How to get bux fast in tiny tower vegas

How to get bux fast in tiny tower vegas

Posted: Satelit Date: 01.07.2017

While Nimblebit games in general have a reputation of being fair in its IAP facets, there are some considerations that can be made to help earn premium currency even faster while ensuring that its spent in the most efficient way possible. The following guide will help you earn those chips and bux while making sure they are spent wisely. In addition to the standard missions that can be undertaken to earn chips, there are a few other things that can be done to further increase your stockpile.

Completely stocking a floor offers up a chance to earn a chip, while ferrying a bitizen to its floor of choice also garners a chance to earn a chip. However, if you fully stock a casino floor and take a bitizen there, you earn a chip every single time. Focus On Your Casino Game of Choice. While there are plenty of themes, Tiny Tower Vegas only has three different types of casino games: Blackjack, Slots and Poker.

Blackjack is by far the easiest game to learn and play, but its max payoffs are also by far the smallest. Compare that with poker, which has the potential for some massive payoffs but requires the most investment in terms of strategy and luck.

Each allows you to bet more chips on a single play, exponentially increasing a potential payoff with greater risk of losing chips. Every few days, Tiny Tower Vegas will randomly pick a casino floor and all bux earned during that floor get added to the team totals. The top players in the top clubs win massive rewards in chips and special vanity upgrades, while all participants typically get at least a few chips. Unfortunately, with the large variety of casino floor the odds are slim that the chosen floor will be on of yours if you have a small tower.

Thus, it may behoove you to invest early in coin generating strategies to expand your tower is quickly as possible. Playing Every Day Has Its Benefits.

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The more days you check in consecutively, the bigger the show and the greater the reward. Want to earn coins as fast as possible to build new floors? Consider investing in floor upgrades and using bux to instantly fill hotel rooms.

Not only can friends visit your tower to check your progress, they can even tip you chips by partaking in the casino games you have. The best way to keep the chips flowing is to maintain a robust friends list. Thankfully Tiny Tower Vegas lets you easily share your friend code or you can post it in our forums.

Despite the changes, Tiny Tower Vegas is still a timer-based game. So keeping in mind things like always keeping floors stocked, and having extended play-throughs to earn missions and currency from ferrying bitizens will help out in earning coins and chips.

The higher your tower, the more chips you earn for missions which can potentially increase your bux earning. Have any tips on how to build the best sky rise in Tiny Tower Vegas? Leave them in the comments!

Also, if you want to participate in the Player's Club competitions, but do not have the necessary floor, check out your friends list. Anyone who has the floor you need will be displayed in green, and you can visit their tower infinitely to play over there if the name is greyed out, it just means you've already tipped them - you can still play their games, though. If none of your friends have the right floor, check out the Player's Club leaderboard and start adding the top people - chances are at least some of them got to the top because they have the right floor.

If anyone has a tip on how to leave your club and join another, I'd like to know. After pouring hundreds of chips into Pyramid Poker this week and placing first in our group with over 20K in earnings, our club ended up in 14th place, rewarding me with 10, yes TEN chips, and no special roof. If there's no way to switch, I'm about to say screw it and just play whatever game nets me the most BUX. I'm sorry for the negative vibe, I'm just a little bummed.

If you are part of my club, I meant no offense by this, please understand that. I think we all did great to make it to What I'm referring to is the extremely weak payout for placing in the tournament. I figured it out shortly after I posted this.

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I'm gonna stick it out with my original club though. Just like its predecessor, it find this game highly addictive with so many improvements.

How to Make More Coins - Tiny Tower Guide

Even it's beautiful 8-bit graphical charm has received a glossy finish with more vibrant colors and more animated rooms. It's refreshing and quite rare to find a developer so generous in giving out its premium currency. I bought a currency pack, not because I needed it, but just to show a little support for this great developer!

I have a casino with 3 x 9 workers but no dream jobs. I got a 0 worker but it is his dream job. What is your opinion, do I replace one of my 9 workers with the 0-dream job guy? Anyone who needs Panda 21 for the current Players club game add me at W99Y. I also have dino poker, high noon poker and patty's slots. I've just started to play and it's a lot of fun. Please do add me - would really appreciate the support - 13BS1.

I've added you and spent about 50 chips on all your casinos lol. Add me Q love this game trying to build up my tower so prolly don't have all casino floors but workin on it. I've been playing games on some of your towers.

