Descargar forex news gun

Descargar forex news gun

Posted: Grozniy85 Date: 08.07.2017

You have a great blog here, I'm really impressed. It seems that in your most recent videos that you are using SNW, which is great and I have used before. After watching all your comparison videos I didn't notice that SNW was so far and away better than the news gun which as you mentioned was free.

Any reason why you choose to keep going with SNW? Also are you finding you are getting better fills with trading futures as opposed to forex? Hi, I actually cancelled my snw elite subscription today. At this point i will pretty much take anything over forex.

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I've had some very bad experiences with forex brokers and dont plan on going back. So far futures has slippage the same as forex but no broker manipulation as of yet, my fingers are crossed that things keep going well. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Hi, You say you cancelled SNW elite. What are you using to trade news now? Also have you heard of NewsAutoTrading http: I would like to see some test on this with SNW.

I bought the trial of SNW Elite yesterday. Can you send the speed tester to my email? An updated would be great Any chance to do a quick review about http: NinjaTrader is supported by numerous brokerage firms and I can easily say its the best trading platform I have ever used.

Ninjatrader is our preferred platform for trading with excellent features and low cost! It lets me get the results of news releases insanely fast. I've found that this software is no longer reliable enough to use to trade the news but it generally gives us the results faster than even the talking news service.

I still use both as hearing something means I don't have to look away but this gives me the option to see the results in case I missed something from the talking news service. You can download it free here: I've found several bad habits I have and taken steps to correct them and I wouldn't even of known they existed had I not been recording.

The software I use is free and its called BB Flashback Express Recorder. You can download it here: The software will enable you to compare multiple auto clickers. Simply open as many as you need. Check the auto click comparisons page if you want to see how I use it. For those that used my link to sign up for SNW Elite ill send this free.

Just shoot me a message in the contact me form to the right and ill email it to you.

There were lots of options in the past but this is the only one left that i know for certain is still free. Take a look at http: I JUST WANTED TO GIVE EVERYONE A HEADS UP. I would like to see some test on this with SNW', 'timestamp': Eric March 18, at 9: Empire March 18, at Justin Brink August 20, at 7: Unknown August 17, at 2: Guru November 3, at 9: Welcome to Empire Ambition Read up on honest reviews of income opportunities.

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descargar forex news gun

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