mutual funds are not really working for now v0. At least to my knowledge. But quotes are available and proper support is already on my to-do list. Works well except for periodically gets a weird graphical error I uploaded a screenshot to the URL above so you can see. Happens only on my laptop, not my desktop former is Powerbook running Nice post-widget, it is 5 stars.

The symbol should be TSX-I but it does not work. Thanks for any help. The limitation of 20 stocks can easily be worked around. Click on the plus sign of apple widgets located in the bottom left corner. Pull a second instance of the iStocks widget. Now it will populate with your list of stocks, indices and currencies of your original portfolio.

Now delete all those indices in your second widget, and add 20 extras. Your original iStocks widget will retain its original values while your second widget has 20 new values. If you run out again, pull a third iStocks widget instance. I used to be able to do this.

Fidelity Market Monitor Widget for Mac : Free Download : MacUpdate

Weeks ago I subtracted a few stocks. Then I was left with 12 stocks and it would not allow me to add a stock anymore. I do not know what went wrong or how to fix. I like your widget quite a bit, but I cannot figure out how to use the multiple instances feature. Would you please post instructions for using this feature? But i noticed some issues with 1d and 1w chart. The chart is not rendered as the other period. Is there any workaround?

See also this demo on Youtube. This is due to the fact that Yahoo does not provide quote information for minutes or hours of the recent day or week. Only the pre-rendered yahoo charts contain this information. Well, the international version of this looks fine, but at present, with the numbe rI have, the numbers go outside the perimeter of the frame, so it looks pretty odd. It all works just fine on my iPhone.

Thanks so much for taking the time to create this. On My wish List: TO Again, Thanks, eh! Is there anyway we can work around this? Keep up the good work! Except this strange delayed quotes, iStocks is fantastic and I use it daily. Thanks for this great job! I live in Canada, Love your program, but cannot seem to find a way to get the Toronto Stock Exchange to show in the widget. Am I missing something or is this not a possibility? This widget is a MUST HAVE! Cannot get WWY to work.

Comment for Martin, there is a bug in the widget. Is there a way of adding a factor to any of the quotes?

For example the OIL quote can be multiplied by a factor to give an approximate value for a barrel of oit. Adding a factor is neither supported nor planned.

Works like the original from Apple. Hello, Do you know why crude oil symbol CLZ Thks Great widget, really! Exactly what I was looking for. You can do that by clicking on any green or red value e. Actually what I was talking about was sorting by the name of the stock. What you suggested does not seem to do that.

Sorting by name is not implemented yet. But your suggestion is valid and I put it on my list for features of the next update. The standard widget seems to render the 1-day and 1-week the same as the others, except in the 1-day view it is off by 1 hour. I will look into the current state for the next update in the next couple of weeks. The next update will support other sources, e.

If this widget could be used with Google Finance, it would really make my day. A mouse-over with full company name would be great, ex. AAPL displaying Apple Inc. Hi — I am trying to use this widget for commodities such as Live Cattle, Wheat, Corn, etc…. I just updated to version 0.

Thank you very much and best regards from Switzerland. Hi Maba — Do you have a service to develop this widget a little further? Let me know, thanks, Jamie. Not sure if this bug has been mentioned before, but if you enter longer stock symbols like some of the Canadian Energy trusts, it does a word wrap to a second line.

An example stock symbol would be CPG-UN. Figured out how to fix my problem if anybody is interested. Restart the widget and now the text field to hold the stock symbol seems to be wide enough to hold my CPG-UN. Sorry, I take that back, just re-tested from scratch and it does seem to work fine with this fix. Both look the same.

Also, if I may have a suggestion: I would like to have the option to display a graph under EACH stock. This might make the widget terribly tall, but perhaps you could click to add more columns instead. I track about 20 different stock these days, and I rely on the graphs for my analysis, not just the daily numbers. I have 17 instances running on my 2 screen dashboard.

I've noticed several good investments that I wouldn't have seen without iStocks. However, due to lack of time, the next update will be released not before next year. I like the chart format for the 1M, 3M, 6M etc better.

Great widget in any case. I 2nd the mouse over full name idea. Can you help me, please? One issue is about 1-day and 1-week graph. They are smaller and on white background instead of widget background as is for monthly and yearly graphs…. You can see it here: The white background is because the 1d view is another source, namely the Yahoo chart service which returns this image no dataset.

Hi, how would go about adding a Tokyo Stock Exchange stock. I can list it on my iPhone but not the Apple widget or this widget, thoughts? It stopped working with Snow Leopard.

Clicking on the wdgt file gives: Would it be possible to still use the Apple servers for US stocks to get the quartz-rendered day image and use the yahoo images for international stocks? Suddenly, the widget will not display the DOW value. The little window has a plus sign, but no number displayed.

