Options strategies in indian market

Options strategies in indian market

Posted: wifobire Date: 23.06.2017

Simply Intelligent Technical Analysis and Trading Strategies. May 16, by narenmt 10 Comments. Most of us know about SIP or systematic investment plan to invest in mutual funds, and other financial instruments.

As you very well know such investment works only when the price of assets in which one has invested increases and thereafter gets profit on selling those assets like stocks, gold, etc. Volatility has become a way of life in stock market. Even best predictions or speculation fail to work in this kind of extreme uncertain volatile market condition.

For instance, almost all world indices went down badly after the news of Greece crisis and later upon the news of bailout indices began to bounce back, now the indices is moving down again due to financial the problem in Europe.

Technical analysis can predict stocks or indices direction to certain extent but they too have their own limitations, ultimately Mr. Market is the unbeatable king, who has always throws surprise to the little retail investor.

Here is a wonderful strategy to make money consistently in stock-market.

Proven Trading Strategies for Indian Markets

Divide your investment portion into blue-chip stocks and gold ETFs as gold and stocks go almost vice-versa, now as stocks are finding their bottom, gold is touching its yearly high. Here is a solution if retail traders have invested in stocks at higher rate and who have stopped trading and waiting for price to recover and exit at cost rate or marginal profit.

For instance, if you hold Reliance at Rs. In case, if you do not hold any blue-chip stocks, please use options to buy them at cheap rate. Analysis , Futures and Options Tagged With: He has personally and actively traded in NIFTY futures and options, shares. One important feature of a successful trader is to understand, what in the real world, it takes to earn a rupee. Should you require the services of an experienced trader who is able to provide invaluable and detailed mentoring services to assist you in developing your trading skills, I would suggest you contact him to discuss whether his mentoring service would suit you.

May 17, at 7: Your post are very interesting and thoughtful, I never knew this type of strategy to make money in trading.

options strategies in indian market

I generally buy some good stocks and hold them. Some stocks are now trading below cost price, I plan to use options for MIP, kindly guide me on the same. The comparison is thoughtful. The link in the end is not working. Please check and update the right link.

May 17, at 8: May 17, at 1: Under this startegy of the previous one which you mention to short put and buy good setyock more cheaper. But my question is that if we short reliance or any other stock put 96 at 10 and if reliance comes at the end of the month then we have to buy reliance at May 17, at 6: Hi Manoj, you can contact me at , or email info assuredgain.

Hi mahendra, you question is really good. Just in case, if Reliance goes to and give us an opportunity we buy that stock and at and sell covered call every month at higher strike price, example call or whichever is least possible and therefore you will get the premium of those call as you are selling those calls.

You will repeat this every month and can earn profit every month even if price of reliance stays at for several months. Please do contact me if you still require any further clarification on the same, I will be glad to assist you. May 18, at 7: May 18, at July 30, at Hi Narendar Your strategy of selling the covered call option on the stock you own is impressive. But the return seems to be less.

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Intra-day Options Straddle Strategy on Nifty

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However in recent days the tool is not […] Change in Open Interest Perspective — March Option Series Nifty Higher open interest shifted from puts to calls indicates call writing. When to write short options I'm going to share information regarding when to write options and how beneficial it is to write options provided it satisfies certain conditions: Sustained buying by FIIs — incoming smart money, Sustained selling by DIIs - outgoing dumb money.

Profitable Option Trading Strategies for Any Market Environment

Comments Manoj Kumar says May 17, at 7: The link at the bottom is not working. How can I contact the author? Dear sir, I read all of your articles daily without fal and learn a new things everyday. Thanx a lot sir, Mahendra. I will contact you today. I got the answer which I was expecting.

How not to make Rs 38 lakh in options trading | Business Standard News

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An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or lifestyle. Only consider risk capital that should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading.


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