Can you make cash deposits at pnc atms

Can you make cash deposits at pnc atms

Posted: karpovigorok Date: 05.07.2017

By Teresa Dixon Murray, The Plain Dealer. Now PNC is saying the deposit wasn't made.

can you make cash deposits at pnc atms

This is my husband's account, or else I would of been able to verify the deposit was in. I know the camera got me on there putting it in. Now we are fighting.

Woman deposits $1, in cash in PNC night drop and there's no record: Money Matters |

I am heart broken. Can you help me? In my follow-up questions with you, I was stunned that you said you didn't include a deposit slip in the envelope. And you said you may have forgotten to to write his name on the outside of the envelope.

But you're pretty sure you wrote his account number on it. You were not accessing your husband's account with an ATM card. You were simply using a night drop. I talked to PNC about how a night deposit is supposed to work at its branches. Most branches offer night deposit boxes, said spokeswoman Marcey Zwiebel. These are used primarily by business customers and can only be accessed with a key.

A small number of branches offer night deposits that can be accessed without a key. These are separate from the ATM.

PNC's customer relations office is still looking into your complaint. I can't imagine I would ever deposit cash into an ATM. It's just got trouble written all over it. But if I did do this, I would not do it without accessing the account through an ATM card and tying the deposit directly to the account. I wouldn't just drop an envelope into a mysterious slot.

Further, I wouldn't deposit money without being able to feed the cash into the slot that could give me a real-time total.

Zwiebel noted that, during or after business hours, customers can make deposits at PNC "DepositEasy" ATMs that don't require envelopes.

PNC - PNC DepositEasy

And if you're depositing checks, you'll get a receipt with an image of the checks on it. The receipt will allow customers to immediately confirm the deposit information -- the amount and the account. But if there were a problem with an after-hours deposit -- especially a cash deposit -- what can you do?

There's no person there to help you or resolve the problem. Murray is The Plain Dealer's personal-finance writer. Because of the volume of requests, she cannot help everyone who contacts her. In cases of in-person deposits at a PNC branch, Zwiebel said, "Customers making deposits during business hours in person should always present a deposit slip and double check their receipt to ensure the information about the deposit is accurate.

Again, the fact that you can't immediately deal with a person face-to-face if there's a problem with a deposit through a machine or drop-slot is the reason I stay away from depositing cash.

Increasingly, I'm a fan of depositing checks through my iPhone. It usually takes less than one minute, vs.

How to Deposit Cash - Deposit ATMs

I get an immediate receipt that I can screen-shot. And if there's a problem, I still have the check.

About your column on different people within the same family having different credit card numbers: KeyBank is doing the same thing with their MasterCard. When I inquired at my local branch, I was told that this was a security matter and that it did, indeed, have to do with the EMV chip. Ah, banks and their mixed messages! It's done this for debit cards since Customers whose cards weren't switched over before are seeing this now with the upgrade to EMV chip cards, she said.

There's one huge advantage to these separate card numbers that Capital One didn't mention to me, but KeyBank pointed out: If a card is lost or used fraudulently and there's only one card number, then everyone's cards are canceled and new cards are issued.

But if there are multiple cards with different numbers and one is lost or the card is blocked because of fraud, then the other cards on the account can still be used, Jennings said. Read more Money Matters columns here. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

can you make cash deposits at pnc atms

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