Everything else seems unaffected. I have noticed, too. Give me a couple of days to implement the solution. Have the same bug regarding DJI. Strange, because on Yahoo everything seems to be okay. The problem was discussed in Yahoo! The new release does this internally when building the URL. It works perfectly while the Apple-supplied widget has stopped accepting new symbols.

I use 4 instances of iStocks on my Dash to watch a bunch of stuff. As soon as I clicked the. Even choosing not to replace the current version did not bring them back and nothing I do can seem to get them back. Not a good outcome or upgrade routine!!! Any way to prevent this? However, I have found a solution, so you can restore you previous widget instances! The solution is described in the Apple discussion thread Rescuing widgets.

See this example Image. If you had multiple instances, then before you edit com. And be sure to log off imediately as described. I even killed the dashboard before editing the com.

Thanks for the widget! I do have a question: I looked for it in my widget folder but it is not there, although it functions perfectly. Where else might it be installed in case I want to uninstall it? I cannot find this widget anywhere on my Mac after installing it. I can run it. Is it supposed to be in the User LIbrary? The 1day graph does not adjust for daylight savings time.

It shows the market opening at Please let us know if this gets fixed in the next version. I am trying to download your. Is anyone else having issues or is this just me? Any reason the graphs for 1 day and 5 day stopped working? May be is due to the changings in the web site of yahoo finance? New look, new style and also different data in the web pages? Hi, just downloaded the Feb. It finds other, foreign companies for these symbols but not the US companies.

When I click on the Yahoo icon in lower left corner, the yahoo page no longer shows all of the stocks, just the first one. I started noticing this a couple of days ago. Initially the yahoo page was broken and now it renders only one stock. I am guessing yahoo changed their API or is no longer allowing multiple stock quotes. Any way to fix it? Yes, it works now. It must have been something with the yahoo service itself because I had bookmarked the url that istocks launched and that was not working yesterday but it works today.

Thanks for maintaining this widget. Thank goodness for this modified Widget. Makes life so much more possible! The original iStocks widget on my Mac OS X All I could do was remove stocks, which was a fat lot of use!

What about backing up the list of the instances of the stocks? I have instances of the widget active, each one have stocks. When I update the widget all the instances and the stocks get lost… I was able to recover only one instance. Thank you for your work — bye from Italy. It finds other countries Berk Hath B stock but not the BRK-A. Is this a yahoo issue or the Stocks App issue?

How can I use your fix? Will the stocks app on my iphone automatically update, or do I need to download the newer version of the stocks app and if so, how can I do that?

Maybe I was misunderstanding you: I can only fix the iStocks Dashboard widget, not Stocks App which is provided by Apple. I have seen some changes in the Suggest service recently, e. Hi, Thank you for this great software! Just wanted to notify you that the Y-axis are inverse on intraday data for cross-currencies.

Historical chart shows correct values around 9 nok for 1 gbp, but the intraday charts ex. A great feature would be a horizontal list that appeared to scroll. By appear I mean the entire list could switch to the next set of listings.

The advantage of this is less screen space used. Other features that would be appreciated is more colors and brighter colors for the list background. Hello Shaun, thanks for your feedback. I am running into the same issue again. When I click on the yahoo logo in bottom left corner, the yahoo page shows only the first symbol in the list. I am using version 0. I am guessing yahoo changed something because this link does not work anymore: Yahoo finance can display the quote but for some reason I wont take the symbol as a valid symbol.

It puts up huge lines of numbers where the current stock price is supposed to be, and it displays the wrong gain or loss.

That column also runs off the right side. The same thing began happening on all three of my Macs on the same day. It seems random, and happens when I open Dashboard. It can be fixed easily by clicking on the widget and hitting command-R.

I first noticed it on Jul, on widget version 0. I note that the DOW entry is not affected for either of us, however it is also the first entry in the list for both of us. I have version 0.

It has been great until the past two days. Suddenly, on some sets of stocks, weird numbers such as Has anyone else had this happen? Same problem as thirteen on two Macs. It seems as the yahoo feed sometimes fails. Then every value is changed into a number in the millions. Its not related to this widget, as I saw this on other stock widgets as well. It seems to be fixed now.

Works again on my two Macs. Seems to have been a Yahoo-problem. Still one of my favourite widgets, thanks. This is a top widget! I now display the dashboard almost as a default so that I can monitor my stock activity. Most of the time, when the widget comes up, it displays the figures for I think sometime last Thursday, 4 August, when the Dow was at The chart below the figures seems to be correct, though. Hitting command-R for Refresh fixes things, as before.

