How to bond traders make money

How to bond traders make money

Posted: Alex0007 Date: 06.06.2017

Years ago I worked as a reporter in Chicago, and I had a small office in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Many days, when I needed a diversion, I'd head downstairs to watch the action in the trading pits.

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To me, a relative outsider to the pits, the scene was impossible to decipher. There was a lot of screaming, a lot of pushing and shoving. Sometimes an actual fist fight would break out. Hyper-looking people in strange, multi-colored jackets, used elaborate hand gestures to signal buy and sell signals.

Today, the trading world is considerably calmer. Although there are still trading pits, most of the investment world has moved to more sedate, computer-based trading systems. The larger-than-life characters who made a living screaming, pushing and trading are fading into history.

Careers in bond trading can be enormously rewarding from a financial perspective.

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Competition for these jobs at the giant investment banks and other financial institutions is fierce. Without those skills, trading can be like trying to be a carpenter without a hammer. - Learn to Swing Trade Penny Stocks for Huge Profits

The Careers in Finance website has a similar take. If you have strong math skills, a strong personality, and a degree from a top tier school, odds are that you can get an interview with one of the major financial institutions that hire bond traders. Odds are a few of them will be recruiting on your campus.

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If you already have your degree, start searching for trading jobs on e-Financial Careers and Vault. Search the site GO. Updated February 21, Get Daily Money Tips to Your Inbox Email Address Sign Up.

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how to bond traders make money
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