Swing trading spy options

Swing trading spy options

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This swing trading strategy is a "reversion to mean" methodology - as opposed to a "trend following" or "momentum breakout" approach.

When a market or sector is trending Up, we scan for pullbacks to make Long trades. When a market or sector is trending Down, we scan for Short trades - which we trade by BUYING inverse ETFs.

We only trade ETFs - because they automatically diversify across companies, and act much more predictably than individual stocks. A critical feature of this approach is that we BUILD our trades - so our timing does not have to be perfect.

The basis of the ETFSwingTrader approach is a highly backtested system which we reference under " Background ". HOWEVER, "theoretical" systems and actual trading is very different.

Simple Swing Trading Options Strategies

And we know how to balance the trades, to minimize portfolio risk. I could only do this if we truly win over 9 out of 10 trades. Get started today with your day trial subscription by clicking here.

We took this trade using SSO, the 2x leveraged version of SPY - to make 2. The 2-period RSI seen above gave us the actual "trigger" for precisely entering and exiting this trade, once our scan had identified it. See Sample Trade for an extended example. Take this service for a test drive today.

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swing trading spy options

The Psychology of Trading — Forget it! Strategy section at https: About 10 ETF trades per month, 5 option trades. Email me for spread of trades. Disclaimer This material is for information purposes only and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities.

swing trading spy options

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