Wow… amazing find… I am seeing the same Absolutely love this widget, but have been having problems not sure if it is related to Lion or not with getting bogus values sometimes when I jump to my dashboard.

These are not the super inflated massive percentages like we were all seeing in the past, but look like real values.

I can rapidly hit F12 to jump back and forth to my dashboard that has two instances of the iStocks widget and sometimes the values will be flat out wrong on both or one of the widgets. Second, BP BP p. In both cases, the charts seem fine. This is on three Macs two iMacs, one MacBook all running The widget is v0.

Thanks again for this fantastic widget. Is there any fix or explanation for this? As of Wednesday afternoon, 28 Sep, everything seems to be fine again — except that the Dow is down six billion points from where I bought in, I mean.

Thanks again for this widget. Love it…also found the Fidelity Market Monitor Widget to be useful because has both amounts and percentages. For Nikkei, DJI and others. The charts are okay, but the numbers above are old and outdated.

What is the issue? This happened last time just before you put out a new update for a fix. This is a problem caused by a changed police of Yahoo. Regarding the DJIA not displaying: There is no fix and no workaround, unfortunately. Because my plugin relies on the CSV data, there is no way to provide DJI unless they change their policy. I am thinking about a fix using e. Google Finance for the Dow Jones and related quotes and will release it the coming week! Hi there, using version 0.

Anyone having the same problem? Thanks for the great Widget. One feature I would love is: Oops, should have read the manual, feature already there —philippe. Nice to have the Dow back. It must have been transmitted along with the number. Just downloaded it to be sure. How do I confirm the version.

mac stock market widget

I have trouble distinguishing the Stocks widget from the iStocks widget. Hi Susan, you check the version on the backside of the widget. I downloaded the newest version but it still says that it is version 0. I just ran a test. Coming to this webpage directly and downloading istock. However, clicking on the info button in 0. By the time I saw your note yesterday, it was down and it stayed that way. What is the correct way to update when you have multiple copies of the widget in your dashboard so you can see more than the 20 stock limit?

Let me explain if the above is not clear. Imagine a list of symbols. Now imagine those symbols grouped however the user wants. Now imagine trying to find a single symbol out of There might be an easy solution: Smart Widget Installer http: Open Activity Monitor, and select the Dock from the processes and hit Quit Process in the top left.

I recently pointed out that the newly fixed Dow index shows a double-plus sign, and you requested a screen cap. Well, the Dow is finally in positive territory, so here you go:. It looks to me as if it was transmitted with the quote, because it looks like the same typeface.

I was in percentage view. Please note that I have not changed the version number , which is still 0. I had to do a command-R after the installation to make ti work, though. Restarting the Dashboard or rebooting probably would have done the job, too. Please can you add more optional colors. Great widget, though — well done! It works well for me. Can I have one request? Just download the ZIP file again. This is as of Friday 8 June. I think it was broken the day before as well. Thanks for anything you can do.

Hit Command-R in the widget twirl effect , so that Dashboard really reloads it properly. Great widget I love it and use it every. Now how do I transfer, backup the widget data to my new computer without re-entering every single quotes.

Monitor the stock market with a handy free app for OS X | RAW Mac

But, the Canadian stocks, TSX, all show 0. Yesterday was a holiday, but the markets are open today. Will see what tomorrow brings. Also, the update deleted two of three tracking sheets I had. Previous updates maintained them. The TSX now is updating and the US markets are closed for the holiday and results are frozen from Tuesday. Looks like yesterday may have been a hiccup. Clicking on other UI items of the widget still works. I have fixed the bug in the new 0. After updating, restart the widget with Command-R in order to make sure, the new version is active.

After an update, before 0. Now I have to repopulate them. I have 3 widgets with different contents. Maybe I cannot have 3 widgets?

I also lost my 12 charts when I upgraded to 3. I have an old preference file with all my symbols, how do I get the 12 lists back?

When I add new lists they all have the same symbols. Is there anyway to preserve my current stocks? I have 7 lists using this widget now. Any every updates will screw me and will take longer and longer time to reproduce all the lists. Hello Shaun, please see https: Thanks a lot for the Widget.

I tried to download the new version 0. Could it be that the link is incorrect? I love your iStocks! I downloaded version 0. However, the widget indicated 0. Any suggestion for installing 0. Hello Stan, did you try restarting the widget hit Command-R on it or restarting the dashboard? Sometimes, dashboard keeps the old widget running. Widget now shows 0. Too bad they still have that stupid stock limit!! And so the iOS version remains the better version of the two… Tell me how that makes sense….

