Trials hd stock market secrets

Trials hd stock market secrets

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Successfully complete all tracks in any of the eight tournaments to unlock the corresponding tournament. Successfully complete all extreme tracks to unlock a Gamerpic. Get the "Full Throttle" achievement to unlock another Gamerpic.

trials hd stock market secrets

Slow down as you approach the end of the jump after the third checkpoint. Notice that while you are in the air, some of the logs underneath are knocked out by an explosion. Instead of continuing normally, try to land on the log just before the fire. Back up, and tilt backwards as you fall off the rear of the log.

Continue to rotate and do a back flip to get your wheels level again. If you hit your head on a beam, you have backed up or rotated too slowly. If done correctly, you will drop down and land on a set of planks in a small room with another fire. Once again, back up and flip off the end of the planks in that room. You will land on a pile of boards and tires at the bottom, which will move. Drive over them, and continue over the planks until you reach a ramp.

A metal wall will drop down, and you can see a model of the Fibonacci Spiral. Just before the end of the level, pass the big jump, then back up to the left end of the last platform to fall down.

You will land in a hidden area. You will crash if you do not land correctly.

Trials HD: Stock Market - Gold (HD)

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trials hd stock market secrets

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