I hope you get something for that. My code is 10XPQ but I haven't had one of the featured casino games yet. Is it better to hire a very low level Dreamer or a level 9? I had someone that wanted to work in my casino at level 2 and that doesn't seem right to me.

Also, can someone tell me more precisely what the levels do? I know they produce more but what do I look at to figure out the math? When doing the "Check In 3" challenge leave the suites empty to encourage them to move in quicker. Then as soon as you deliver them to the floor quickly tap to add guests - you will get more money as it kicks out a guest. Just Wondering If There Is Any Body Who Has Lots Of Slot Machines? You Can Find My Hotel At D I've added most of you guys, my friend code is 1RYQT.

Return the favor and add me! Chips for the win. My firework display keeps disappearing for a day or two resulting in me losing my continuous days. Does this happen to anyone else. Would love to reach 30 members and get in the top of all clubs so we can all get a special Roof!!

Add me on Tiny Tower Vegas and play in my casinos! I'm super active on it, and I have lots of floors. Includin the casino for this week's Player's Club! I will play on yours too! They forgot to say to always keep a checkout VIP, in order to earn a lot of coins for new floors you have to upgrade a suite a lot, and get some bitizens to stay and use a checkout VIP and boom instant coins.

Regular, everyday player here. Play on mine; and I'll play yours!! And add to friends list Thanks!

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Add me thanks 16tsh. Add me 4pprs thank you: Add me, please and thank you. Add me 3GY8W pls. Add me pls 45YR2, how friends works?

Add me please 2CR Feel free to add me too. New to game, thanks. Add me at 4CSKX thanks. Add me at 2M!

Where is the Player's Club leaderboard? You should just be able to tap the club name and type a different one. I have the current goal for toucharcade club which is Dragon Poker. First of all, feel free to add me as a friend! D2WN Just like its predecessor, it find this game highly addictive with so many improvements.

Sorry, everything got jammed together. Best timer based game ever. Extremely fair and highly addictive! Thanks and have fun to all. I'm new but plan on playing often. Feel free to add me: I've got the current Player's Club table, Panda 21! SR3N I have Dragon Poker! So addicted to this game! I play it everyday. Feel free to add me 2C1S.

Top 30 most times with room to grow! H9wl add me plz! Please add me 13XS8. ADD me 11XG2 awsome game. Feel free to add me! Q0QB I really like this game, much better than the first Tiny Tower. Add me 1B8V4, let's play together. W99Y - I've got the current Player's Club game Panda Add me if you'd like: The code to add me is BRL5.

IR II IO IT. Follow me I'll always tip!! My code is WY I added allot of you already. I added y'allz as well.

Add me plz D0. Please add me S. Please add me - 19BJ8. ZW9S add me play everyday. I've got Patty's Slots if anyone needs it for this round of Player's Club.

I have Patty's Slots!

Tiny Tower Vegas Cheats: The Casino Games With Best and Worst Odds - App Cheaters

Add me on B Tiny tower vegas! You're welcome to add me! Please add me- TP Just started, but I am going to play for a long time, add me up! I have 29 floors and Panda 21 6zww. Is there place for one more? Add me please 2YQS. Add me 1SBC9 guys!! You guys can add me for slots, the current game; 1JY2S. I have the floor for current event, Temple Add me, come on play! My code is 4fb8. Add me if you like, thanks guys!

I will add you back. Add me pls, beginner here! Add me in Tiny Tower Vegas: Please add me 2FZ3Z. I added you add me back pls 1m9tl. Please please please add me! Add me 2QYFL and hubby 2R4DZ Thank you. Join my players club: ClubPanda Would love to reach 30 members and get in the top of all clubs so we can all get a special Roof!!

Add me please, 33mq. Hum, seems I'm late to the game but I'll post mine anyway. Friend me at k29m. Add me thanks 3GJFX.

Add me please 3LZ New to this game, add me 3QM6B. I'll play in your tower if you add me! I'm on this game very frequent. But if anyone's still playing. Add me and i'll add you. Add me too, 2BBYF. I'm going to play in your tower everyday ;D. Daily player and daily tipper!! Hey guys add me NX I will add you too. Fishing Lots High Noon Poker Techno Add me I play daily!

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