Make money artificing

Make money artificing

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The Old Republic , a story-driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts. Filters Search By Flair. View All Upcoming Events, Conquests, and Group Finder Operations. Question Making money with artificer self. Hey guys, just a quick question. So I am currently leveling artificer on my sorcerer, but I was wondering if i should focus on crafting color crystals to sell on the gtn?

It all depends on servers and stuff, so just make item and see if you can sell it for profit, some crystals might be fashionable and in high demand. There is no simple way of do this for max profit, unless you can clear nightmare operations and craft the drops from schematics there, or you can grind fast to Tier 3 of CXP and then craft the stuff that you get schematics for from boxes.

Ten Ton Hammer | Guild Wars 2 Artificer Leveling Guide

Crystals don't do very well, as the ones from the cartel market are so much better for lower levels and they can be unlocked in collections for multiple characters. Hilts also don't do very well, because the demand is fairly low at most a character will need two hilts, compare this to mods and enhancements.

You might make some money, though, with high-end hilts. I was pulling mil almost all profit ,if I had to pay for mats mil from relics in 4. All toons need relics and with rng gc bs I'm sure one could do wellCrystals and due modules are meh but can be easy profit depending on market saturation. Again due to gc hilts may be worth it with mods and enhance at a higher demand.

Or already have crystals from cartel market Being in a chase the bottom market is never good. I've managed to get like 6 or so schems for relics. Dye modules and materials are your friends. Don't try to sell anything other than endgame mats, though.

Making money with artificer : swtor

You'll be wasting your time on the GTN. Cost 4m to make with a chance of making 2 at once and sell for 4. Dyes and crystals though you can't get older crystal schematics by reverse engineering other crystals anymore. Dye modules sell the most consistently.

You can also sell relics Prismatic relics are good because they're the best ones you can get with the level 50 cap , crystals and hilts. Hilts are pretty good at the high end if you can find the mats for cheap - I've made some decent money crafting 46 hilts recently. Crystals are mostly only good if you can craft rare ones. This is actually where I make most of my money - I craft purple, black-purple and black-red ones, which all sell pretty well - but I don't think it's possible to RE them anymore, which means there's a pretty limited supply of crafters.

It's also helpful that the cartel market has no equivalent to basic purple crystals if it ever gets one, I am SOL and the black-red striated crystals sell for millions.

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GW2: How to make gold – Picking a craft

Relics of the Gree. I usually ignore these story cards, but I somehow landed an awesome character name, and it makes these things so much more enjoyable.

Bill Murray finding The Gravestone is great, but there was a time when Lana and Theron were desperate for help. The Academy - "Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event Video Guide" [7: Are there other ways to make some money instead of quests you could recommend? Not sure about relics. Maybe the high-end ones would be good. My artificer primarily makes credits by selling dye modules. Depending on color schemes, I can drop dye modules and move em for about K or more.

Relics I have made K or more a pop on those. I had a few s go for 1 mil.

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