If your widget added this and sorting by any of those three toggle-able pieces of data I would love it! No way to run 2 instances of this widget with 2 different stock lists? I was doing this but after a restart both instances are showing the newer stock list I have and looks like I lost the old stock list? Multiple instance should work. Well…I looked in the. I will try to re-setup everything again and let you know if I still have problems.

Actually where is the stock list actually kept? I thought it was in the. Yeah any help with this issue and how to run multiple instances would be great. And note…I only had the problem after a restart…. I know some folks seem to want more than two decimal points, but I do not and I find it confusing to look at when most stock prices are displayed in two and a few are four all stocks on US exchanges, BTW. Is there any way to limit the display to two decimal points?

Is anybody else having trouble with the NASDAQ composite feed? All my other stock and composite quotes are working except for the NASDAQ. Have tried numerous times to uninstall, delete plist file and reinstall, still no feed. I am using All displaying correctly except the NASDAQ composite, which stopped updating last week.

How can I change the four digits to the right of the decimal to a rounded two digit? Hi, spanish stocks like SAN. MC do not show values, although seems graphs are updated. I simply want to give an enormous thumbs up for the great data you have here on this post. I will likely be coming again to your weblog for more soon. Joe, thanks for your comment. Concerning the manual arrangement: You can also sort see the manual page. I finally just deleted it from the widget, since it has completely stopped updating.

Some of mine on the Toronto Stock Exchange stopped working as well, but now seem to be OK. LuLu Lemon for example on the TSX is stuck in June, but on Nasdaq it is working and up to date. It seems this newer version is not as compatible with Mountain LIon. It is not retrieving the chart data at the bottom. I had to go back to an earlier version for it to work. They do not appear to be graph scales because they are not consistent between graph values and current price.

They look more like plausable Max, Min and Average values. And there are no tick marks on the graph scale to anchor these numbers. If they are supposed to be graph scalse they are so inaccurate you might as well leave them off. Not mentioned in Manual. Is there some prefs file other than widget-de. I never did hear anything from anybody about my problem, but it seems to have resolved itself.

I recently upgraded from SL to ML. I restart the widget and the Dock as a whole, but no luck. Is there anywhere I should look?? There are 2 workarounds: Use more instances of the widget. I use 3 with different colors and different kind of stocks, e. You can edit the Stocks. My appreciation to the author for what remains a great piece of software. Hello, thanks for your appreciation.

To my knowledge in the meantime Yahoo offers just like Google nearly real-time updates instead of 20min delay. Is there any way to make use of this, so that the widgets would be closer to real-time?

I would like to second the appreciation to the author for this great piece of software. Love it and until today there is nothing nearly as helpful to keep an overview just one swipe away! I used it a lot, but I updated to the 0. Plus, it shows as if it is version 0. Maybe it is a problem with the link. I just want you to know. Thank you again for a very useful widget. Recently a problem has occurred on both computers that I have the widget on.

Operation on a window 0xa requiring rights kCGSWindowRightOwner by caller Dashboard. Has anyone else noticed that iStocks no longer seems able to look up new symbols? This is for version 0. Use a text editor Text Edit or Text Wrangler. Copy a stock including brackets and insert where you want in order. Do this in the two locations identically.

Copy a stock, paste it in the two locations and change the stock code and name to the new one. IF this is a WIDGET then it should appear in the widgets folder. It does not appear anywhere which makes me think it is MALWARE. Could someone tell me how to uninstall this widget. After installing on OS X Mavericks, I can run it from within WIDGETS, but cannot see it anywhere from FINDER. Especially on a MAC. The widget does not recognize it and refuses to accept it.

I have to presume iStocks is dead. Thanks for the memories. It was really good work. Thanks for updating this to V3. After downloading and installing, it was still showing V3. To solve this I had to use Terminal to reveal hidden files then delete the prefs file widget-de. I made a copy of the file to the desktop before deleting, then opened it as a text file to copy all my symbols.

There seems to be a numerical overflow bug on currencies with this widget. Also the widget does not auto size to fit an exchange rate of 4 digits plus 4 decimal places so the widget content overflows the background. Console error message is:. I used to be able to get charts fine until about a week ago. I have the latest version of iStocks Widget 0.

This error is on all trackers and periods. Yahoo has closed the free service as stated here: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. J2EE-Entwicklung mit Open-Source-Tools International Quotes The iStocks Widget displays quotes and historical charts for international stocks, indices and currencies.

June 1st, License: Mac OS X English, German, French, Italian Notable features include: Calling Yahoo Finance autocomplete API. Disclaimer The iStocks widget is provided AS IS, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Florent Eric Paredes said. Ivan Avery Frey said. David from France said. Top 20 Widgets for Your Macbook said.

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